Disney is building a new park again, this time at sea

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Just like this slogan hanging at the entrance of Disneyland in California, Disney has always been like a kingdom that breaks reality and imagination, connecting the fairy-tale dreams of every adult and child.

This dream is more real when it is far from land and avoiding modern cities-it is the Disney Cruise Line.

Every Disney cruise will bring a trip to the ocean like a paradise.

On the Disney cruise ship, in addition to the beloved Disney characters everywhere, a wealth of theaters, performances, and entertainment programs are also non-stop throughout the day. The cruise ship will also arrive at a private island contracted by Disney and take tourists to the island to swim and dive. ,adventure……

Currently, Disney has four large cruise ships, but it has been nearly 10 years since Disney launched a new cruise ship.

Recently, however, Disney officially announced that the fifth cruise ship "Disney Wish" (Disney Wish) is about to set sail .

Disney's new cruise ship "Wish" is here

This "Wish" cruise ship, which means "the courage to explore the world and experience the beautiful wishes of the world", will also become Disney's largest and most innovative cruise ship.

It is 341.13 meters long, weighs 144,000 tons, and can accommodate 4,000 people . It will not only bring richer entertainment facilities, but also carry more Disney stories and bring more diverse experiences.

Disney is loved by people of all ages, largely due to its large number of popular IPs.

Well-known ones include Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Princess, and various cartoon characters. These IPs will be spread all over the "Wish".

【Disney IP Family Fun】

First of all, this cruise ship will be captained by a female character, Minnie, for the first time. The ship’s mascot will be the adventurous Rapunzel, all to encourage and support female power around the world .

After entering the cruise ship, various cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Dumbo, etc. will appear everywhere and follow you on the cruise.

The cruise ship atrium is a three-story luxurious auditorium, where the halo of golden gems flickers, the wishing star chandelier is hung, and the statue of Cinderella is placed next to the spiral staircase, as if waiting for the prince to catch up.

This fairy-tale castle-like auditorium also symbolizes the core idea of ​​this ship-wish come true.

In the past Disney cruises, many lovers would choose to hold their wedding here.

Walking into other parts of the cruise ship, in the exclusive adult zone, there is a Star Wars-themed hyperspace lounge.

It is designed in the style of a spaceship, and all kinds of interstellar spacecraft, fighters, and shuttles will also be placed in it. The entire space will be equipped with surround sound. There is a widescreen window inside. The planets will drift by in front of the screen, making people feel like they are truly. In space.

For children, there is a "Marvel Superhero Academy".

This is like an "Avengers" headquarters. Children can go in and interact with superheroes such as Captain America, Spiderman, and Panthers, and "play" the next generation of superheroes through AR, VR and other technologies.

The cruise also has many children's exclusive areas, such as the Royal Trio Activity Room "Fairytale Hall", where they can go to Disney Princess Belle’s library to read books, participate in Rapunzel’s art classes, and learn to make handicrafts; in Walt Disney Fantasy In the engineering laboratory, they can conduct creative experiments, learn how to build their own virtual roller coasters, and ride them in the game.

[The first sea attraction]

Out of the cruise ship, on the upper deck of the "Wish", you can see the biggest feature of this cruise ship.

This is also the first maritime attraction created by Disney on the "Wish"-AquaMouse.

This attraction is centered on Mickey Mouse. Disney stated that it will allow visitors to experience a "mermaid adventure at the bottom of the lake" with Mickey Mouse.

People will glide forward on a 760-foot-long water slide, impacted by sea water, around the top deck, and shuttle through transparent pipes as if they were in mid-air.

And different from other traditional waterslides , people do not simply rush from the top down, but frequently move forward or upward, like an underwater roller coaster.

A variety of audio, video and lighting special effects will be placed inside the water slide, as well as different performance scenes. Various marine creatures and Disney cartoon characters will appear. A new Mickey Mouse animation short called "Scuba Scramble" will also be broadcast for the first time. The characters live in the ocean, bringing a completely immersive experience.

In the end, people will be completely jetted out of the pipeline, and the horizon overflows with the boundless ocean.

