Domain transfer: things to know

The causes that lead a user to make the decision to transfer his domain can be many. In many cases this operation is not only recommended but can also be extremely advantageous . The transfer of a domain, which in the modern world is a real digital business card, represents a turning point and an absolute change of pace . The reason is obvious: entrusting this tool to a different provider is an important decision, because the success of the online project may depend on it.

What are the reasons for changing providers

One of the reasons that lead the user to opt for the domain transfer request is related to the economic aspect . Expensive renewals, extra paid services are some of the causes that can reinforce the idea of ​​a change of provider to obtain savings. The most important reason that can push the user to transfer the domain is in any case related to the overall level of satisfaction that one derives from one's provider. A user poorly satisfied with the service received will be oriented to change, probing the web in search of the most advantageous offer in terms of services and level of customization. Attention also to the assistance service : a company that is not able to ensure high levels of performance in this area may face a thinning of its customers. Finally, having all the services with a single provider will facilitate the user's life and make contacts and monitoring easier. Support requests will also be leaner, faster and easier. A key factor especially in the event that the requests themselves are urgent or in any case to be dealt with in the shortest possible time.

Domain transfer; the importance of entrusting one's services to a single reality

domain transfer

In the event that it emerges that there is a faster and more convenient provider than the others, the best thing to do will be to entrust all its services to the latter. There are different times regarding the completion of the transfer procedure for each domain extension, in all cases some very specific steps will have to be carried out. It is necessary to request the Auth code from the previous provider and activate the request at another one, then the same code must be communicated together with the data of the holder to then confirm the authorization to transfer the domain (possibly also the configuration of the Dns). An email will notify both the start and the completion of this procedure.

Shellrent, between ad hoc solutions and protection from hacker attacks

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