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  • Geely Remote Xinghan H Exchangeable Heavy Truck Released
  • BYD's new Tang EV appeared in the declaration catalog
  • FAW Toyota Lingfang HARRIER is about to mass production off the assembly line
  • Flying Spur plug-in hybrid version will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show
  • Weilai released the third quarter financial report, and R&D investment increased
  • Rivian will be listed soon, with a valuation of over US$77 billion
  • The first stop in Thailand, Nezha Auto's ASEAN market strategy started
  • Volkswagen plans to build a new factory to counter Tesla
  • BMW cooperates with dairy farms to convert cow dung into electricity
  • Vietnam motorcycle brand launches futuristic motorcycle
  • Attention everyone: this is a flying car race
  • Weimar CEO Shen Hui talks about Chinese car companies entering Norway
  • Today's topic: The battery was broken down when the basement was dropped

Geely Remote Xinghan H Exchangeable Heavy Truck Released

For heavy-duty trucks that require long-distance travel, it has been difficult to promote pure electric power, and the reasons need not be mentioned.

But now, it is imminent to accelerate the transition to new energy for commercial vehicles. Well-known heavy-duty truck companies such as Daimler and Volvo have launched pure electric products. Of course, Geely is not idle.

Yuanyuan Automobile recently released the pure electric heavy-duty truck Long-range Xinghan H. It breaks the square shape of traditional trucks, runs smoothly through the entire vehicle, and achieves a drag coefficient of 0.351Cd.

The interior is also one of the highlights. The Long-range car has adopted a large area of ​​natural soft-treated fabrics, new plastics and pure natural bamboo grain materials. The LCD instrument and streaming media rearview mirror also bring a lot of sense of science and technology.

In terms of the most important energy replenishment, Xinghan H will use a battery swap method to replenish its energy. At present, Long-range Automobile has operated its first battery swap platform in Baise, Guangxi. This platform can provide smart battery swap strategies for swapping heavy trucks. Reasonably dispatch vehicles for battery replacement.

This truck even has a built-in sink, bathroom, and has an external kitchen and washing machine, and it feels like an RV.

Dong Chejun began to admire the life of the driver's brother.

BYD's new Tang EV appeared in the declaration catalog

The new BYD Don EV recently appeared in the catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The front face of the new car uses a brand new family design, which is more refined and modern than the old one.

The rear bumper adopts the same design as the 21 Tang, and the rest is not very different. The 2820mm wheelbase is also the same as the old one.

It can be seen from the declared information that the tire size of the new car is 255/50 R20, the motor power is 168kW, and the blade battery from Fordy is used, and the maximum pure electric cruising range is expected to reach 700km. (New trip)

Old platform, new appearance, but Dong Chejun really likes this set of design language. In addition, the power of the motor has been reduced a bit, which should be for battery life considerations.

FAW Toyota Lingfang HARRIER is about to roll off the assembly line

FAW Toyota Lingfang HARRIER will officially roll off the assembly line on November 13.

The new car has already started pre-sales, with a pre-sale price ranging from RMB 220,000 to 310,000, and will be officially launched during the Guangzhou Auto Show this year.

In terms of appearance, referring to the actual car, the new car basically continues the design and styling of the overseas version. The front face is relatively flat and the headlights are relatively long and narrow. As for the front enclosure, it has adopted the trapezoidal large-mouth design similar to Corolla, Asian Dragon, Lufang and other models, forming a family unity.

In terms of power, the same as overseas models, Lingfang will provide 2.0L engine and 2.5L hybrid system for consumers to choose.

Remember to choose the 12.3-inch central control screen, the big black border of the standard 8-inch screen is really unbearable to look directly at it.

Flying Spur plug-in hybrid version will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show

It was recently learned from Bentley that Bentley will bring a plug-in hybrid version of the Flying Spur at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which will be equipped with a power system composed of a 2.9L engine and an electric motor.

