DJI Pocket 2 Pocket Camera Experience: I would like to call it “Handheld Photography Studio”

Recently, DJI’s new products have been coming one after another. In the last Insta360 One X2 experience evaluation, many people mentioned DJI’s Pocket 2, so for the content of this issue, let me talk about Pocket 2 for everyone. And compare it with the previous generation.

The first and second generations are silly and unclear

If you don't look closely, it's hard to recognize the difference between the two generations of Pocket.

Not much nonsense, let's first compare the appearance.

▲ Left 2 Right 1

▲ Left 2 Right 1

▲ Left 1 Right 2

After all-round no-dead corner prying, it was discovered that the second-generation design update points are:

· The power button is moved to the right· The lens has an extra red circle· The bottom of the grip handle has an extra “line”

Let's take a look at what exactly is added to this all-around suit:

· Mini tripod · Amplifier lens · Tripod converter · All-round handle · Wireless microphone transmitter · Microphone windproof cover · Double charging cable

The things in this set are really rich. Excluding the Pocket body, there are a total of 12 accessories, which makes me feel that I can buy a real benefit for 3499 yuan.

▲ Let’s find the difference, top: Basic version, bottom: Almighty suit version

But let’s talk about the accessories slowly. Returning to the appearance of the Pocket main body, there is not much difference between the two generations. The most obvious is the "line of division" at the bottom.

This is not a simple "line of demarcation". Pull down forcefully to remove the lower part and replace it with the tripod converter or the all-around handle in the accessories. After I switched on the all-around handle, I never wanted to Take it down.

This small "tail" is a collection of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless microphone receiver, 1/4" screw port, 3.5mm audio interface and USB-C charging interface. With it, Pocket 2 can be considered complete. Turn on After thinking about it, why doesn't DJI add wireless functions to the main body? You need to know that the handle is only 599 yuan.

In addition, the unit price of the microphone transmitter is 599 yuan. After a little calculation, I think most consumers will choose to buy the all-round package directly.

There is universe in the protective case

If you see that the design of the two generations of the Pocket body has not changed much, and you think the designer is lazy, you will be wronged by the designer, because the Pocket 2 protective shell has ushered in a comprehensive innovation.

The first generation of Pocket protective shell has fluffy lining inside and straps outside, which can be said to be fully protected.

▲ The second generation hand rope is tied to the body, praise

On this basis, the second generation has added various organs inside, which can embed various accessories in the all-around suit. At most, you can put in an amplifier lens and a Lightning/USB-C adapter. With a wireless microphone attached to the top, it has an unprecedented compact design, and it feels good to grasp everything with one hand.

Oh, by the way, although the strap design was cancelled in the second generation, the thickness of the body has increased. Under the condition that the thickness of the two generations of the protective shell is the same, the fatter Pocket 2 can naturally be packed in the protective shell. It's tighter and more stable, and even feels a little strenuous when taking it out.

With a wide angle, Pocket 2 is much more practical

Unlike the difference in appearance, Pocket 2 has made substantial progress in the lens part.

1/1.7-inch CMOS, 64 million effective pixels, 93° FOV viewing angle, equivalent focal length of 20mm, plus F1.8 maximum aperture, wider field of view, sharper and more delicate images. If the first generation of OSMO Pocket is the main portability, then Pocket 2 is a good student with both portability and performance.

To summarize briefly, Pocket 2's improvement in image performance is reflected in the image quality and the other in the focal length.

Pocket 2 has 16 million pixels/64 million pixels in photo mode. The highest resolution is 9216 x 6912. The former is about 8M in size and the latter is almost 16M.

Of course, Deepin players can also choose to shoot RAW format photos in PRO mode. At 6400 pixels, each photo is about 90M in size, while the first generation RAW photos are only 17M in size (after all, the highest is only 12 million pixels). Just compare the book. According to the data, we can know that the later stage of the second generation is much larger.

Using the proofs, these two groups are compared in RAW format. The left is the first generation and the right is the second generation. It can be clearly seen that the details of the left generation are blurred, and the existence of pixel particles can be seen, and the edges of the objects There is a slight purple fringing; the second-generation photo on the right is still delicate, and there is still room for further enlargement.

▲ Up 1 Down 2

▲ Same as above, 1 and 2

▲ After the final treatment by Lr

However, there is a point on the second generation that I don’t like it. When taking photos in PRO mode, you can only choose between JPG and RAW. The first generation can save in two formats at the same time. Why is there such a restriction? Clear, but there is a high probability that this setting will not be changed in subsequent firmware updates.

