Does the non-existent Pan Bowen really exist? It’s all mental illness at work

I am Bowen Pan, a non-existent person.

Pan Bowen, who does not exist, has been “alive” in Zhihuli a few days ago.

His appearance sparked a great discussion. Many people found out various reasons for arrogance, demonstrated the possibility of his existence in the real world, and even rose to the height of parallel time and space, thinking that he was a person in another time and space. In this way, Pan Bowen used his own power to steal some of the heat of “Shuangyan Shuangyu”.

Who is Bowen Pan? Why did it suddenly explode and disappear quickly?

Pan Bowen

Pan Bowen is a “junior high school classmate” who knows the user Heng Jin Wo Shi, and he is collectively referred to as “Xiao Heng” below.

It happened on April 25, 2013. Xiaoheng, who was in Tanggu, Tianjin, will take the college entrance examination 43 days later. He happened to be in physical education class and played badminton with his classmate Xiaowen.

▲ Picture from: Jason Peter (Unsplash)

At the beginning we played on the corridor, and felt too hot every ten minutes, so we were ready to find a cool place to continue playing, and then we walked to the front of the dormitory building, which is connected to the dining hall. There has been no one for a long time since the school day. Mr. L and Bowen Pan of class 10 were playing vigorously in the shade of the dormitory aisle.

Xiaoheng said that Pan Bowen was his junior high school classmate, and Mr. L was introduced to him by Pan Bowen. The four of them chatted with each other a few words, exchanged teammates to continue playing badminton.

During the game, Pan Bowen accidentally hit the badminton into the ventilation fan exposed on the ground in the basement of the dormitory. Four people decided that Xiao Wen stayed at the door to guard the racket, and the other three people Xiao Heng, Jun L and Bowen Pan went to the old dormitory. Pick up the ball in the building.

Pushing the door in is a wall with accommodation regulations written on the wall, signed in 2003. Go left and the dormitories on the first floor are old-fashioned wooden doors, concealed. At the end was a washroom, filled with a smell similar to ammonia, and the stairwell was in a dark corner.

▲ Picture from: Darya Tryfanava (Unsplash)

The badminton fell in the basement, and the three of them walked down the stairs. Halfway through, Pan Bowen suddenly said that his key had fallen on the stairs and he wanted to return to get it. So Xiaoheng and Jun L continued to walk downstairs to find badminton.

Xiaoheng and Jun L found a small door with light, and they thought it should be the sunny side of the basement, they walked in, lost their way, and did not find the badminton, so they ran towards the light, the end of the light was Stairs, walking outside, only to find that they came out of the corridor of the elementary school opposite the back door of the school, and returned to the classroom.

▲ Picture from: Oleksandra Bardash (Unsplash)

When he entered the class and saw Xiao Wen, he said that I and Mr. L couldn’t come out, so he brought my racket back to the class. I asked him about Pan Bowen’s racket. He looked confused and asked who Pan Bowen was. I said It was the one from Class 10 that we played with. After rectifying for a while, he insisted that he didn’t know Pan Bowen, and I didn’t make the shoot.

From then on, only Xiaoheng and Mr. L remembered Pan Bowen’s existence. Others said there was no such person. Xiaoheng was also taken by his sister to the psychology department of the hospital to see a doctor. The diagnosis result was caused by the pressure of the college entrance examination.

One Pan Bowen, “Blow up” a group of Pan Bowen

When I saw this story for the first time, I felt that there were too many loopholes in it to stand up to scrutiny.

What impressed me the most was that Xiaoheng used too much force when describing the real scene. Large sections of details are like sketching repeatedly to make the image more realistic, while describing the key information “Pan Bowen suddenly said his key I fell on the stairs and I have to go back to get it.” But I mentioned it in one stroke , lacking the reaction of Xiaoheng and Mr. L. It was unreasonable-two high school students who were extremely scared in the gloomy scene, faced the request of their classmates and teammates to leave alone. There was no response.

The most ugly lie generally has the characteristics of “nine truths and one lie,” and the nine truths serve the key lie.

Unexpectedly, a Pan Bowen “blasted out” a group of Pan Bowen. Many people told similar experiences and made up some non-existent XX. Some people raised the story to the height of parallel time and space, thinking that Xiaoheng, L Jun actually entered another parallel time and space, but there is no Pan Bowen in this parallel time and space, and people naturally think that they are “mental disorder.”

▲ Various interpretations have come out

When I saw Xiaoheng’s Zhihu introduction that said “WeChat Official Account: Heng Jin Wo Shi”, the question was labeled “Zhihu 10th Anniversary Special Project” label. At the same time, there are many questions below the question. When I wrote a paid unlock answer in the form of a novel, I knew that this not-so-simple thing is actually very simple, and there is nothing more precious than year-end traffic .