The front face of the new Bentley Flying Spur plug-in hybrid version is equipped with a large blackened mesh air intake grille. The lower grille runs through the left and right sides, and both sides provide classic double round LED headlights.

The plug-in hybrid version of Flying Spur has three drive modes: electric mode, hybrid mode, and hold mode, and has a corresponding improvement in intelligent and comfortable configuration.

In terms of power, the maximum output power of the 2.9L engine plus the motor can reach 400kW, the peak torque is 750N·m, and the acceleration time from 100 kilometers is only 4.3 seconds.

▲Tian Yue S

At the same time, Bentley will also bring models such as the Flying Spur Mulliner, Bentayga S, and Continental GT.

▲ Continental GT

Dong Chejun likes Bentley's three-sided flip center control panel too much.

Weilai released the third quarter financial report, and R&D investment increased

Weilai today released its financial report for the third quarter of 2021. According to data, Weilai’s third-quarter revenue was 9.8053 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1% from the previous quarter.

In terms of delivery volume, Weilai delivered a total of 24,439 vehicles in the third quarter, of which ES8 delivered 5,418 vehicles, ES6 delivered 11,271 vehicles, and EC6 delivered 7,750 vehicles.

In terms of R&D, NIO’s investment has also increased. The R&D expenses in the third quarter were 1.193.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 101.9% and a month-on-month increase of 35%.

Although there has been progress in all aspects of data, in the third quarter, Weilai still had an operating loss of 991.9 million, a year-on-year increase of 4.9% and a month-on-month increase of 29.9%.

However, Wei Lai said that as of September 30, there were total cash and cash equivalents, restricted currency funds, and short-term investment of 47 billion yuan, which will further increase investment in product research and development, capacity enhancement, charging and replacement, and sales and service networks.

In general, although delivery is blocked, Weilai's performance in the third quarter is not bad, and the first sedan ET7 will also be delivered in the first quarter of 2022. For NIO's next plan, we will wait until NIO Day in December before making an announcement.

Rivian will be listed soon, with a valuation of over US$77 billion

The American electric car startup Rivian will be listed on the Nasdaq on Wednesday local time under the ticker symbol "RIVN".

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rivian will position the issue price at US$78 per share. At this issue price, the company’s valuation will exceed US$77 billion.

At the end of October, Rivian’s electric pickup truck R1T officially began to be delivered. As a four-motor pure electric pickup truck, the delivery of Rivian R1T has already preceded Tesla and Ford.

To tell the truth, Dong Chejun's favorite thing is the small kitchen on the R1T.

The first stop in Thailand, Nezha Auto's ASEAN market strategy started

This morning, Nezha Motors and Thailand National Petroleum Corporation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and the two sides formally established a long-term win-win cooperation relationship.

In this cooperation with Thailand’s PTT company, Nezha Motors will introduce its automotive products and user services to Thailand, provide Thai people with more efficient and smarter travel solutions, and create a whole industry chain experience ecosystem in Thailand. (New trip)

More importantly, Nezha Motors will take Thailand as the center and enter the electric car market in other ASEAN countries.

Volkswagen plans to build a new factory to counter Tesla

Volkswagen said on Tuesday that it plans to build a "state-of-the-art" car factory near its German headquarters, hoping to increase its competitiveness when Tesla's German Gigafactory is about to start production.

Ralf Brandstaetter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, said that it is much easier to build a new plant with an annual production capacity of about 250,000 than to transform an existing plant.

"We feel that competition from new and old competitors is intensifying, and we need to make a strong response to this." Ralph said.

Volkswagen’s idea is roughly the same as Tesla’s, and will reduce the number of optional configurations to control the production time of each vehicle to 10 to 12 hours.

BMW cooperates with dairy farms to convert cow dung into electricity

BMW officially announced that it will increase its cooperation with California bioenergy company CalBio to develop a new generation of climate-smart biogas technology for dairy farms.

