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  • Porsche CEO: 911 will be electrified
  • Subaru's first electric car SOLTERRA released
  • GAC Mitsubishi's first pure electric SUV will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show
  • The new 4 Series Gran Coupe officially launched
  • The new Mondeo unveiled, sharing power with Lincoln Zephyr
  • Tesla Enhanced Auto-Assisted Driving 30-day free trial
  • Foxconn acquires former General Motors factory
  • On the first day of listing, Rivian once soared by more than 50%
  • BMW CEO criticizes Tesla again: poor quality
  • Hyundai sets up a new company responsible for flying car research and development
  • Coulthard: Verstappen's win is a good thing for F1
  • The past and present of the car steering wheel
  • Today's topic: Will you choose automatic doors?

Porsche CEO: 911 will be electrified

On November 10, according to a German weekly magazine Automobilwoche (Automobilwoche), Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom stated at the automotive industry conference in Ludwigsburg that Porsche plans to electrify the 911 sports car.

Bloom pointed out: "This will not be a plug-in hybrid car, but a hybrid car from motorsport that combines high performance and high efficiency." But Bloom did not say that the 911 sports car is fully electrified. Schedule.

Just recently, a hybrid 911 was "caught" at the Nürburgring. There were no new openings in the body, so it was indeed not a hybrid.

Subaru's first electric car SOLTERRA released

Today, Subaru officially released its first pure electric model SOLTERRA.

The new car is based on the e-SUBARU GLOBAL PLATFORM platform jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota. It is a sister model of Toyota bZ4X and has a lot of similarities in appearance and interior.

This pure electric Subaru is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor power system. The combined power of the front and rear dual motors is 160kW. It is equipped with a 71.4kWh battery pack and has a cruising range of 460km under WLTC conditions. (New trip)

Hey, Dong Chejun discovered that this product does not have the rectangular steering wheel on the bZ4X. I wonder if it will be replaced later?

GAC Mitsubishi's first pure electric SUV will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show

According to the official news of GAC Mitsubishi, its first pure electric SUV Atuk will be officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

The car is based on GAC AION V, with some visual adjustments. The front face incorporates the family-style design language of Mitsubishi's "Dynamic Shield", and the rear line is also tougher.

In terms of interior, the overall layout is the same as that of AION V, but it is more concise and tough.

Referring to the previous information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new car will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a peak power of 135kW, a ternary lithium battery, and a battery life of 520km.

In any case, the appearance is still better than AION V, it depends on the pricing.

The new 4 Series Gran Coupe officially launched

To ask if there is any new heavy model on the market today, it must be this 4 Series Gran Coupe.

Since it is a 4 series, the large-size air intake grille is naturally inherited, and the newly added four-door design brings better space performance and greater practicability.

In this way, the 4 series and the 3 series are only one "big mouth"?

No, the coupe is still a bit different in temperament. The 4 Series has inherent advantages in its aerodynamic characteristics and weight distribution. At the same time, the new car has increased front and rear wheelbases, bringing more stable dynamic performance.

In terms of power, there are two tuned 2.0T engines, high and low power, with 184 horsepower and 258 horsepower, and peak torques of 300N·m and 400N·m, respectively.

Of course, 440i is still missing in China.

The new Mondeo unveiled, sharing power with Lincoln Zephyr

Speaking of Changan Ford, I believe many friends will think of Mondeo.

Yesterday, photos of real cars of the whole new generation of Mondeo were posted on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new car has changed the previous "Aston Martin Front Face", using Ford's latest family-style design, and adopts the popular fastback design.

In terms of power, the new generation of Mondeo will be equipped with a 2.0T engine that is the same as Changan Lincoln’s Zephyr, with a maximum power of 238 horsepower.

Ford announced a year ago that Mondeo had ceased production and had no successor models. To be fair, this should be called "Changan Mondeo."

Tesla Enhanced Auto-Assisted Driving 30-day free trial

Tesla today announced that the Model 3 and Model Y that will be delivered before November 11 and have not purchased an enhanced version of Automated Assisted Driving (EAP) and Fully Automated Driving (FSD) can enjoy a 30-day free trial of EAP .

On the basis of Autopilot, this function adds functions such as automatic assisted driving navigation, automatic assisted lane change, automatic parking, and smart summoning. The optional price is 32,000 yuan.

Vehicles that meet the requirements will receive updates from the early morning of the 11th to the evening of the 12th.

This wave is Tesla's wool (manual dog head).

Foxconn acquires former General Motors factory

According to CNBC reports, Foxconn today acquired an electric vehicle company Lordstown Motors' car factory in Ohio for USD 230 million, which originally belonged to General Motors.

Foxconn also agreed to contract to manufacture Lordstown Motors' electric pickup truck Endurance. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of April next year. Once the transaction is completed, Foxconn will also receive 1.7 million warrants to purchase more shares of Lordstown Motors at a price of $10.50 per share. , The exercise period is three years.

