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  • Dongfeng Warrior M-Terrain real vehicle exposure
  • 2023 Honda Accord overseas version will have built-in Google in-car services
  • Tesla's stock price plummeted during the year, and Korean retail investors frantically bought bottom
  • Nio cuts fourth-quarter car delivery forecast
  • Qihoo 360 disclosed the progress of Nezha Automobile stock improvement and gave up the rights of the four major shareholders
  • Xiaopeng Motors continues to adjust its organizational structure and recover the financial rights of each center
  • China's EV exports hit record high in November
  • Wuhan takes the lead in opening driverless taxis at night
  • Burst! Exhibit car catches fire at Guangzhou Auto Show

Dongfeng Warrior M-Terrain real vehicle exposure

Dongfeng Warrior has a car that looks very interesting, which is the production version of the M-Terrain below.

This is the first model of Dongfeng Motor's new luxury electric off-road brand. Based on the M TECH Mengshi smart off-road architecture, judging from the logo on the rear of the vehicle, the name of the new car should be "Mengshi 917".

According to the plan, the new car will be mass-produced in April 2023, and the price is expected to exceed 700,000 yuan. After it goes on the market, it will compete with BYD's hopeful R1.

In terms of power, the four motors on the previous concept car gave it a power reserve of 1,000 horsepower and 16,000 Nm. I wonder if the mass-produced version will be reduced?

At least it looks like a concept car.

2023 Honda Accord overseas version will have built-in Google in-car services

According to autonews reports, the eleventh-generation Accord (overseas version) will add Google service functions to the machine, making it the first Honda car to provide Google in-vehicle services (GAS).

In the 2023 Accord Touring's car center console (12.3-inch LCD screen), Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play Store will be pre-installed.

In addition, this model will also provide 15W wireless charging, a 12-speaker Bose sound system, will also support CarPlay and Android Auto, and HUD function.

Finally remembering Android users.

Tesla's stock price plummeted during the year, and Korean retail investors frantically bought bottom

As mentioned yesterday, Tesla’s stock price fell 44% in December and 69% during the year. Musk himself blamed macroeconomic factors for Tesla's share price drop.

But that hasn't deterred South Korean retail investors.

According to data from the Korea Securities Depository Administration, as of December 27, day traders have increased their holdings of Tesla shares by US$160 million this month, and are expected to buy net for the third consecutive month.

Among Korean retail investors who have significantly increased their stock investment during the epidemic, Tesla is still the most popular overseas stock. Korean retail investors have bought a net worth of Tesla shares worth US$2.8 billion this year.

As of August this year, South Korean retail investors have bought a total of US$15 billion in Tesla stocks, with a shareholding ratio of 1.6%, becoming Tesla's seventh largest shareholder, ahead of them is State Street Bank of the United States.

The obsession of Korean retail investors with Tesla may be due to the pressure of rapidly soaring housing prices. More and more Korean individual investors are betting on high-risk stocks and cryptocurrencies, and regard them as the only realistic way to achieve financial freedom. .

Trivia: The best-performing auto stock this year is Ferrari, down just 18%.

Nio cuts fourth-quarter car delivery forecast

Weilai released its delivery outlook for the fourth quarter of 2022. The announcement mentioned that 38,500 to 39,500 vehicles will be delivered in the fourth quarter, which is a decline in expectations. Previously, NIO's delivery was expected to be 43,000 to 48,000 vehicles.

NIO explained this: due to the outbreak of the epidemic in major cities in China, the company faced challenges in production and delivery. At the same time, the company encountered certain supply chain constraints and disruptions to end-user deliveries and check-ins.

According to the delivery data released by Weilai Automobile, in the past October and November, Weilai delivered 10,059 and 14,178 new cars respectively.

360 disclosed the progress of Nezha Automobile stock improvement and gave up the rights of the four major shareholders

360 Company announced on the 28th that the benchmark date for the share reform of Nezha Automobile is October 31, 2022, and the establishment of the joint-stock company is expected to be completed on December 31, 2022.