The place where the AquaMouse attraction is located is also the largest deck of this cruise ship. It also includes a Toy Story Special Zone, with small waterslides and jets that are more suitable for children to play.

In addition, there are six adult-only infinity swims, distributed at different heights, with fountains and small waterfalls, as well as places for sunbathing.

[Multiple new theme restaurants]

When you’re tired of playing, it’s time for dinner. Disney has designed three new themed restaurants on the "Wish".

For example, ArenDELLe, a restaurant with the theme of "Frozen", will provide Nordic-style food, 3D special effects of magic light and shadow will shuttle through the restaurant, making people feel like they are in the kingdom of Arendale surrounded by the sea.

During the meal, Aisha and Anna also performed. They will surely sing their famous song-"Let it go" passionately.

Another restaurant, with the theme of "Walt Disney 1932", will create the Hollywood style of the 1920s. It represents the heyday of Walt Disney, and the dishes served will also be Californian.

The last new restaurant is also a Marvel theme. The waiters will be superheroes. You can taste the African food of Wakanda, the Eastern European cuisine that pays tribute to Sokovia, and the "Avengers headquarters" in New York City. Internet celebrity meals".

In addition to these three restaurants, there is another high-end restaurant dedicated to adults with the theme of "Beauty and the Beast". You can order high-end wines and spirits. You can also overlook the sea on the outdoor terrace, which is very suitable for couples on dates.

In order to allow all visitors to experience all the restaurants, Disney has implemented a "rotation system" in which visitors will dine in different restaurants in different batches.

[Unique Funnel Suite]

After a cruise on the cruise ship, I walked to the lodging place, and there are also unique Disney features everywhere.

There are a total of 1,254 cabins on the "Wish", 90% of which have sea views, and there are 76 concierge-level luxury rooms, twice as many as the previous four cruise ships.

On the "Wish", Disney built an industry-first "funnel suite."

It is inspired by Disney's "Moana". It covers an area of ​​1966 square feet. It looks like a magical beacon, and it is full of marine style. Artworks such as corals, crabs and starry sky are all over it. People can also customize the lights and music. .

Visitors need to take a private elevator to enter. There are two master bedrooms, a children's room, a living room, bar, library, dining area, and four spa-style bathrooms, just like an independent private villa.

Residential areas in other places also have rooms with different themes, telling different Disney stories.

Although I have finished talking about the accommodation of the "Wish", it is impossible to go to bed early. There are many exclusive night activities on the Disney Cruise Line.

For example, in Disney's Sea Theater, people will be located in a dark green forest, where various Broadway-style musicals and stage plays will be staged, and the orchestra will perform cheerful modern dance music.

The exclusive cinema of "Wish" will premiere the latest Disney movies and classic Disney movies with the world.

The most worth seeing is the sea fireworks pioneered by Disney Cruise Line. In the vast and remote night, people of all skin colors will dress up as pirates of the Caribbean and party on the deck, and there will only be bright fireworks in full view.

Here, the night of the Disney cruise tour has also drawn an unforgettable end.

It is reported that this cruise ship will depart from Port Canaveral, Florida, and then float at sea for four days and three nights, and finally will go to Castway Cay, a private drifting island purchased by Disney in the Bahamas.

This island will be full of Disney elements. Visitors can barbecue, dive, ride bicycles, and participate in various water activities here. However, Disney has not announced more details on how to play on the island.

In addition, it will also become Disney's most environmentally friendly cruise ship, powered by LNG throughout the journey.

In terms of price, the starting price for the first voyage of "Wish" is 5,769 US dollars (about 36,890 yuan), and there will be different prices according to different accommodation configurations.

The maiden voyage of "Wish" is set for June 9, 2022. Disney's cruise history will add another unique stroke.

Disney's "small but beautiful" cruise business

At present, the global cruise travel market is dominated by three major groups, namely Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Lixing Group.

Disney is not a "cruise giant", but in the world's major cruise trips, Disney has always been a leader in family cruises.

Because there is currently no Disney cruise ship in China to take, it is not so well-known in China compared to Disneyland.

But within the Disney theme park and resort business, Disney Cruise Line is the most growing and best performing business .

