Domestic military games, mobile phones for the elderly, 10,000 yuan tax threshold… These popular suggestions may affect your life

The pinnacle of most people's knowledge of the NPC and CPPCC should be in high school. After all, in the exam, as long as you can't memorize the relevant knowledge of the NPC and CPPCC, your political scores are likely to be low. But after leaving high school, how much do you know about the two sessions and the proposals made at the two sessions?

If you haven't paid attention to the two sessions for a long time, why don't you take a look at this year's interesting proposals with us? Some of these proposals are related to digital life; some of the proposals want to benefit a part of the group from the point of view; others want to establish a standard that can lower the threshold for users to use.

These proposals may all be related to you in the future.

Disaster prevention and early warning SMS rates, let us refocus on SMS rates

Proposal: Exemption from sending disaster prevention and early warning text messages to emergency responders at all levels

Proposer: Zhu Dingzhen (Chief Engineer, Public Meteorological Service Center, China Meteorological Administration)

Have you ever received a disaster warning message? When natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rains, mountain floods, and waterlogging occur, the Emergency Management Bureau and the Meteorological Bureau will send you early warning messages to remind you to take the initiative to avoid danger. But what we don't know is that these early warning messages are all charged.

▲ SMS I have received

At present, the cumulative service of 1.115 million registered emergency responders through SMS has reached 3.699 billion person-times. Based on the reach cost of 0.1 yuan per person, local emergency management bureaus may have spent nearly 370 million yuan on text messages. Of course, the actual SMS tariff may not cost that much, but it is an objective fact that there is an increasing demand for early warning SMS release.

At present, only 15% of the provinces in the country are free to release this free, public welfare, and benefit-for-the-people information.

The increasing demand for early warning and the contradiction between release funds led Zhu Dingzhen to make this suggestion.

This suggestion also allows us to re-focus on our SMS business that has been idle for a long time. Since we are used to using social software such as WeChat and QQ to communicate, text messages have indeed been used less and less, and no one pays much attention to how many free text messages are included in the package. After all, one may not be used in a month.

Nowadays, all B-end organizations use short message services. In addition to the notification and warning information of government departments, there are also many marketing and promotion information for e-commerce brands. For consumers, if warning information is important information, then marketing information is likely to be harassment information. In the face of these replies T, TD, N, it is impossible to unsubscribe the complete text messages. Should we also restrict one or two to avoid reducing the chance of seeing important information?

In any case, the proposal to waive the SMS tariff for disaster prevention and early warning has brought us back to the long neglected SMS. Even if it is not free of charge, it is good to have a certain discount or initial free usage.

After all, the warning message is probably the most important text message you can receive in this Internet age.

Snapshots cannot be a means of generating income, the drivers are crying

Recommendation: Clean up electronic snapshots for the purpose of fines

Proposer: Han Deyun (President of Chongqing Lawyers Association)

Violation of traffic rules-was captured-deducted points-was fined. Friends with a driver’s license should be familiar with this process, but today, some representatives have put forward their own suggestions on this fixed process.

Han Deyun, deputy to the National People's Congress, believes that the automatic electronic capture device is currently being abused, and its establishment standards should be re-regulated to reduce the enforcement-oriented and punishment methods that focus on fines.

Traffic control departments in some places have installed and used a large number of "electronic police" in order to ensure the safety and smooth flow of road traffic. In fact, "electronic police" has become a disguised means of generating income. Moreover, the installation and use of "electronic police" on some road sections not only failed to effectively guarantee road safety, but also brought safety hazards to the normal traffic order (such as the use of super-strong flashing devices, etc.).

According to statistics, the total national traffic fines in 2020 will be around 300 billion yuan, with an average fine of more than 1,000 yuan per vehicle. In this context, making this proposal has positive significance for many drivers who make a living by driving. After all, some electronic capture camera heads are so fascinating, even in uninhabited places, they are likely to be photographed parking illegally.

Although young people don't know how the money is spent, the fines that are all deducted electronically may not be appropriate.

Fines have always been one of the means to an end, not an end in itself. Of course, it is wrong to violate traffic rules, but drivers all hope that the traffic rules can be more reasonable and clearer. As long as the income of drivers who normally abide by traffic rules does not disappear because of electronic capture and photos taken one by one, then this suggestion is meaningful.

A military game featuring our army? Worth looking forward to

Suggestion: develop military games with the characteristics of our army

Proposer: Li Xiang (Professor of School of Military Culture, National Defense University)

There are not many war games, but not many memorable boutique games. When more and more players are immersed in the game, in the game krypton gold, social, these players also recognized the value of the game, pay attention to the background story of the game. At this point, war games are not immune.

The game has long been transformed from being a representative of playthings to be one of the important platforms for spiritual consumption many years ago. One phenomenon observed by Professor Li Xiang of the Military Culture College of the National Defense University is that more and more young officers and soldiers are consuming military online games. "Most military online games are developed abroad, and the game content, values, and military ideas are quite different from our army. If this happens, it may mislead the officers and soldiers in the long run."

This proposal hopes that China's top game companies can make high-quality military games, which can not only use historical and cultural resources, but also embed red genes to help national defense education.

▲ Screenshot of the game "Fighting North Korea"

Because of this suggestion, many people think of the special military games they played in those years.

