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The user's time is constant, but the time the user spends on each video platform fluctuates. If you are strong, we are weak. Users spend more time on other platforms, while the original platform spends less time. This is also the reason why the giants we are familiar with are always happy to expand their territory.

Short video is the biggest killer in competition for user time in recent years. Turn on the phone, swipe it, and a long time passed.

Text creators say they want to transform into video creators; long video platforms have added a lot of short video content; even the directors who originally made movies also said they want to make short dramas. There are more and more content, and the content is getting better and better. Creators have gone through the change of asking people to watch-waiting for people to watch-to receive money to watch. This collection of money is sometimes an ad implantation, but it may also be a direct payment for viewing.

The brand-new commercial monetization model that Douyin has recently explored is paid-to-watch short dramas, although this is only a feature that is still being tested. But paying by the number of episodes, with a minimum of 1 yuan per episode, support for one-time payment unlocking, and no viewing time limit, people can't help but ask a question:

▲ Pay for the internal test of Douyin

It’s too expensive for users to buy video memberships. Is it possible to pay for skits?

Today, we are going to talk to our friends about paying for skits.

Li Chaofan, Associate Editor of Ai Faner:

I searched in my mind for the scene where I paid for online content, because a favorite drama unlocked advanced on-demand, because I recognized a certain creator to join his knowledge planet, and also paid for some industry-related interpretation articles on the official account. .

In this way, the content I am willing to pay for has one thing in common-they are all high-quality content in my eyes.

I also use Douyin, and its algorithm is precisely targeted to inject dopamine into my brain, but the fragmented nipple music does not seem to constitute a reason for me to pay, or I am not the target user of this product.

▲ The happiness of short videos is easy

Vlog blogger big fan:

You won't pay, the pleasure of Douyin is white prostitution + cheap happiness.

Nan Nan, editor and director of technology evaluation company:

I don't pay for this kind of stuff, and I don't want to spend a dollar.

Video Director Black Boy:

No, unless the quality is very high, the short play costs one yuan per episode, and the price is too high. Isn’t paying for money just to make money, will it use various means to increase the number of episodes? I think there will be a lot of moths in the atmosphere of China's short videos.

Ai Faner director Zheng Shen:

The first reaction was to sneer, why? But think about it as if it is not impossible. So I will pay for it, 1 yuan is fine, and even good content I can accept higher.

Because as far as the existing short video market is concerned, calm down and prepare the content, especially the plot type. Most of them are routine and fast content that cannot withstand the accumulation of time. You will pass it after you have watched it, so why charge Woolen cloth?

But think about it, if you charge a fee, it is a good thing to be able to do a part of the screening (of course, it does not rule out those who cheat people to pay for the bull's head). Most of users' short videos are used for entertainment except time. But if you can selectively pay to watch good content while relaxing, I think it’s okay. The threshold for such content will be a little higher, and now it is a bit too flooded, and even some good content will be overwhelmed.

▲ If the content is good, paying is not impossible

Leng Sizhen, editor of Ai Faner:

I don’t know whether I will pay for the skit. In my heart, I hope that I will not be a dime and I will gradually save money to become a millionaire, but many times when the atmosphere is there, I will really pay. Of course, I may regret it if the atmosphere is gone. I think the skit is also of that type. It’s the crux of the matter. Not spending money is the pain of scratching the heart.

I actually thought 1 yuan was a bit expensive at first. But thinking about it later, today's online payment amount of 1 yuan should also be the basic threshold, and subscription fees start at 1 yuan. If there is not even 1 yuan, I think the creator's willingness to invest will be very weak.

The difference of a few cents is almost negligible for those willing to pay.

Li Chaofan, Associate Editor of Ai Faner:

Quibi, a short video streaming media in the United States, has tried it. From investment, executives to content production, they are all moving towards the "Netflix of short video industry". The result is bleak, showing that content with too high a threshold is fragmented in short videos. The scene is still not seen by users.

▲ Quibi, a Chinese video platform that has spent tens of billions of dollars in two years

On the other hand, if the goal is to obtain traffic, payment is likely to be an unnecessary or even negative action.

How to explore a new subdivision area here requires more exploration, so it makes sense for Douyin to do this, but no one knows whether this subdivision requirement really exists.