The video recording specifications are the same as the previous generation:

4K: 3840×2160 @24/25/30/48/50/60fps
2.7K: 2720×1530 @24/25/30/48/50/60fps
FHD: 1920×1080 @24/25/30/48/50/60fps

Although the specifications are the same, it is also shot under 4K specifications. The second-generation picture is smoother and there will be no occasional picture tearing. These optimizations are of great benefit when shooting with large lenses or in sports. The following animations are for reference only. Please move to this link for the video. The mobile editing can only export in 1080P format, and 4K original movies are better.

In addition, the second generation supports HDR video shooting (up to 2.7K 30fps), and the filming rate is significantly higher when the HDR mode is turned on when the light ratio is large, such as walking from indoors to outdoors, or when shooting Vlog A-Roll parts in backlight. .

Another improvement of the second-generation Pocket's imaging power is the focal length.

The equivalent focal length of Pocket 2 is 20mm. Compared with the previous generation of 26mm, it is significantly improved. It no longer looks big when taking selfies. The background content is more. With the enlargement lens in the package, it can reach 15mm. The equivalent focal length (110° FOV), it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a family portrait artifact for a large family.

However, this zoom lens only relies on magnetic adsorption. If it is hit by an external force or shaken hard, it will shift or even fall off. If it is missing, it will be at a loss. I hope that the next generation can add a screw-down reinforcement design to make users feel more secure. Although it is only fixed by magnetic attraction, the machine can recognize whether a zoom lens is added, because the 15mm focal length information can be seen in the photo EXIF ​​information.

▲ The left, middle and right are respectively: First generation 26mm/Second generation 20mm/Second generation 15mm

By the way, this extender lens can also be used for OSMO Pocket, which is the first generation, and can get a focal length similar to that of the second generation, with a wide viewing angle of about 90°.

So for those who bought the second-generation all-around suit, if you feel that the attached zoom lens is not useful for it, please give it to friends who bought the first-generation Pocket. I believe they will thank you very much. People just think that the latter's angle of view is too narrow and put it in the corner to accumulate dust.

After a comparison, as a user, I can clearly feel the sincerity of Pocket 2, because almost all improvements are made based on the shortcomings of the first generation. If you wait and see when the first generation Pocket is launched, it will be affected by the focal length and image quality. Forced to become a member of the Waiting Party, then this generation should be able to satisfy all your fantasies about a portable Vlog artifact.

Em… Another point, the battery of Pocket 2 is the same as the previous generation (875 mAh, 10W charging power), so the endurance is basically the same. Shooting in 4K mode can take about an hour and a half. It is recommended to bring a charging treasure when you go out. Charge while shooting.

All the accessories in the almighty set make up the most complete experience

Finally, let’s talk about the accessories in the all-around kit and the DJI Mimo app that matches them.

My habit of using it is to hang up the versatile handle and mini joystick on weekdays. The joystick is used to control the pan/tilt rotation and zoom. Press the round button next to the joystick to switch between the two control modes.

The two adapters and the extender lens are basically kept in the protective case for later use, and they will only be removed and replaced under certain circumstances.

With the all-purpose handle, Pocket 2 can be connected to the mobile phone via WiFi. Pocket no longer needs to be bound with the mobile phone close to the body. You can install a mini tripod on the former, place it on a flat surface, and remotely control the Pocket 2 with the mobile phone. Use a fixed camera position to make Vlog's perspective more rich.

Of course, it is also convenient to shoot some time-lapse/star-track videos on a flat surface.

Pocket 2 is connected to the mobile phone via WiFi, the latency is extremely low, almost negligible, and with the assistance of a large screen (compared to the screen on the Pocket), the viewfinder is more convenient.

However, it is recommended to use desktop software such as PR and FCPX for post editing. Firstly, use the mobile phone to edit the video, which can only output up to 1080P resolution. Secondly, the computer screen is larger and easier to perform complex operations.

After a few days of experience, an idea recurred in my mind: We have always felt that the first generation of Pocket is an appendage to mobile phones and an extension of mobile photography. The birth of Pocket 2 proves that it can become a new category. This category is between the micro-single and mobile phones. It uses a light body to play professional micro-single, and then has excellent anti-shake effect and more professional The photography option is to use mobile photography, fight left and right, forcibly open up a new market, and now with a more mature attitude, it has become another creative tool for content creators such as Vlogger and travel bloggers.

Finally, it is not suitable for consumers who have bought the iPhone 12 series mobile phones with its own super video anti-shake performance, but for users who want to become the newcomer UP owners in their living quarters or who want to record their daily life easily. In other words, Pocket 2 may be your easiest choice for good results without changing your phone.

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