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  • Wuling's first pure electric SUV unveiled at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Lexus Electrified Dual Car Launches
  • Weilai EC6 declaration map exposed, motor power down
  • HiPhi Y, the third model of Gaohe, landed in the catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • It is reported that Huawei will fully dominate AITO cars, the official response
  • Jikrypton completes US$750 million in Series A financing
  • Tesla FSD Beta v11 update delayed again
  • Mercedes-Benz to start L3 autonomous driving test in China
  • India's first solar-powered car can run 12 kilometers a day for free
  • Musk fires senior Twitter engineer at meeting

Wuling's first pure electric SUV unveiled at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

On February 13, an orange car suddenly went viral on the Internet. Before clicking on the big picture, I thought Suzuki had launched a new Jimny.

Until I clicked on the big picture… Baojun?

It can be seen that this car comes from Wuling Baojun and is named "Yue Ye". It sounds like a small car full of toy attributes, and it really looks like a Jimny in appearance.

According to the official disclosure, Yue Ye adopts the rear driving force, the maximum power of the motor is 50kW, and the peak torque is 140 Nm. It has a battery life of 303 kilometers and a comfortable driving space.

Good-looking is very good-looking, this battery life, what should I do if I come back out of power after two laps in the field? In addition, the homophonic stalk deducts money.

Lexus Electrified Dual Car Launches

Lexus recently announced that the new generation of RX and the new RZ will officially land on the domestic market on February 14.

The former is positioned as a mid-to-large luxury SUV and will be the first Lexus model in the Chinese market to adopt a hybrid system. Among them, the 2.4T hybrid system of RX 500h adopts parallel hybrid structure and is equipped with DIRECT4 electronic dynamic four-wheel drive system.

The new RZ is the sister model of Toyota bZ4X, and it is also the first pure electric model of the Lexus brand based on an exclusive pure electric platform. It is also equipped with the DIRECT4 electronic dynamic four-wheel drive system composed of front and rear dual motors.

The difference is that RZ adopts the latest Lexus family design concept, and the interior has also been upgraded accordingly.

Toyota's new CEO: Will focus on Lexus' electrification transformation.

Weilai EC6 declaration map exposed, motor power down

Also in the 368th batch of declaration catalogs announced today, Weilai's new car EC6 also appeared.

As a model of NT 2.0, the new car is naturally equipped with NIO's brand-new design language. The overall shape is like a slightly smaller EC7.

Viewed from the side, the slip-back posture of the new EC6 is obviously smoother than that of the previous generation. What is even more surprising is that Weilai retains the active rear wing on the EC6, without making a difference from the EC7.

In terms of power, compared with the current performance version, the motor power of the new car has been reduced. The maximum power of the front and rear motors is 150kW and 210kW respectively. It is not known whether the air suspension will be retained.

Unexpectedly, EC6 is faster than ES6.

HiPhi Y, the third model of Gaohe, landed in the catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Today's interesting new car is the Gaohe HiPhi Y.

Different from the previous HiPhi X, the shape of HiPhi Y is closer to HiPhi Z, with a relatively low and slender shape.

In addition, judging from the declaration drawing, the back door of HiPhi Y is more like the more practical side-by-side door design on HiPhi Z, rather than the "wing door" of the big brother HiPhi X.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4938/1958/1658mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2950mm. It is undoubtedly a medium and large SUV.

In terms of power, HiPhi Y will use a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 247kW, and it is expected that four-wheel drive models will be launched in the future.

It is reported that Huawei will fully dominate AITO cars, the official response

Have you noticed that the logo in the upper right corner of the posters of the Wenjie series released by AITO’s official Weibo has changed to HUAWEI, even with Huawei’s “chrysanthemum logo” on it. Before that, it was written about AITO.

In addition, a screenshot of a suspected first-line sales group chat has been circulated on the Internet recently. Judging from the content, it involves the adjustment of the AITO brand's speech.

The screenshots show that Huawei has recently reached an agreement with the top executives of Cyrus. In order to strengthen the uniqueness of the brand, from now on, the brand language will no longer use "Huawei's deep empowerment", but will be changed to "Huawei's overall leadership".

