Domestic new energy does not need Zhou Hongyi

Just after a quarter of 2024, traditional car companies and traditional car media have a feeling that their souls have been impacted. The experience of the past ten years and decades seems to have been drowned by traffic and has become meaningless.

If the three new forces coming from the Internet industry, Wei Xiaoli, have brought rare diversity to the Chinese automobile industry, then Lei Jun brought Xiaomi Auto with huge traffic, and then converted into 70,000 yuan a month. Orders and creating a new marketing model in the industry are a dimensionality reduction attack in thinking and action.

But Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360, who is outside the automobile circle, first said "I want to change my car" and attracted many car companies to deliver cars to their doorsteps. Then he walked around the Beijing Auto Show and became the most "red" car model. The color red is a pun, not only for his clothes. is popular, and so is its popularity; then there was a live broadcast, and a 9-year-old Maybach S600 with a residual value of about 1 million was auctioned for 9.9 million yuan.

This set of three series follows the trend of China's new energy transformation. During the Beijing Auto Show, which was full of news and information, it was on many hot searches. Many people couldn't help but lament: It is these old entrepreneurs who need to drive traffic. ah.

Wait, it’s good that Zhou Hongyi is famous, but let’s ask Zhou Hongyi if he dares to accept the title of “entrepreneur”.

Also, the fact that Zhou Hongyi can still be so popular, that so many people applaud him, and that so many car companies are willing to work together to earn traffic still shows that the Internet does have no memory.

Although the Internet has no memory, it does have cloud storage and search. Therefore, it is necessary for us to let the dead memory attack everyone and let everyone have a long memory.

After Zhou Hongyi resigned from Founder Group in 1998, he began to start his own business. It was the first wave of Internet entrepreneurship in China. NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Sina and Alibaba were all founded in those years. Unlike these Internet companies that slowly upgraded and then expanded, Zhou Hongyi, who had just started his business, directly opened up his business to netizens who were new to the Internet, causing huge damage to everyone's spirits and computers.

The originator of rogue software on the Chinese Internet: 3721 Internet Assistant, was created by Zhou Hongyi.

Behind the scenes, 3721 Internet Assistant will monitor the installer's Internet habits, bundle it with other software, or even force installation. And once the user accidentally installs 3721 Internet Assistant, uninstalling it is very cumbersome. It will automatically detect whether the file it calls exists, and if it does not, it will copy it again. Therefore, this type of software cannot be completely removed, resulting in an endless loop.

And after installation, it makes its own program run in the computer with extremely high permissions, does not hesitate to consume computer resources, and uses a lot of technical means to prevent itself from being deleted. In addition, 3721 Internet Assistant itself can easily become the target of malware attacks and infect computers through it.

Keso, a well-known Internet industry reporter, wrote in "The History of Chinese Internet Hooligans": Many famous rogue software that caused temporary harm or harm to one party were created by 3721 employees who resigned. In the development process of rogue software, 3721 not only trained its team, cultivated talents, and honed its technology, but more importantly, it gave birth to the theory and way of thinking of rogue software, becoming a rare weapon arsenal and tool for rogue software in China. Think tank.

Of course, in the reckless era of Internet entrepreneurship, everyone is good at exploring boundaries, which are not only the boundaries of new models and new technologies, but also the boundaries of user tolerance and laws and regulations.

Some companies and entrepreneurs will stop after exploring, but Zhou Hongyi keeps exploring and feels happy, and does not want users to feel happy.

So what happens to Zhou Hongyi and his company later? Everyone’s feedback is the same: Why is it you again? But if it’s still you this time, that makes sense.

Here are just some examples from my memory related to Zhou Hongyi and 360 Company.

Many people are aware of the grudge between Zhou Hongyi and Ma Huateng, and what the 3Q war is about; but the grudge between Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun is not so widely known.

In 2016, the Xiaomi App Store removed the 360 ​​software. The reason was that Xiaomi received a lot of feedback from users that their Xiaomi phones could not be upgraded to the latest system, and even native system applications included app modules such as browsers, system updates, and security centers. Disabled or even hidden.

Xiaomi officials said at the time: Mainly because of the Thunderbolt OS application, which silently performs Root flashing without the user's knowledge, tampering with MIUI system signatures, and implanting unofficial applications, resulting in Xiaomi phones being unable to upgrade to the latest MIUI version, stealing Running out of traffic can even cause the phone system to crash and fail to start normally.

There were also user tests at that time. If a Xiaomi phone accidentally installed Thunderbolt OS, it would do the following things:

  • The startup screen has been modified.
  • Recovery has been re-flashed and users are prohibited from using it to prevent users from flashing back to the official system.
  • Preset 360 Security Guard castrated version, app store, browser.
  • Disable original browsers, app stores, and system upgrades. As a result, users can never upgrade.
  • The Thunderbolt desktop is preset and cannot be modified to the original desktop or third-party desktop. The Thunderbolt desktop will be restarted in a few seconds after modification.
  • Modifying the original system signature to Google's test signature caused various problems in the system applications of the original mobile phone.

Is this a familiar operation?

This is called "path dependence".

After 360 Family Bucket was removed from the Xiaomi App Store, 360 began to lie down on the ground and make a mess. It issued a statement saying:

Because Thunderbolt OS is lighter, power-saving, faster and has no pre-installed software than MIUI, will it be banned by Xiaomi? I would like to ask Xiaomi, you have described Thunderbolt OS in such a bad light. If it is not because you are afraid that the growth of Thunderbolt OS will threaten MIUI's pre-installed software, what else could be the reason?

