DJI Pocket 2 Cloud Twilight White Picture Appreciation, a girl’s heart in one step

Recently, DJI launched a new color scheme for the DJI Pocket 2, which has been released for less than a year-Yunmu White.

Saying goodbye to the previous black and white color schemes, the new color scheme of DJI Pocket 2 is a little more different tones. This is the first time DJI has used a new color scheme for products such as handheld gimbal cameras.

Compared with the previous white OSMO Mobile series, the newly launched Cloud Mud White DJI Pocket 2 has some other colors. The overall look is a little more pink, and the texture of the color will be more than pure white. Be cleaner. In terms of look and feel, it is like the difference between WH-1000XM4's platinum and silver and quiet white.

It's just that DJI Pocket 2 needs to be a little bit more fan.

In terms of accessories, there will be no changes to the DJI Pocket 2, which just provides a new color scheme. The biggest difference is that DJI releases DJI Pocket 2 in the form of an "all-round package."

Unlike the regular version, the DJI Pocket 2 all-around kit with a larger amount of accessories will be packaged in a long strip. The internal packaging is the same as the cover layout. The DJI Pocket 2 body with a protective cover is placed in the middle, the all-round handle is placed below, and the remaining accessories are placed in the top storage box.

After unfolding, you can see the complete configuration of the package:

  • DJI Pocket 2 body and protective case
  • Dedicated hand strap, lanyard
  • Mini joystick
  • Almighty handle
  • Two adapters for Lightning and USB-C
  • Charging Cable

In view of only changing the color scheme, the surface treatment of DJI Pocket 2 Cloud White is similar to that of the original black DJI Pocket 2, so it doesn't feel much different when you get started.

The iconic red frame on the camera is also retained in the Yunmu White color version.

For boys with slightly larger palms, the addition of an all-purpose handle can fill the space on the palm, which is the same as the camera with a vertical handle or fingerboard, which can improve the grip.

The all-round kit also provides a mini joystick for convenient shooting control. Users only need to directly replace the baffle on the fuselage to use it directly. The protective cover has also made corresponding openings, even if it is replaced with a rocker, it will not affect the storage.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the original dust cover has some vacant positions, which will be slightly loose when installed. It is recommended to reduce replacement and pay attention to save daily, otherwise it will be quite troublesome to lose it.

The performance of the new color DJI Pocket 2 is basically unchanged.

The camera is still equipped with a 1/1.7-inch 64-megapixel sensor, supports 8x zoom and upgraded hybrid focus 2.0, can retain higher sharpness when zooming in, and focus faster than the previous generation.

In terms of video, it supports up to 4K 60FPS recording. It also comes with HDR video, automatic beauty, smart follow 3.0, one-click trajectory delay, and a Story mode that is convenient for shooting short videos. If you link your mobile phone, you can also complete automatic editing through the app. For young ladies who use video to record their lives, it is a light and convenient tool.

Yes, the mechanical structure is responsible for the anti-shake method, which allows the processor to focus on processing the picture. Under the premise that the computing power does not need to be increased too much, it can achieve anti-shake and HDR and beautification at the same time There will be no embarrassment that fish and bear's paw cannot have both.

More importantly, compared with the slightly larger gimbals of the DJI RS series, the DJI Pocket 2 which is so small that it can be slid into the pocket at will is undoubtedly more friendly to the people, and it is also convenient for girls who only bring a small bag to go out.

With this newly launched cloud and evening white color scheme, it can also be regarded as a good portable shooting solution.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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