In response, Huawei responded:

This move is only to highlight Huawei's long-term deep empowerment of AITO global brands, and the long-term in-depth cooperation between Huawei and Cyrus has not changed. In the future, the two parties will continue to jointly launch more new and more competitive products.

On the other hand, regarding the recent news that "Huawei's car BU Wang Jun has been suspended", Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's car BU, responded that this is a normal personnel change, and Huawei has not changed the direction of the car business.

Jikrypton completes US$750 million in Series A financing

On February 13, Jikr announced the completion of its Series A financing of US$750 million (approximately RMB 5.107 billion), with a post-investment valuation of US$13 billion (approximately RMB 85.522 billion).

Mobileye founder and CEO Amnon Shashua, Ningde Times, Yuexiu Industrial Fund, China Commerce Fund, and Quzhou Xin'an Intelligent Manufacturing Fund participated in this round of financing.

However, it should be noted that Jikrypton will remain an indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary of Geely and its financial performance will continue to be incorporated into the group's consolidated financial statements.

Although there are currently only two models, Jikrypton has also achieved good results in terms of sales. As of January 31, 2023, the cumulative delivery of the Jikrypton brand has exceeded 80,000 units.

Tesla FSD Beta v11 update delayed again

Tesla's extremely important FSD Beta v11 update has been delayed again, and Tesla seems to have encountered a problem that is difficult to solve.

FSD Beta v11 was originally planned to be launched in November 2022, but after several delays, it has remained in the internal beta stage.

According to Musk, Beta v11 is very important for FSD, which is expected to merge the Tesla FSD Beta software stack with the Autopilot software stack.

Regarding the delayed push of Beta v11, Musk also admitted that v11 is "much more difficult than expected."

Mercedes-Benz to start L3 autonomous driving test in China

On the recent Mercedes-Benz Safety Technology Day, the company stated that it will launch conditional L3-level autonomous driving tests in China and will actively communicate with relevant departments.

At the same time, the expert team of the Chinese R&D department will also be deeply involved in the design and optimization of the DRIVE PILOT driving navigation system for the operation of China's road conditions.

Mercedes is the world's first car company to obtain the L3 conditional automatic driving international system certification. This system allows the driver to leave the steering wheel with both hands, but must be ready to take over the vehicle at any time.

However, there are also many restrictions on this system. The official said that this system is "only suitable for highways or roads with heavy traffic flow", and the maximum speed does not exceed 64km/h.

It is worth mentioning that if an accident occurs when the user uses the Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot automatic driving system, Mercedes-Benz will take full responsibility.

India's first solar-powered car can run 12 kilometers a day for free

Vayve Mobility, an electric vehicle startup headquartered in Pune, India, announced on February 12 that it plans to launch India's first solar-powered electric vehicle, Eva, in 2024, with deliveries starting in mid-2024.

The Vayve Eva is an ultra-compact urban commuter vehicle with only 3 wheels and room for two adults and a child. The roof of the Eva is equipped with a stack of solar panels rated at 150W, which can give it a range of 10-12 kilometers per day.

Only 12 kilometers of battery life is of course not enough. Vayve Eva is also equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 14kWh. The total mileage has reached 250 kilometers, but it does not support fast charging.

Musk fires senior Twitter engineer at meeting

According to Platformer news, Musk recently fired a senior Twitter engineer on the spot in an internal meeting because the engineer told Musk that his popularity on Twitter was declining.

Musk met with several Twitter engineers last Tuesday to discuss statistics on how his personal account is viewed on Twitter. Views on his account have been declining in recent months.

In addition, Musk also arranged for staff to investigate whether the decline in page views was related to potential problems with Twitter's algorithm.

“It’s ridiculous,” Musk told employees at the meeting, “I have over 100 million followers and only have tens of thousands of impressions,” according to a source with knowledge of the meeting.

Google's data shows that Musk's popularity peaked at 100 points in April last year when he proposed to buy Twitter, and has now dropped to only 9 points.

Musk: Can you say something nice? !

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