BMW will use cow dung from dairy farms to generate electricity to provide power support for electric vehicles. On the one hand, it can clean the environment and on the other hand, it can increase the income of local farmers and herdsmen.

The head of energy services at BMW's North American branch said that BMW "hopes to expand this forward-looking model in the future, bringing more investment in biogas digesters to farms across the United States, and continuing to provide clean energy for electric vehicles."

It is understood that the project's annual power generation capacity can be used by 17,000 electric vehicles.

This electricity "has a smell."

Vietnam motorcycle brand launches futuristic motorcycle

Recently, Bandit9, a motorcycle manufacturer from Vietnam, launched a futuristic motorcycle called Supermarine.

The overall design of Supermarine draws inspiration from the ocean. It uses manta rays and coral reefs that jump out of the sea to create body curves and frames. The frame is made of 7075 aluminum, which is often used in the aerospace industry, which is light and durable.

Supermarine also has cast aluminum alloy wheels, LED screens and other configurations. It is available in Stealth Class and Carbon Class models. The former has a maximum speed of 193 km/h, and the latter has a maximum speed of 210 km/h.

It is reported that Supermarine has not announced specific pricing for the time being, and each Supermarine is customized one-to-one before scheduling. (Hypebeast)

Rear… Where's the rearview mirror?

Attention everyone: this is a flying car race

Have you ever seen an electric flying car in a quarter-mile drag race?

Alauda Aeronautics recently successfully held the world's first eVTOL (pure electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) linear acceleration race.

As part of the pre-season preparations, a pair of remote-controlled Airspeeder Mk3 flying cars flew on a straight line acceleration track in the air, with a maximum speed of 155km/h and a ground clearance of only 10m.

In the end, the "red team" won by 3.2 seconds.

Weimar CEO Shen Hui talks about Chinese car companies entering Norway

In the past two years, many domestic car companies have begun to "get together" in Norway.

In addition to new forces such as Xiaopeng and Weilai, electric models such as BYD Tang series and FAW Hongqi pure electric SUV have been exported to Norway.

"Norway is the first choice for new car manufacturers to go overseas. It is not difficult to understand that the most direct thing is that the subsidy is very high." said Weimar Motors founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui.

Norway is more like a policy-driven market. Stimulated by high subsidies, Norway has become the world's first country to purchase more than 50% of new energy vehicles by the end of 2020.

But in fact, the delivery volume of Chinese manufacturers is still not high. In the past October, Xiaopeng Motors delivered 42 vehicles in Norway, Weilai 10 vehicles, and BYD Tang 358 vehicles.

In contrast, Tesla, which delivered the first Model S on the European continent in 2013, has become a "street car" in Norway. In August of this year, the Model Y produced by the Shanghai Super Factory opened for delivery in Norway for the first time. This month, this car became the highest registered new energy model in the Norwegian market.

In fact, Chinese manufacturers are learning the methodology validated by Tesla. Today, Tesla is about to realize the integration of production and sales in Europe, while Chinese manufacturers still have a long way to go in Europe.

Shen Hui believes that when new forces go to Norway, they will be mistaken by the outside world for having entered the markets of developed countries, but they have not yet. What truly reflects the level of China's auto industry should be able to enter the markets of Japan, Germany, Britain, France, and the United States. (Sina Technology)

Today's topic: The battery was broken down when the basement was dropped

Dong Chejun noticed the "tragic" experience of a Weibo netizen today.

@AmosFitness posted on Weibo last night that its Tesla was punctured by a broken manhole cover while driving into the underground parking lot of the mall.

▲Image from: @AmosFitness

After consulting the car owner, Tesla maintenance personnel stated that the battery damage is estimated to be repaired for three months, and there is no scooter provided.

▲Image from: @AmosFitness

Tram owners have to pay attention in the future. I wonder if the mall is responsible for such an accident?

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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