In order to support Nezha Automobile’s shareholding reform and other work, the company signed a shareholder agreement with all shareholders of Nezha Automobile, agreeing to waive special rights including redemption rights, preemptive acquisition rights, additional investment rights, and liquidation rights (effective with conditions). Due to the abandonment of redemption rights, the company's investment income is expected to decrease by 71.19 million yuan.

Previously, 360 issued an announcement stating that in order to optimize the equity structure of the target company and improve the governance mechanism of Nezha Automobile, it decided to transfer part of the capital increase rights of Nezha Automobile to the concerted action of the management team at a fair price, so as to increase the control of the management team over the company.

Zhou Hongyi also said that Nezha Automobile is still a start-up company, and it needs to let the founder team lead the company's development instead of being completely capital-led. But now the founder team has too little equity, and the positioning of 360 is still to support and assist the team.

From another perspective, it helps companies build good cars.

Xiaopeng Motors continues to adjust its organizational structure and recover the financial rights of each center

Xiaopeng Motors recently established a new financial platform, which aims to improve the level of refinement of cost management and control, as well as the compliance capabilities of the financial system.

The newly established financial platform of Xiaopeng Motors includes financial BP department, platform finance department, comprehensive financial team, tax management team, fund management team and special project team and other departments.

In this structural adjustment, personnel appointments have not yet been seen. A source said that according to previous adjustments, the highest reporting object of the financial platform is basically determined to be He Xiaopeng.

The organizational structure adjustment of Xiaopeng Motors is still going on, and the power will become more and more centralized.

China's EV exports hit record high in November

Chinese automakers exported $3.2 billion worth of electric vehicles in November, up 165 percent from a year earlier and a record high, Chinese customs data showed.

European countries such as Belgium and the United Kingdom are the largest importers, accounting for nearly 70 percent of imports. Exports of electric passenger vehicles accounted for more than half of total vehicle shipments for two consecutive months.

At the same time, European automakers including Volkswagen and BMW are planning to move the production of complete vehicles and components to China. SAIC, which owns the MG brand, has also expanded its distribution network to sell electric vehicles in Europe. (Gron Exchange)

  • Baidu adds auto parts and accessories manufacturing business
  • Xiaopeng G9 ushered in the first OTA upgrade after listing
  • Musk cheers for employees: Don't be disturbed by the crazy stock market
  • FAW Jiefang received a government subsidy of 630 million yuan
  • Lantu FREE pure electric version starts user delivery in Norway
  • SAIC-GM Wuhan Autoneng Gigafactory completed and put into production
  • The 2023 BYD Dolphin is on the market, priced at RMB 116,800-136,800

Wuhan takes the lead in opening driverless taxis at night

Qubit news on the 28th, Baidu Apollo announced the expansion of Robotaxi service hours in Wuhan, officially providing services at night.

According to reports, the operating hours of Baidu Apollo will be expanded from 9:00-17:00 to 7:00-23:00, and the operating scope will also extend from the Junshan New City area of ​​Wuhan to the third to fifth ring roads of the Economic Development Zone.

According to official data, Baidu currently has more than 50 self-driving fleets in Wuhan, with more than 10 orders per day. The starting price is 16 yuan, and the mileage unit price is 2.8 yuan/km.

Have you experienced it? Talk about your feelings in the comment area.

Burst! Exhibit car catches fire at Guangzhou Auto Show

The 20th Guangzhou International Auto Show will be held this Friday. Unexpectedly, there was a wave of "preheating" the day before the opening of the auto show, and the IAT Art Auto booth suddenly ignited a fire.

The live video showed that the model in the center of the flames was a concept car of IAT Alter Motors. The thick smoke caused by the fire filled Hall 5.1 and even affected the surrounding exhibition halls.

Judging from the official booth map, IAT's booth is located in Hall 5.1, 1E08, next to Lamborghini's booth.

After the incident, IAT Alter Automobile issued a statement stating that the fire at the scene had been extinguished and no casualties were caused.

According to the data, Alte Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing. It is an independent supplier of automotive design and development solutions. Its main customers include Toyota, Honda, Geely, Xiaopeng, Weilai, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. , GM, Changan, FAW, GAC, etc.

I will definitely go to Alter's booth tomorrow to have a look.

The author is a bit busy, so I will write an introduction later.

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