Do you want to change the 5G package? Here is a super complete 5G package comparison

With the launch of iPhone 12, 5G has finally completed the last "system vacuum zone."

Generally speaking, everyone is looking forward to 5G, with faster speed, lower latency, many benefits, and unlimited potential. For users who have experienced the 2G-3G-4G era, there is no need to spend much time.

However, when the 5G mobile phone package was launched, there were many shortcomings. For example, the cost of 5G mobile phone packages has risen significantly compared to 4G, and there is no disruptive application scenario for high-speed networks for the time being, and the actual delay and stability data cannot theoretically break the physical limit of true fiber.

▲ The cheapest 5G package currently recommended by China Telecom also costs 129 yuan

In a word, good things are good, and there are many shortcomings at present. Therefore, users hope to find a balance between cost and experience. Many people are still in the wait-and-see stage of entanglement and do not know where to start.

At present, the 5G mobile phone packages launched by major operators, which one is more suitable for you? As the first media that comprehensively organizes 5G mobile phone packages, Ai Faner hopes to help you.


  1. This article only compares the packages recommended on the official websites of the three major operators of Guangdong Province, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, and only compares the original price, not the first-year discounted price for new users
  2. Operators generally give certain permissions to the business hall. The business hall may have different packages at the same price, and different prices for the same package. This article does not make comparisons. Welcome to add in the comment area.
  3. Welcome everyone to share the 5G package that you think is good in the comment area

5G mobile phone package

After more than a year of warm-up and the laying of 5G base stations, 5G mobile phone packages finally ushered in an explosion, with packages ranging from 128 yuan to several hundred yuan.

On the whole, the packages provided by the three major operators are basically the same. It is temporarily impossible to use 5G with a budget of less than 100 yuan per month (even if the new user of the 129 yuan package requires 103 yuan for the first year discount), It can be said that 5G is an exclusive "playground" for users with a monthly communication fee of more than 100 yuan.

For ordinary people, when the monthly fee is the same, choosing an operator is actually more important than choosing a package -in different cities or different living areas, the coverage of base stations of different operators may be different, and even in extreme cases Obvious gap, spend the same money, of course choose the better signal.

They are all 5G packages, the rate may be different

Even though they are all 5G packages, they all focus on high speed, but in fact , the 5G speed of different packages may be different .

If you look closely at the package content, we will find that most of the 5G packages of the three major operators with less than 198 yuan are labeled as "5G Premium Service", and 5G packages above 198 yuan are labeled as "5G Speedy Service", for example China Unicom's official website explained in the network service description on the 5G package page: 5G speed service, (referring to) in busy areas with 5G preferential service customers to provide priority access service guarantee.

There are currently three types of 5G services offered by some operators: 5G basic services, 5G premium services and 5G speed services .

The peak gap between the downlink network peaks of different 5G services can reach more than 3 times . When we look at the mobile phone evaluation in the future, we can pay attention to what 5G rate in the evaluation article is measured under the 5G service or package status .

When you change a 5G mobile phone + 5G card, but find that the 5G network speed is not as fast as advertised, you can first see if it is the reason for the 5G mobile phone package.

Also, even for 5G speed services, only the "optimal" access is guaranteed. If the network is busy, it does not mean that 5G services can be accessed 100%, just like 3G can only be used under special circumstances in the 4G era .

We guess that this may be due to the fact that 5G base stations are still under construction, and it is difficult to support large-scale users to use them at a high speed at the same time. Operators have to impose certain restrictions and hope that after 5G is built, it can achieve "a bowl of water."

This matter can be regarded as an improvement in a sense. In the 4G era, many users with unlimited data plans suspect that their mobile phone card network is limited. After all, there is no official statement, and the 5G era at least limits the network rate Written on the bright side in advance.

The secondary card and broadband are more important than the package itself

From the perspective of 5G mobile phone packages, the three major operators seem to have maintained a highly consistent tacit understanding, and there is no direct competition, which has caused many users to complain that 5G packages are too expensive. We must know that in the 4G era, the tariffs of the three operators have dropped again and again, and the 5G package is a bit "weirdly quiet".

