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  • Weilai employees respond to sharp price cuts and promotions: for stock cars
  • BYD's electric car goes on sale in Japan
  • GAC Honda released the official image of HATCHBACK
  • Xiaomi car supplier fined 1 million yuan for leaking information
  • Volvo may change all its main models to trams
  • Geely's Lotus may go backdoor to US IPO
  • Audi: New car development will start from the interior
  • European Automobile Association chief says EU electric vehicle charging infrastructure is too slow
  • AlphaTauri team's new car completes first ignition
  • Toyota reiterates no support for full electrification

Weilai employees respond to sharp price cuts and promotions: for stock cars

According to the news from the power plant, NIO has started a price reduction promotion for the 2022 ES6 and ES8, with a maximum reduction of more than 100,000 yuan, and ES7 also has certain discounts.

According to the report, this promotion plan was notified and implemented at the regular meeting on the morning of February 1. However, Weilai's official website, Weilai App and other official information channels did not announce this news. Weilai's sales staff described this price reduction promotion plan as "I have never seen such a large discount rate, an unprecedented discount."

Later, Dong Chehui asked Weilai staff to verify the matter, and the other party responded, "(Indeed) there is a very large discount rate." But he also said that this time it mainly provides discounts for stock cars and show cars.

"I won't be like Xiaopeng. Brother Bin is stubborn, and he will lose face if he directly lowers the price." The employee said.

Therefore, it is to clear the inventory.

BYD's electric car goes on sale in Japan

According to Nikkei News, BYD Japan Co., Ltd. launched the SUV model ATTO3 in Japan on January 31, which is BYD's first electric vehicle sold in Japan.

The price of ATTO3 in Japan is 4.4 million yen, or about 228,000 yuan. The official said that it can travel 485 kilometers on a single charge, and the delivery will begin in March at the earliest.

According to BYD's plan, the company will successively launch the small car Dolphin and the compact car Seal in Japan. But foreign media pointed out that it may be an uphill battle for BYD to win the favor of the Japanese people.

A Japanese citizen interviewed said that he has a hybrid car, and if he wants to buy a pure electric car, he will support Japanese brands. (

GAC Honda released the official image of HATCHBACK

On the evening of February 1, Guangqi Honda released a set of official pictures of HATCHBACK, and announced that the pre-sale of the new car has started.

Since it is a hatchback model, the biggest difference between the stylish HATCHBACK and the sedan model is naturally at the rear. At the same time, the original iconic taillights have been replaced with the same style as the hatchback Civic.

Like the Civic HATCHBACK, this hatchback is also equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 134kW and a maximum torque of 240N·m. Of course, the HEV version with i-MMD hybrid technology will not be absent. The transmission is also the same as the hatchback Civic – CVT or 6MT.

It seems to be whichever is cheaper to buy.

Xiaomi car supplier fined 1 million yuan for leaking information

Last month, pictures of Xiaomi's first model MS11 appeared on the Internet, showing the shape of the front and rear surrounds of Xiaomi, as well as the details of the cooperation between Xiaomi and BAIC Molding, which attracted a lot of attention.

In response to the leak, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, immediately responded that it was indeed the leak of the confidential design documents of the second-tier supplier, which was in charge of mold proofing. final design.

Recently, Xiaomi internally notified the results of this leak.

The cause of the incident was that the partner, a Beijing Molding Technology Co., Ltd., mismanaged its downstream suppliers, resulting in leaked documents. For the partners involved, Xiaomi will impose a financial compensation of 1 million yuan in accordance with the confidentiality agreement, and order it to strengthen information security management of downstream suppliers and deal with leakers.

The partner mentioned by Xiaomi in the notification is Beijing Beiqi Molding Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2008 and is a member of Beijing Automotive Group. It is mainly responsible for the research and development and sales of plastic products such as automobile bumpers and molds.

Lei Jun then responded: "Xiaomi Group has zero tolerance for leaks, and we hope that all suppliers and partners will earnestly implement the "Confidentiality Agreement."

Xiaomi's Q1 revenue in 2023 will be 1 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 100%.

Volvo may change all its main models to trams

Volvo is preparing to launch an "electrification blitz" to convert all of its major models, including three SUVs and two sedans, to electric vehicles, Reuters reported on Thursday, two people familiar with the matter said.

The above-mentioned people familiar with the matter also said that by 2026, Volvo will launch at least 6 new pure electric vehicles, and its goal is to achieve full electrification by 2030. The reason why such an aggressive electrification strategy is adopted is to win the Asian market.

Volvo has yet to release details of the plan, and Geely declined to comment.

Geely's Lotus may go backdoor to US IPO

On February 1, Lotus Technology and L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp ( L CAA ), a special purpose acquisition company, announced that the two parties had reached a definitive merger agreement.

After the merger is completed, the new company will retain Lotus Technology as the company name and be listed on NASDAQ in the United States. After the merger, Lotus Technology is valued at approximately US$5.4 billion.

Audi: New car development will start from the interior

How many steps does it take to develop a car?

Audi chief designer Marc Lichte revealed that for a traditional fuel vehicle, it is necessary to complete the internal combustion engine and platform planning first, then determine the seat layout with the sales and marketing departments, then start the exterior design, and finally the interior.

But as the auto industry continues to electrify, Audi intends to completely change the order of car development.

Lichte said that Audi's future development work will be "from the inside out", with the highest priority on the ride experience.

Sid Odedra, head of Audi UI/UX design, and the team he manages have now become the core department, and all development will be carried out around the occupants in the cabin.

Audi's new generation of electric vehicles will be launched as early as next year, and the first product will be a new generation of A8 based on the Grandsphere concept car. Lichte promises that the new A8 will be "very close" to the concept car.

European Automobile Association chief says EU electric vehicle charging infrastructure is too slow

According to Xinhua News Agency, Luca de Meo, president of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association and CEO of the French Renault Group, recently commented that the progress of the installation of electric vehicle charging piles in European Union member states is "far from enough."

He also moved out the analysis data of industry experts:

Whether it is to support the electrification transformation of the European auto industry or to provide services for the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, an additional 14,000 charging piles are needed every week, but at this stage "only 2,000 charging piles are installed every week."

Toyota reiterates that it does not support full electrification: more hybrid vehicles should be developed

Automotive News recently reported that Toyota Chief Scientist Gill Pratt said the best path to a sustainable future is a "multi-pronged approach" —

Simultaneously develop pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and other new energy vehicles.

"Time will prove that our views are actually correct," Pratt said, "In any case, there will be a variety of powertrains used around the world."

Many car brands have promised to go all-electric at some point in the future, but Toyota is different.

The world's largest carmaker wants to sell about 5.5 million internal combustion engine and plug-in hybrid vehicles and 3.5 million electric vehicles a year from 2030.

Pratt and his team figured it would make more sense to put limited lithium in as many cars as possible, making more cars electrified.

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