Event flipped, Pan Bowen really “exists”

To everyone’s surprise, Pan Bowen really “exists”, but only exists in Xiaoheng’s fantasy.

Heng Jinwoshi apologized via Weibo, saying that Pan Bowen was a small partner he fantasized about under the pressure of study. It was an indirect product of a large number of online games and online novels, which gradually disappeared after going to university.

After graduating from university, as a programmer, he was under a lot of pressure at work. “996, I switched from Java to C++ on request, and started working as soon as he got up on a phone call in the early morning. Every time he dreamed of unexplained night sweats in his student days, The reaction became very sluggish, which caused the debugging to use rm-rf to delete the test data, and I was busy all afternoon, moody, and even disobedient.”

Finally, on August 18 this year, he lost control of his emotions, and Pan Bowen appeared in his mind, so he wrote the second most searched content on Weibo.

After the matter was clarified, a psychologist analyzed that Heng Jin Wo Shi might be suffering from bipolar disorder .

Bipolar disorder (BD), also known as bipolar disorder, is a common mental disorder that has both manic episodes or hypomanic episodes and depressive episodes (typical features). The first onset can be seen at any age.

During a manic episode, the patient has symptoms such as elevated emotions, increased speech activity, and energetic; during a depressive episode, the patient often exhibits symptoms such as depression, loss of pleasure, reduced speech activity, and fatigue.

The patient’s clinical manifestations are complex, and its complexity is manifested in depression or upsurges, repeated, alternating, and irregular presentations, accompanied by distraction, recklessness, exaggeration, running thinking, hyperresponsiveness, decreased sleep, and increased speech disorder symptoms . Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, substance abuse can also cause psychiatric symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions or tension symptoms.

▲ Picture from: Stefano Pollio (Unsplash)

In 2011, the World Health Organization launched the Mental Health Survey Project, which carried out surveys in 11 countries and regions in the Americas, Asia and Europe, including Shenzhen, China. The results showed that the global lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorder was 2.4% .

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Mental illness cannot be underestimated

Numerous film and television works show the consequences of mental illness, and the real world also nakedly shows the scars it draws.

On April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung jumped down from the high-rise hotel building and said goodbye to the world. According to analysis, the cause of death may be severe depression.

After the outbreak of Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy and childbirth, some people analyzed the “sweet words” and believed that some of Zheng Shuang’s words and actions were similar to symptoms caused by certain mental or psychological diseases.

Some people may feel that mental illness only exists in people with high pressure. In fact, many people have tasted its bitter fruits in daily life.

▲ Product managers and programmers fight each other

After reading the non-existent Pan Bowen story, one person also imagines another “Pan Bowen”. He has a nose and eyes. It is hard to say that it is not a manifestation of mental and psychological problems.

Don’t treat symptom relief as hypocritical

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 17% of people in the world have mental and mental illnesses, and 76%-85% of them are in urgent need of professional psychiatrists for intervention. The annual economic loss caused by depression and anxiety may be as high as 10,000. One hundred million U.S. dollars.

▲”White Paper on Mental Health of Chinese Urban Residents”. Picture from: Zhongsheng Kaixin

I don’t know when it started. The whole people were inexplicably anxious. Not buying a house or getting a promotion would be “badly mixed.” They spontaneously even rushed to take the initiative to 996. When returning to the 965 work system stipulated by the law, some people still felt that they “will be abandoned “.

“Social animals” who commute for more than 3 hours a day come home, basically in the state of “single living alone without a partner, taking out mobile games and watching live broadcasts.” People who get married can’t escape the torture, don’t want children, the relationship between husband and wife is strained, and the elderly have to support and so on.

The elderly are lonely and helpless, autistic in a single family, and suicides occur from time to time. These social phenomena have more or less psychological problems behind them.

What is not optimistic is that in the general domestic environment, the symptoms of mental illness are regarded as manifestations of hypocrisy, poor ability to cope with stress, and insufficient scholastic ability . Emotional talks and appeals and resistance are regarded as immature, ignorant of social rules, and to a certain extent. The above blocked the way of emotional communication to relieve symptoms, resulting in a large backlog of psychological problems in the entire society that could not be resolved.

Nowadays, the whole society wants to use the 996 method to do addition. When processing, increase efficiency and increase output. Perhaps more should choose to sharpen the knife and not cut the wood by mistake. Think about how to do subtraction mentally and psychologically, and face the existence. Reduce occurrence and relieve symptoms .

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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