Vlog blogger big fan:

Science fiction / suspense / distinctive (short video version of rural love, etc.).

Nan Nan, editor and director of technology evaluation company:

To collect money, first of all, the stickiness must be high, either the user stickiness is high, or the content stickiness is high. If the content is posted by someone I like, a blogger, or idol, I am willing to consume it for her, or your content is wonderful enough to make me willing to spend money to continue watching.

But now the content of Douyin is very much and mixed, not to say that every content is irreplaceable, there are a lot of the same type of content. I don't look at you, it's a big deal to look at others.

Video Director Black Boy:

I think you can refer to paid comics. The quality of the script must be at a level, and the update frequency must be high, and the duration must not be too short. Otherwise, why don’t the audience watch something like Luo Xiaohei Zhanji at Station B or something inhuman Homemade fan drama?

▲ Good quality and free Luo Xiaohei's battle

Ai Faner director Zheng Shen:

Dramas, documentaries, tutorials, animations… In fact, all kinds of serialization are fine.

If you want to pay, the content is good first, and the second time should not be too long. There is good publicity, instead of fake reviews and fake word-of-mouth from traffic, there can be a professional scoring system with a relatively threshold. Providing a report or even a refund mechanism for poor paid content may better protect good content.

Leng Sizhen, editor of Ai Faner:

The moment before the son-in-law confronts his wife's family and is about to show off his strength; the first episode of the serial murder is about to find the true culprit; the moment when the heroine is about to face the vicious female partner. At that moment, Douyin jumped out of the payment button, and I probably couldn't help but pay directly. Immediate, unknown, and can’t wait, these are all factors that attract me to pay.

I once chased an article from Weibo to the official account, and paid 5 yuan to chase serialization. Afterwards, I recalled the content, but I couldn't remember anything. So I think whether the content is high-quality is actually not a criterion for short films to be suitable for short-paid content. Can users look forward to the next development of the plot, even if the content is very old-fashioned and vulgar.

Of course, the platform must be screened. When advertising videos on Weibo can unscrupulously show the office's forced love for this kind of blushing heartbeat clip content, I think a bit of pornographic content will be very popular in terms of payment, but this will be done soon.

Word-of-mouth and payment, if you want to do both, it's actually more difficult.

▲ Content that makes people pay is not necessarily good content

Li Chaofan, Associate Editor of Ai Faner:

The success or failure depends on the goal. If you want to rely on paid subscriptions to form a sustainable business model like Quibi, it is still difficult at present.

But if it is only used as a supplement to the platform, like paid reading of WeChat official accounts, some creators who do not rely on advertising revenue and have low traffic but high-quality content will benefit, and encourage the creation of high-quality long-tail content, as long as some users are satisfied. , Is successful for the entire platform ecology.

Vlog blogger big fan:

It's a bit hanging. After all, users are still accustomed to paying for long video platforms, and Teng Aiyou has many IP dramas every year, and it only costs more than ten yuan a month for membership. It is a bit difficult for a single episode to be on-demand.

Nan Nan, editor and director of technology evaluation company:

If Douyin is still in this mode in the short term, I don't think it will succeed.

The original intention of Douyin is to be a platform for creators. Who do you pay for skits? Is it paid to the creator or to the Douyin platform? I think this nature is more important.

▲ Picture from: unsplash

Video Director Black Boy:

It can be done, but the price should be cheaper, a dime per episode or cheaper, and it has to form its own characteristics and give the audience a reason to watch it.

Ai Faner director Zheng Shen:

Can make it. People nowadays have higher and higher requirements for content and become more and more vertical. Everyone will scan the content of "guess you like" more often. If they are really interested and want to see good content, I think it is a good market trend.

It will even cause certain pressure and impact on the paid long video of Iyoteng.

Leng Sizhen, editor of Ai Faner:

I think it’s a little bit different from what everyone thinks. Quality is never a reason to pay. I know that reading is better, but I may prefer to use short videos, because what I think and do is actually deviated.

For a paid skit to be made, there is a high probability that it will quickly attract users to pay for low-quality content. Maybe you don't need to have a beautiful picture and a good content. As long as you know the user's psychology, many people are willing to spend 1 yuan to pay for the moment.

It is not impossible to even have a lot of studios that specialize in short dramas, because the money comes quickly.

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