Do you have doubts about the future? Ask the Kaspersky platform

There are those who look at the stars looking for an answer, those who trust in faith and then there are those who ask Kaspersky! Well, the company famous for its antivirus has developed a new platform capable of answering more questions about the future. It is not witchcraft nor a paranormal phenomenon but a tool driven by a neural network that uses stored data to provide a prediction about the future.

The name of the platform is Safer Tomorrow and in addition to having a very particular task, its spectacularity also lies in its installation. The platform is in fact installed on the coast of New Zealand. Certainly not a random choice since it represents the first place on the planet in which to witness the sunrise and meet the future.

Safer Tomorrow

The project was born as a temporary platform. The temporary billboard placed at Castlepoint station on the Wairarapa coast of New Zealand will be accessible to the public until February 25 and will be dismantled thereafter. The structure has been designed with an eye to environmental impact: it uses sustainable materials that will be recycled after dismantling. The billboard will show selected short forecasts on the LED screen, 24/7.

The platform designed by kaspersky to predict the future is located on the coasts of Australia

“The future is amazing. We make it safe "

With this motto Kaspersky encompasses the whole project and describes its business in full. In fact, the company that has always distinguished itself as a giant of cybersecurity for companies and individuals has shown great interest in issues outside its own field . The company has set itself the goal of closely following technological trends and forecasts to generate a picture of what we can expect in the future and to understand how to protect it in advance.

The idea behind it is that the more people consider the future and the likely trajectories of society and technology, the more they will be able to predict and contribute to tomorrow in a better and safer way.

The Kaspersky algorithm that predicts the future

How can the Kaspersky platform predict the future? What questions can you answer? The operation of the platform is based on a neural network managed algorithm developed by the global advertising agency BBDO . The predictive algorithm is trained using data collected from hundreds of thousands of related sources. These references include science fiction books and magazines, select media and blogs.

Another source of information is Earth 2050, Kaspersky's award-winning interactive project that provides a futuristic picture of what the world will be like in 30 years. The requests to which the platform can give an answer concern the most significant questions about "tomorrow", from ecological issues to technology referring to 3D printers. If you have a curiosity about what can happen in the future, just go to the official website of Safer Tomorrow , ask your question about the future and wait for the response of the platform to be calculated by the neural network.

One of the questions about the future that can be asked of the Kaspersky platform

For example, we asked Kaspersky if in the future it will be possible to meet your friends through holograms and the platform replied as follows: “Almost every apartment will have a cozy corner with equipment that will allow you to receive and transmit full-size 3D holograms of your interlocutors. "

What can I say, we just have to use our imagination and ask our questions to the platform.

The partners of the project

Let's analyze a bit the two partner companies of the project. On the one hand there is Kaspersky, a Russian global cybersecurity company founded in 1997 with headquarters in Moscow. The company has transformed its knowledge of threats into innovative security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the world. Its users are over 400 million worldwide.

On the other hand, there is the US advertising agency BBDO (Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn acronym) is one of the most important advertising agencies in the world based in New York. Founded in 1928, the company has supported numerous advertising campaigns aimed at the future. Among the most famous advertising campaigns in its history, those for the Right Guard deodorant in the 60s and the one for the Wisk detergent by Unilever in 1968.

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