It really complied with Terry Gou's words: Since we can produce iPhones, we may also produce electric cars.

On the first day of listing, Rivian once soared by more than 50%

Rivian closed up 29.14% on the first day of listing. Rivian Automotive, an electric car start-up invested by Amazon, officially landed on the Nasdaq stock market in the United States on Wednesday under the code "RIVN." Rivian has an opening price of US$106.75 and a market value of US$91 billion, surpassing Ford’s 77 billion and General Motors’ 87 billion US dollars.

As of the close, Rivian rose 22.73 US dollars, an increase of 29.14%, to close at 100.73 US dollars, with a market value of 98.7 billion US dollars.

The market value of 100 billion US dollars as soon as it goes public, the second Tesla in the United States?

BMW CEO criticizes Tesla again: poor quality

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse (Oliver Zipse) recently criticized Tesla once again in public, saying that its vehicles have quality and reliability problems. He claimed that BMW should do better in this regard.

In February of this year, Chiptzer expressed his doubts about Tesla's ability to maintain its advantage in the competition.

However, the market's demand for Tesla has been growing. According to data from the international credit reporting giant Experian, in the first three quarters of this year, Tesla surpassed Mercedes-Benz to rank third in the sales of luxury cars in the United States. , Second only to BMW and Lexus.

But Ziptzer does not seem to think that Tesla is a luxury car: "Tesla is not entirely in the high-end market. They have achieved very strong sales growth through price cuts, and we will not do that."

The starting price of Tesla is higher than that of BMW (manual dog head).

Hyundai sets up a new company responsible for flying car research and development

According to Carscoops, Hyundai has established a new company called Supernal, which will be responsible for the research and development of flying cars.

The new company will continue to develop the previously released S-A1 concept car, and plans to obtain certification from the US regulatory agency and launch it on the market in 2024.

It is understood that modern flying cars will use pure electric drive and realize automatic driving at the same time. It can accommodate 4-5 passengers, has a design cruising speed of 290km/h, a cruising altitude of 300-600m, and a cruising range of 96km.

Dare to think and dare to add a new dimension to mobility is a good thing.

Coulthard: Verstappen's win is a good thing for F1

Former F1 driver David Coulthard said that if Max Verstappen can beat Lewis Hamilton to win the world championship this season, it would be a good thing for the sport of F1.

They are all outstanding athletes, but they are in two different stages of their careers. Lewis is 36 years old and Max is 24 years old-this is very different.

He believes that the young Verstappen can better attract a new generation of fans, and that Verstappen's victory may allow Hamilton to continue to maintain the momentum of the game.

There are only four games left this year. Who do you support more?

The past and present of the car steering wheel

As we all know, the steering wheel of "Benz One" is not round. The steering wheel is controlled by a swingable rod. At that time, it was called a steering rod.

Later, in order to improve the safety and maneuverability of the vehicle, people placed the engine in front of the vehicle, and the center of gravity of the vehicle moved forward. It was difficult for the short steering rod to complete smooth steering.

People took inspiration from the rudder of the ship and turned the parts that control the direction of the car into a circle. The circular steering wheel can be traced back to the Panhard 4HP rally car in 1894.

▲The picture shows the Panhard 4HP in 1899

By 1927, the Ford Model A combined the horn button with the steering wheel, giving the steering wheel functions other than steering.

▲The steering wheel of Ford Model A

By 1970, the airbag was also stuffed into the steering wheel.

In the 1990s, in-vehicle entertainment systems became popular, requiring a large number of switches to control, and the space in the center console became more and more limited, so more buttons went to the steering wheel.

So in the eyes of automakers, what will the future steering wheel look like?

In September of this year, Musk said that he hopes to release a car without a steering wheel in two years.

In fact, it's not just Musk, Audi also thinks so.

▲Audi skysphere concept

The road to "free your hands" is difficult, but it must be the right path. It's just that, if that time comes, where should we look for the "driving pleasure" in the mouths of car fans?

Today's topic: Will you choose automatic doors?

It seems that everyone is still very interested in the Model 3 whose battery was broken down yesterday. Many friends said: There is no spontaneous combustion?

@KFC believes that considering the weight of electric vehicles, the poorly-bearing manhole cover grille has become a new trap.

Dong Chejun shares a note here. When passing these dilapidated manhole covers or potholes on the road, it is best to decisively release the brakes before passing. At this time, the center of gravity of the vehicle will move to the rear to increase the chance of successful passing.

Today we are going to eat a very krypton melon.

A car owner said on the interactive platform that his finger was pinched by the automatic door of Krypton001. It is really surprising that such an accident occurred in the extremely krypton 001 equipped with the anti-pinch function.

The owner also posted videos of automatic door clamping legs and bumping obstacles.

Instead of you, would you choose the automatic door configuration?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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