Discord on Playstation: integration between chat and console arrives

Sony and Discord have announced the partnership that all gamers have been waiting for: Playstation will integrate the most popular gaming chat into its consoles . This is confirmed by Jim Ryan , CEO and president of the company, on Sony's official website. The news was greeted with great enthusiasm by the Sony gamer community, who are now eagerly awaiting the release date of the new feature. Among the improvements to the Sony consoles, only the one to the voice chat was missing, currently little appreciated by the players.

Discord and Playstation: the announcement of the integration

Many expected Microsoft to sign a deal with Discord, but it didn't. Sony surprised everyone by announcing the partnership with the most popular voice chat and messaging platform among gamers. The will is to make the Playstation social experience evolve, allowing users to communicate simpler and more complete.

Our goal is to combine the Discord and Playstation experiences on console and mobile starting early next year, allowing friends, groups and communities to find each other, have fun and communicate more easily while playing together.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony

The partnership would also benefit cross-platform experiences, bringing PC and console players even closer. The integration with Discord will allow Playstation to create a privileged channel to facilitate communication between users in gaming sessions. For both Sony and the messaging platform, the goal is clear: to allow players to create shared groups and experiences, supporting them in communication.

The integration between Playstation and Discord is scheduled for early 2021. Source: 4news

The two teams are already working to achieve the integration which, as anticipated by Sony's CEO, should arrive at the beginning of 2021. There is still no information on the details of this "union", but in the coming months we expect new insights by both companies. The two sides said they were immediately enthusiastic about the collaboration, both having at heart the creation of cohesive groups and the support for sharing the gaming experience. What is certain is that it is a historic agreement in the world of the videogame industry.

Discord: what it is and how it works

The less accustomed to online gaming may not know the messaging platform so used by gamers. Although born for the gamer community, Discord can be used in any context by making the most of its advantages. Among the strengths of the application we find in fact low latency and high stability , two important characteristics for any type of communication. The platform allows you to create private chats, groups, channels or entire servers, which are collections of both text and voice channels. Users can create their own servers for free, manage their visibility, create channels and administer the members who sign up. Video calling has also been introduced since 2017 , giving Discord all the potential to replace Skype or Teams.

Discord allows you to create thematic channels and chats to better manage communication. Source: VentureBeat
Discord allows you to create thematic channels and chats to better manage communication. Source: VentureBeat

While its core functionality is free, the platform offers a premium paid service called Discord Nitro . By subscribing, users can create and use custom emojis, tags and avatars, as well as being able to upload up to 100MB of files in chats and channels (normally the limit is 8MB). The service also allows you to stream HD videos and share your screen, as well as use the “Go Live” feature. The cost of the subscription is $ 9.99 per month.

Discord is used by gamers all over the world, both by amateurs and professional teams. From a report published on April 13th, the platform has more than 140 million monthly active users . The coronavirus pandemic has certainly given a big hand to increasing this number, also because the use of the platform has extended far beyond the boundaries of the gaming world.

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