On July 30, 1998, the first Disney cruise ship "Disney Magic" (Disney Magic) began its maiden voyage. On August 15, 1999, the sister ship of the "Magic", the "Disney Wonder" (Disney Wonder) made its maiden voyage.


The overall configuration of the two ships is similar, but the "Miracle" is more modern in style. It also has separate toilets in all rooms for the convenience of family members. This is also the first in the cruise industry.


Tickets for the two cruise ships sold out much faster than Disney expected. The first booking volume increased by more than 60%, which also allowed Disney to start planning to add more cruise ships.

However, compared to the time when the Magic and the Miracle were built, the cost of shipbuilding at that time had increased by at least 33%. Therefore, it was not until 2007 that Disney announced the construction of two new cruise ships, the Disney Dream. Dream) and Disney "Fantasy" (Disney Fantasy).


"Fantasy" is mainly responsible for the Caribbean route, adding virtual portholes to allow all rooms to see the sea; "Dream" incorporates classic beauty and modern luxury, representing the beauty of the golden age of the cruise industry in the 1930s.

Compared with the original two Disney cruise ships, these two cruise ships have doubled the tourist capacity. Each cruise ship includes 1,250 cabins, which is two more floors than the original cruise ship.


There are a total of 45 Disney Cruise Lines, providing multi-day sailing vacation trips to and from the east coast of the United States to Florida, including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the west coast of the United States-the Mexican Côte d’Azur and the Mediterranean.

During this period, Disney Cruise Line performed well.

In 2011, Disney Cruise Line had a global market share of 1.95%. By 2015, Disney Cruise Line’s passenger volume and revenue in the global cruise market accounted for 2.8% and 2.4%, respectively.

February 2016, the fans voting authority cruise review site Cruise Critic Cruisers in , is undoubtedly the most talked about Disney, it has three ships received a total of 11 categories of awards, but also in the "US News & World News" "Cruise Reviews On platforms such as "Home" , Disney Cruise Line has been repeatedly rated as the "Best Large Cruise Line" by major travel magazines.

The recognition of consumers and awards also gives Disney more confidence and motivation to build new ships.

So in March of the same year, Disney officially announced that it would add three new cruise ships , all of which are larger and more innovative than the previous four.

The newer cruise ship also means that there will be newer technology and more play items, so in addition to the ship’s configuration, Disney also decided to develop a new island.

But in the same year, when Disney purchased Eleuthera Egg Island in the Bahamas as the island for a cruise, it was strongly opposed by residents of nearby islands, who believed that it would cause potential damage to the island’s coral reefs, so the plan had to stall. .

In 2020, the new crown epidemic hit the world and brought heavy losses to the global cruise industry . Disney was also inevitably affected and entered a low year.

From March 14th, Disney Cruise Line has suspended operations and has fallen into ice. This year, Disneyland was also suspended, and many of its films were also withdrawn, which caused a great loss to Disney's revenue.

Since the beginning of this year, as the epidemic has slowly improved, Disney Cruise Line was approved for trial sailing on June 29, and news of Disney’s new cruise line has begun to be gradually released.

Disney’s entertainment empire, which started from movie content, is still developing with content as its king. Disney’s two physical derivatives, theme parks and cruise ships, are also the trump cards in Disney’s hands.

They not only narrow the distance between Disney IP and the public, but also expand the Disney brand culture out of the circle through brand products and retail.

Although there are not many Disney cruise ships, they still use "small and beautiful" services and experience to turn themselves into a mobile sea paradise.

Compared with other cruise ships, the biggest advantage of Disney Cruise Line is that it turns the game into a story.

In the future, Disney will have many parks and cruise ships under construction. To make this story truly deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it is clear that good content is not enough to support it.

But Disney has also explored its own characteristic model, as the former Walt Disney Company CEO Michael Eisner said:

Disney’s magical magic, in my opinion, is the magic of quality, the magic of creativity, the magic of beauty, the magic of family unity, the magic of employees, and all these are combined into one.

The core of this magic has never changed since the day the founder of Disney created Disney——

He put all the things he couldn't ask for when he was a child in Disneyland.

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