The real mystery is hidden in the secondary card and family package.

▲ The secondary card may dilute the per capita monthly tariff cost of 5G. Picture from: China Telecom official website

Almost every 5G mobile phone package can apply for a secondary card to flatten the per capita monthly fee. Simply understand that the secondary card is a mobile phone card that shares the same package with the primary card. If the total usage of the primary card and secondary card does not exceed the package limit, the secondary card only needs to pay the secondary card fee of 10 yuan/month.

Take China Unicom’s 129 yuan 5G package as an example, you can apply for 2 secondary cards, 10 yuan/month/piece, plus the main card, a total of 3 mobile phone cards, 3 cards share 30G data and 500 minutes of call, the total cost is 129 + 10 + 10 = 149 yuan, the per capita cost is about 50 yuan, which is more suitable for a family.

▲ China Unicom's 5G package can handle two secondary cards. Picture from: China Unicom official website

In addition, many 5G packages priced at more than 198 yuan have introduced the concept of family packages or converged packages. A package can open up to 5 cards, send fiber broadband, send set-top boxes, and so on.

For example, China Telecom’s 299 yuan 5G converged package can apply for 1 primary card + 4 secondary cards, share 100GB data and 1500 minutes of calls, 1000Mpbs broadband and 1 HD set-top box, which can solve the family’s mobile communication, TV and broadband Demand, about 60 yuan per capita. In Guangzhou, a single-use 1000Mpbs telecom broadband requires 6900 yuan per year, which is obviously much more cost-effective for the integration package.

▲ 5G converged package free 1000Mbps broadband. Picture from: China Telecom official website

▲Broadband alone is more expensive. Picture from: China Telecom official website

The competition of the three major operators is reflected here: some operators can only open 2 secondary cards for a 5G package, and they are not as competitive as operators that can open 4 secondary cards for a package. Some operators have no broadband experience in some areas. Well, some operators don't have much resources to send and so on.

Is 5G at this stage practical?

Aifaner recently evaluated a series of 5G mobile phones. From the actual situation, the 5G package can indeed greatly increase the network speed, but the most commonly used 5G-related app is Speedtest (a more authoritative mobile speed test app). In addition, it is difficult to find a real 5G app for the time being, and almost all apps used daily can also run well under 4G .

▲ Many people ridicule, the only 5G app now is Speedtest. Picture from: Mika Baumeister (Unsplash)

And on some 5G phones, we also found some problems. The most obvious thing is that after turning on 5G, the mobile phone will actively search for 5G signals. When the 5G signal is not good enough, the mobile phone will repeatedly jump between 5G and 4G signals, which more or less reduces the battery life of the mobile phone . We speculate that it may be because of the current The reason why 5G base station coverage is not enough.

Interestingly, we found that when a 4G card is inserted into a 5G mobile phone, the cellular network speed will also be significantly improved, so I am a little puzzled, whether the key to 5G is the mobile phone or the mobile phone package?

▲ Internet speed measured by netizens inserting 4G card into 5G mobile phone Honor V30 Pro is significantly higher than 4G, and the signal bar also shows that the connection is 5G

Pay attention to the "pits" of 5G, whether you change it or not depends on the situation

▲ 5G logo. Picture from: James Yarema (Unsplash)

One thing to pay special attention to is that the current operators have imposed restrictions. Old users can only "change from low to high", and cannot "change from high to low". The package tariff becomes more expensive or 4G upgrades to 5G. It is okay to become cheaper or change back to 4G . Unless you change your card number or go through extremely troublesome procedures.

And now everyone's mobile phone number is bound to a large number of bank cards and apps, and it is very troublesome to change the mobile phone number. By doing this, the operator is also betting that users dare not change the number easily.

5G or want to change the current course, we think it depends on the needs of individuals or families, but also important to consider the laying of local 5G base station. If you have a 4G low-cost unlimited data package, or have previously applied for a 6 yuan/month Internet cooperation package, it is recommended to wait and see.

If you have a particularly urgent requirement for a higher network speed, you can choose a suitable 5G package to try. Of course, if you have gains, you will lose some. Problems such as rising tariffs and decreased battery life may occur.

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