DJI Mini 2 first evaluation: small body, high performance

In October last year, DJI released the Mavic Mini. After its release, the product has been loved by mass consumers and has helped many people realize their aerial photography dreams.

One year later, DJI brought an upgraded version of DJI Mini 2 (hereinafter referred to as Mini 2) on November 5. Based on the continuation of the core advantages of the Mini series such as "249 grams" and "extremely portable", Mini 2's flight performance, image transmission performance, camera performance, and smart functions have been comprehensively improved.

Let’s have a walk-and-go trip. Last week we went to Chaozhou, a famous national historical and cultural city in eastern Guangdong. As a drone "Xiaobai", I will talk about how to use DJI Mini 2 to open up a new horizon of aerial photography.

▲ DJI Mini 2 4K shooting, some image quality is compressed by the platform

hardware design

Mini 2 continues the design language of the predecessor Mavic Mini. The folding body design is basically the same as the previous generation, and the body is still almost entirely made of plastic.

Like the previous work, the tripod of the Mini 2 is still short. In daily flights, the ground we take off is not necessarily flat and smooth, so we need to pay special attention to protecting the aircraft's camera to avoid bumps.

In the attached accessories, Mini 2 is equipped with the same remote control as Mavic Air 2.

This newly designed remote control adopts ergonomic design, and the overall control of the Mini 2 is measured and smooth, making it more suitable for novices to control flight. At the same time, the new clamping structure design can better fit most full-screen mobile phones.

Although the overall appearance of the Mini 2 remote control is much larger than that of the previous generation, the result is a longer battery life, which greatly improves the safety of flying shooting. During these days of high-intensity shooting, my remote control was not charged, but there was still power remaining.

The set version is equipped with three batteries and a battery manager. The battery installation method is still "rear-mounted". It is worth mentioning that the previous generation batteries can still be used on the Mini 2.

The storage bag equipped with Mini 2 has also been upgraded this year. Compared with the previous generation storage bag, the new storage bag is more convenient and faster to store and carry when going out to play.

In addition to the design continuation, the size and weight of Mini 2 are also on par with the previous one. The compact Mini 2 is even similar in size to an iPhone SE 2 when folded.

Lighter than 240 grams (including battery), making it possible to travel without burden. On this trip to Chaozhou, I would easily put the folded Mini 2 in my pocket after shooting. The small and portable Mini 2 truly "takes off at any time".

Here is also a little knowledge about drone flight. First of all, 249 grams means that it meets the weight requirements of most countries and regions for micro drones. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, real-name registration is required for aircraft larger than 250 grams.

The Mini 2, which is lighter than 249 grams, can take off without registration in China or the United States, Canada and other places. However, no-fly zones on maps like airports are still not allowed to take off, and height-restricted zones also have different height restrictions such as 120 meters. So don’t confuse the no-fly zone with the need for real-name registration .

In addition, in addition to complying with the above requirements when flying drones, it is also necessary to refer to relevant local airspace regulations.

Flight performance

Although Mini 2 does not look much different from the previous generation in appearance, Mini 2 has been fully improved in terms of power performance. The first is the maximum flight time of 31 minutes.

Before getting in touch with drones, many people said that drones have a short battery life. After taking off, after thinking about how to take pictures, the aircraft went down without power. The longer battery life brings me the most intuitive feeling that the drone novice has more time to figure out how to take better shots after taking off, and no longer has to press the shooting button in a hurry, so as to achieve more and better shots. The purpose of aerial content.

In addition, the Mini 2’s battery manager can also be used as a mobile power source to charge your phone after storing the battery.

Mini 2 has upgraded its wind resistance to level 5 compared to its predecessor. We were shooting at the Han River in Chaozhou. Although the wind was relatively strong at the time, the Mini 2 was able to maintain a stable flight attitude.

In addition, Mini 2 has also improved other power performance. Example: The maximum flight speed reaches 16m/s, the maximum takeoff altitude reaches 4000m, the maximum flight altitude reaches 500m, etc.

Image transmission performance

Last year, the most criticized problem of the Mavic Mini was the poor image transmission. This year, Mini 2 is upgraded to OcuSync 2.0 video transmission for mid-to-high-end models. The video transmission distance is increased to 10 kilometers. It supports adaptive dual-frequency (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz), and the video transmission is more stable and the anti-interference ability is further improved.

During the actual flight on the riverside, we found that with the support of OcuSync 2.0 image transmission, the overall image transmission of Mini 2 has been greatly improved.

Camera performance

  • Video shooting supports 4K 30fps, 4x digital zoom

Mini 2 has also improved the camera performance while taking into account both weight and volume. Video shooting can shoot up to 4K 30 fps high-definition video, the maximum bit rate is increased to 100Mbps.

It can be seen from the actual video that the 4K high resolution has further improved the picture quality and the picture is clearer.

At the same time, Mini 2 supports up to 4x digital zoom during video shooting.

