Dialogue with Zhiji CEO Liu Tao: Why can a car that is good at handling make vlogs?

If you are an F1 fan, then you must be familiar with the name Williams.

The Williams F1 team, second only to Ferrari in the history of F1, is one of the most legendary teams in F1. In fact, Williams not only has rich experience in F1 events, but they also provide services for car companies, including the tuning of chassis, suspension and braking.

Who did they help? Of course, it is those models that are positioned as "extreme control", such as Zhiji L7.

In order to label the Zhiji L7 as a "driver's car", Zhiji used the L7 to drift 43 kilometers in a row in April this year, breaking the previous Guinness book of "the longest drift distance of electric cars on wet roads" maintained by Porsche Taycan. world record.

In June, only two months after winning this honor, Zhiji held another "New World Intelligence Origin Conference". Zhiji, who attaches great importance to manipulation, brought their "Intelligent Origin" this time. Five standards for automobiles": intelligent driving, scene intelligence, social ability, continuous evolution ability.

Unexpected and reasonable.

From driving control to intelligence, will the positioning of Zhiji L7 be blurred?

In the media communication meeting the next day, Liu Tao, the co-CEO of Zhiji Automobile, explained the reason:

Compared with fuel vehicles, electrification has brought us a new experience of driving control and upgrading;
The deep intelligence makes the intelligent scene level break through all the original imagination.

Liu Tao believes that electrification and intelligence are two indispensable aspects of a good smart electric vehicle, and the two are inseparable. He said that Zhiji will connect and integrate power and intelligence, which will bring "a brand new experience".

Zhiji has proved the product positioning of the flagship of New World Driving Control in Tianma Mountain, but deep intelligence must also become the other side of a good smart electric vehicle, and the two are not in conflict at all.

Where do the "five standards" of smart cars come from?

In the face of the media's questions about Zhiji's "five standards", Liu Tao explained.

The five standards of smart cars will become a very clear direction for the development of smart electric cars in the future. The scope and imagination of intelligent thinking are very wide, and the functional performance is very diverse.

First of all, this is an innovation of the underlying logic.

Liu Tao said that intelligent driving is a revolutionary subversion in the experience of the car since the invention of the car 136 years ago, and its weight is the heaviest among the five dimensions. , the most iconic change.

Through data-driven algorithms and closed-loop automated flywheel iteration of the process, it is very important to maximize the energy and consumption of traditional fuel vehicle users in driving.

Under this premise, the deep intelligence of the whole vehicle will bring a new experience, and scene intelligence and car mobile social networking will also follow.

"As a super-large smart terminal, the computing power of a car has far exceeded that of a smartphone." Liu Tao believes that the driving process of a car is a social blank or blind spot, and the social needs in this process will become a very important demand for smart cars , "Cars are the perfect carrier for deep social interaction in the 5G era."

In terms of continuous evolution capabilities, smart cars should not only be able to upgrade software, but also reserve enough space for upgrades in their hardware. At the same time, they should simultaneously explore other hardware upgrade possibilities.

In the future era of smart electric vehicles, technology is iterating rapidly, and hardware must be upgraded with software to bring the best experience.

Before the arrival of L4, how will Zhiji's intelligent driving develop?

High-level autonomous driving at the L4 level will come soon.

Contrary to the general perception of autonomous driving, Liu Tao appears to be quite confident.

He said that SAIC and Zhiji already have relevant technical reserves. "Currently, we are empowering Zhiji IM AD with the algorithm technology from L4-level autonomous driving training." In his words, Zhiji's current L2-level assistance Driving, it should be called "L2.99 level".

In the previous day's press conference, Zhiji always emphasized "more human-like" autonomous driving. What does it mean to be "more human"? Liu Tao made a further explanation.

"More human-like" autonomous driving enhances the driver's trust in the vehicle. It can build in-depth human-vehicle communication, clearly perceive functional boundaries, and know when the driver should take over, instead of scaring him.

In terms of detailed experience, the WLC high-precision automatic parking on Zhiji L7 integrates the wireless charging function. Through visual ability and APA ability, it can realize high-precision parking for models equipped with wireless charging. Liu Tao said that this is Zhiji. More considerations for users.

Judging from Zhiji's measured performance, IM AD can handle the highest-frequency jamming scene and the most dangerous special-shaped car scene well, and almost all of the automatic parking can be "one-stop". However, Zhiji L7 currently only supports automatic parking in vertical parking spaces, and other parking spaces are still being polished.

Why join Carlog for Zhiji L7?

In the age of the Internet, everyone knows vlogs. So, what should the vlog shot with the car be called? Chiji thinks, it should be called Carlog.

Regarding the question of "Why join Carlog for Zhiji L7", Liu Tao shared two short stories with us.

In daily life, mobile phones have become an important carrier for recording and sharing life. Whether you are walking, taking a car, taking a high-speed train, or taking a plane, you can easily use your mobile phone to record.

Only the car, when you see a very beautiful scenery, whether it is the Panshan Highway or the fallen phoenix trees on the Huaihai Road, it is difficult for you to take a picture of this scene gracefully by car, and then share it with your friends and circle of friends.

"In the past, this function has been difficult to achieve in the car. Either you take a picture with a mobile phone, and there may be rain on the window across the window, and the picture is not very clear. You have to take pictures while driving, which is particularly unsafe." Liu Tao Say.

When Liu Tao really put this function on the car, the problem appeared.

Our automotive industry is very interesting. It has many safety requirements, especially functional safety requirements. In fact, the requirements for hardware and components are very high.

About 2 years ago, the car camera was no more than 2 million pixels, and it was expanded to 5-8 million pixels later. But now the mobile phones we use have reached 12 million, 40 million, and some even reached 100 million.

The imaging gap between the two is self-evident.

Therefore, Liu Tao went to look for cameras from many mobile phone manufacturers. Although the image quality of these cameras is good enough, they do not meet the standards of vehicle regulations in terms of vehicle safety, durability, temperature, and vibration.

Later, we also found the world's strongest Sunny Optical for very in-depth communication. Instead of simply purchasing an existing camera system, we really established a very in-depth project team. With the understanding of DSP, as well as some standards and requirements of Zhiji for the vehicle, a very in-depth exchange and integration has been done.

Finally, the solution on Zhiji L7, 3 4800 cameras, through image AI stitching, realizes a 180° ultra-wide view camera.

As Liu Tao said, the biggest highlight of Carlog is to fill in the "record gap" during our driving period, giving the car an elegant recording ability of the beautiful life and the scenery along the way.

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