Knowing that the user @一个大 Toilet barrel reminded of Xishanju’s military chess game "Decisive Battle of North Korea" because of this proposal. The game has restrictions on ammunition and weapon attributes for the Chinese player. The player only has more than 20 rounds of ammunition, and the weapon attributes are weaker than the enemy's. The enemy has sufficient ammunition and high-end weapons. The ending of this game has two branches, one is the complete liberation of the Korean peninsula, and the other historical line is the ending of the Sino-US peace talks.

But this is an old game from the 90s, and it seems difficult to see such a game today. But if you want a game that is more similar to "Delicious Battle in North Korea", game companies may need to cooperate more like "Operation Mekong" and "Operation Red Sea", with professional advice and guidance provided by military troops to produce a more professional game.

▲ Picture from: "Mekong Action"

In recent years, the success of domestically produced main melody movies may also give game makers an idea. The production cycle of military games will take more time than movies, but they will also have a longer line of influence. As long as the quality is qualified and there are surprises, players will always buy it, but I don't know if the game manufacturer is willing to try the crab first.

Of course, you can't be fat at one go. If you start small, maybe you can also start with the subject matter of college student military training?

The tax threshold is increased, and the workers all agree

Proposal: increase the tax threshold to 10,000 yuan

Proposer: Dong Mingzhu (Chairman of Gree Electric Co., Ltd.)

Now the post-80s and post-90s groups are under great pressure, and many people are facing the situation of paying housing loans and having children. Although the national policy has reduced some taxes and fees, some families still have a heavy financial burden.

At the two sessions this year, Dong Mingzhu once again proposed to lower the tax threshold. In her view, raising the personal tax threshold to 10,000 yuan can not only reduce the personal tax burden of young people, but also effectively increase the actual income level and strengthen the internal cycle of the economy. A higher tax threshold can also save manpower, financial resources and material resources in tax declaration and reduce costs.

Unlike the previous suggestions that have received certain doubts, this suggestion is almost a one-sided praise.

It can only be said that when it comes to people's vital interests, everyone's response is very honest. It's just that the tax system is a social basic system with greater influence. Whether to adopt similar suggestions is still a topic that needs to be discussed.

But if this suggestion is really adopted, you may be able to answer directly with the sentence "I can pay taxes" when asked about salary by relatives in the future.

More nearsighted? The assessment also has to be concerned

Suggestion: Visual acuity is included in the comprehensive quality assessment of students

Proposer: Li Suyan (Director of Xuzhou Institute of Eye Disease Control)

In today's Aifaner editorial department, only three people can work without glasses, and all the rest have to "pull out" the fog with practical glasses and see the screen clearly.

In the next generation, this problem seems to be more serious. There may only be one or two children in a class who do not wear glasses, more electronic equipment and less time for outdoor activities, all of which make more and more people wear glasses.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, learning methods have become online, and the myopia rate of students increased by 11.7% in the first half of the year alone.

▲ More and more children are wearing glasses. Picture from: CGTN

This proposal hopes to incorporate the physical health of students, including their eyesight conditions, into the criteria for measuring the overall quality of students, as an important basis for evaluating local and school work, so that more people will pay attention to the problems of eyesight health.

However, no matter how we care about children's vision health, we can't get rid of the academic factor. As long as the pressure for further studies still exists and the burden is reduced, more extracurricular activities may be nothing but a spectacle. Even if the school gives students an afternoon of extracurricular activities, the students will also be sent to cram schools by their parents to strengthen themselves after class.

If this suggestion is adopted, the only thing that can be confirmed is that children's vision assisted treatment institutions will usher in more growth.

Do elderly mobile phones need new standards?

Recommendation: Introduce a mobile phone device fitness standard

Proposer: Zhou Yunjie (Chairman of Haier Electric)

2020 may be a very important year for elderly Internet users. Since the health code has become a "blocker" for many elderly people, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the Internet life of the elderly.

This year, the chairman of Xiaomi, Haier, and Lenovo all paid attention to the digital life of the elderly in their suggestions. Among them, Zhou Yunjie, chairman of Haier Electric, said that the smart home scene products for elderly users should form a corresponding identification and certification system to certify products and services that meet the standards for smart homes, and it can also integrate diverse needs for aging.

▲ Picture from: China Business News

With more guidance, choices, and functions, could this be the new mobile phones and new devices for the elderly in the future?

But looking closely at today's mobile phones, I found that the current products can actually meet the needs of the elderly. It is not the lack of hardware preparation that causes the elderly, but the mismatch of offline "software". Whether it’s iOS or Android phones, many feature updates have been provided in recent years. Not only are the elderly more convenient to use, family members also have the means to remotely operate for assistance.

Today's mobile phone fonts can be enlarged, and the process guidance is actually clear enough, even for users who are illiterate, there is voice assistance. If the mobile phones of the elderly need to be adapted more, I think it is a direction to delete more complicated functions and provide a pure version of smart devices with fewer advertisements.

But let me ask, who doesn't want such a pure version of the phone?

SMS charges, military games, myopia, mobile phones, personal taxes, electronic capture devices… After reading these, do you think the two sessions’ recommendations are also relevant to you?

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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