The zoom operation method is also very simple. In recording mode, drag the zoom button on the DJI Fly interface, or use two fingers to zoom in on the screen, or press and hold the Fn button on the remote control and adjust the gimbal wave wheel. Zoom.

Among them, in 4K format, 2x image quality is lossy; in 1080P format, 2x image quality is lossless and 2x image quality is lossy; in 2.7K format, 3x image quality is lossy. With the addition of video zoom, there are more new shooting methods to choose when flying creative.

▲ DJI Mini 2 4K shooting with 2x zoom, some image quality is compressed by the platform

  • Does not support "one-button delay" shooting

Like the previous generation, Mini 2 still does not support "one key delay". To shoot a time-lapse video, you need to turn on “time-lapse” shooting in the early stage, and after taking enough photos, the time-lapse video is generated through the post-production software.

▲ Mini 2 time-lapse video

▲ Mini 2 night time-lapse video

  • Photo shooting supports RAW format

Photo shooting is convenient, Mini 2 supports RAW format files. The addition of RAW format meets the professional needs of more drone pilots. The RAW format not only improves the picture quality, sharpness, etc., but also helps the photographer correct some small mistakes in the early shooting.

  • Photos support AEB shooting

AEB refers to automatic exposure bracketing. Mini 2 supports AEB three-shot continuous shooting. After shooting, the photo with the correct exposure is automatically selected.

  • Added "Panorama" shooting and "Comet" one-click video

Mini 2 has the same one-click movie mode as the mid-to-high-end models, which are fade away, spiral ascend, skyrocket, surround, and comet. Among them, "Comet" is a new model of Mini 2.

▲ One-click short video of Mini 2 “Getting Away''

▲ Mini 2 "Comet" one-click video

In addition, Mini 2 added "panorama" shooting. Support spherical panorama, 180°, wide-angle photo shooting.

▲ Mini 2 “spherical panorama''

▲ Mini 2 180° photo

▲ Mini 2 wide-angle photo

Smart function

DJI is another company that, in addition to Apple, has done a good job of “combining software and hardware”. The DJI Fly editor not only has a variety of personalized templates to choose from, but also provides professional and advanced post-production functions.

This time, for the new Mini 2 product, DJI Fly has optimized and upgraded some functions.

  • Intelligent photo quality optimization

In DJI Fly, you can use the intelligent photo quality optimization function when downloading photo materials in the App, and the light and shadow details of the photo will be more vivid. You can also click the "magic wand" icon in the lower right corner of the single photo preview page to switch the automatic optimization function, and the optimized photo/original film will be automatically saved to the phone system album.

In the high light ratio photos taken in the evening, after turning on the "Image Quality Intelligent Optimization Function", it can be seen that the dark details of the photos have been brightened, and the overall picture effect has been improved.

  • "Mobile Fast Transfer"

The newly added "Mobile Fast Transmission" function of Mini 2 is currently the exclusive function of all DJI drones. With DJI Fly App, the material download speed can be as high as 20MB/s.

During the downloading process of our measured material, the download material even exceeded 20MB/s at one time. This time I went out to shoot, I deliberately did not bring a computer and card reader.

Through the "Mobile Fast Transfer" function, the high-speed download of the material is directly completed. The addition of the "Mobile Fast Transfer" function greatly improves the efficiency of material reading and backup.

  • "Cut download"

In addition, Mini 2 has a new "Catch and Download" function. The filmed video can also be selected and downloaded in segments according to your actual needs, which is more efficient for material management.

In general, Mini 2 is a regular upgraded iterative product. DJI actively listens to consumers and solves the criticism of the previous generation of products. While inheriting the excellent genes of the previous generation of products, it has comprehensively improved many of the aircraft's performance, and further reduced the threshold for mass consumers to use drones.

In addition, 4K video shooting and RAW format files have been upgraded to meet the needs of more professional users.

Powerful performance is integrated into a small and light body, equipped with more intelligent DJI Fly software, Mini 2 is a small aircraft that is less burdensome to carry and use, more friendly to entry users, and can meet the shooting needs of most people.

If you want to buy a drone or are a novice user of drones, DJI Mini 2 will be the best choice.

From the unmanned torpedo bombers of World War I to today, UAV technology has a history of nearly 100 years of development. UAVs are gradually decentralized from the military field to the civilian market, and today, mass consumers can directly purchase and use them. UAVs have become a very popular product.

Even so, many people still worry about flight safety and the complexity of the creative process for shooting. With the birth of DJI Mini series products, flying is truly burden-free and the shooting and production process is friendly, allowing every user to have a richer perspective and recording methods through the drone, and can experience the drone flight. fun of.

Some time ago, a video of a little boy riding a bicycle chasing a few fields just to take a look at the drone was circulating on the Internet, which aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Afterwards, DJI invited the little boy to visit the drone at the Shenzhen headquarters and helped the little boy realize his dream of drones.

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