What a white lotus.

At that time, 360 happened to be making mobile phones and smart hardware, and it was indeed in direct competition with Xiaomi. Of course, it would definitely not be able to compete directly with Xiaomi, so it would still have to be risky.

For example, 360's surveillance camera business was doing well for a while, and the live broadcast industry was also very popular at that time, so 360 combined the two businesses into one and created "Water Drop Live Broadcast", which mainly broadcasts surveillance footage from other people's homes.

It's a genius idea, but also a devil, because many surveillance cameras are installed in privacy-sensitive places such as gyms, dance studios, kindergartens, etc. If the controllers of surveillance cameras in such places broadcast live online, there will be great privacy risks.

In short, 360 Company and Shuidi Live Broadcasting business should not provide this permission and function.

After exposure from users and criticism from authoritative media, the Shuidi live broadcast business was finally shut down.

Oh, yes, 360 Company’s main business is network security, but everyone thinks that 360 Company’s main business is to make the network insecure.

360’s smart hardware also includes routers. Routers mainly provide Wi-Fi. If there is Wi-Fi, there will be radiation. If there is radiation, there will be panic but not necessarily harm. However, 360 is taking advantage of the public’s excessive worry about radiation. In 360 In the safe routing, a "pregnant woman mode" has been added, claiming that this mode is more friendly to pregnant women and will not affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

However, this is tantamount to fabricating the information that routers emitting Wi-Fi signals may be harmful. In fact, countless experiments and evidence show that home router WiFi radiation does not have any health hazards, so the 360 ​​router with pregnancy mode is a panic-mongering Emotions then charge IQ tax products.

The iron fists of Zhou Hongyi and 360 were smashed down, sometimes like the Pegasus Meteor Fist, which could not be avoided. Ai Faner was hit once.

360 also had a video business, called "Kuai Video", and the icon was very similar to Kuaibo. In 2018, Ai Faner suddenly discovered that Ai Faner and Ai Faner's APPSO account appeared on the Kuai Video platform On the website, many original video contents from Aifaner and APPSO were also carried.

The problem is that Ai Faner has never operated this platform. Not only Ai Faner and APPSO, but also many official organizations and Bilibili personal UP owners have had their account passwords and contents stolen.

After the incident got serious, Kuai Video officially issued a statement, stating that it is true that some Kuai Video accounts have copied their content without the authorization of the original author, and even used their avatars and IDs.

But who would be so free to do such a thankless task of moving content from a prosperous platform to a deserted platform?

It can be seen that Zhou Hongyi and his 360 company have been chasing the trend. When mobile phones are popular, they will make mobile phones. When live broadcasts are popular, they will make live broadcasts. When smart hardware is popular, they will make smart hardware. When videos are popular, they will make videos. But every time Speculate and then let the business fail.

And many times, they have an instinct that seems to be rooted in their genes, treating users as fools and then trying to be their fathers.

Therefore, when the two hot topics of AI and automobiles emerged recently, it was expected that Zhou Hongyi came out to show off again. But according to previous experience, once Zhou Hongyi appears, everyone must be careful.

For example, the auction of a 9-year-old Maybach S600 is actually not that clean.

Because this Maybach S600 belongs to "Beijing Dajue Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.", this company is 100% owned by Hu Huan.

Who is Hu Huan? She is Zhou Hongyi’s ex-wife in the legal sense.

On April 4, 2023, 360 Company announced that Zhou Hongyi and Hu Huan were divorcing, and Zhou Hongyi would divide 446,585,200 shares (accounting for approximately 6.25% of the company's total shares) to Hu Huan.

At that time, the stock price of 360 was at a periodic high, with the closing price that day being 20.08 yuan, with a total market value of 143.5 billion yuan, and the value of the divided shares was close to 9 billion yuan. And what is extremely coincidental is that from the beginning of 2023 to April, 360's stock price rose from 6.54 yuan to 20.08 yuan, an increase of more than 200%, and then fell all the way, and now the stock price is more than 8 yuan.

So, it has to be our big A, and it has to be our Zhou Hongyi.

It really fits the saying: Strong people never complain about a bad environment, because they are responsible for the bad environment.

This incident had a great impact last year. The behavior of "divorce-style shareholding reduction" also attracted the attention of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Soon after, regulations were issued: it requires relevant parties to continue to cooperate after the shareholding reduction through divorce, termination of legal person or unincorporated organization, separation, etc. Comply with the shareholding reduction restrictions; make it clear that all parties will continue to abide by the shareholding reduction restrictions within 6 months after the concerted action relationship is terminated. In addition, the transferee is also required to be locked in for 6 months after the agreement is transferred, and the transferor that loses its status as a major shareholder continues to comply with relevant restrictions within 6 months.

Therefore, if it weren't for this auction called "Sell the Maybach and Embrace Domestic New Energy Resources," everyone would not know that the car Zhou Hongyi sold belonged to his ex-wife.

Here, I also want to be brave and appeal on behalf of domestic new energy, Zhou Hongyi, please stop hugging me. I am afraid, really.

I would also like to say on behalf of domestic new energy that we are doing very well and are growing healthily. Although we do need sunshine, air, water and nutrients, there is no need to flatter us. We don’t lack that traffic.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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