Dialogue with Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth Group: Solving the urgent power needs of smart homes around the world is our core competitiveness

When you think of Skyworth, what comes to your mind?

The first word that pops up in many people's minds may be "TV", but nowadays, many people are exposed to the Skyworth brand, probably because of Skyworth's mini razors – last year, Skyworth sold millions of them Mini razor is the best-selling razor brand on Douyin e-commerce.

If you take a closer look at Skyworth Group's financial report, you will find that out of the annual revenue of nearly 70 billion, more than 23 billion came from the photovoltaic new energy business. Today, Skyworth is already one of the top three household photovoltaic brands in China.

This is Skyworth, a Chinese company that leads both the home appliances and photovoltaic fields.

In 2023, Skyworth Group's turnover is approaching 70 billion, an increase of 29% over the same period last year, and more than 100 million products have been sold. Today, Skyworth has developed from a single color TV brand to a collection of smart home appliances, smart system technologies, and new products. A full-category technology group integrating the four major business segments of energy and modern services.

At the Skyworth All-Category Customer Conference on April 8, Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth Group and founder of Skyworth Automobile, shouted the goal of "aiming at 100 billion". This 68-year-old entrepreneur is not only the helm of Skyworth Group He is also the oldest entrepreneur in the new energy industry.

After the meeting, Ai Faner and other media interviewed Huang Hongsheng and talked about the new opportunities brought to Skyworth by new technologies such as smart home appliances, photovoltaic new energy and AI.

In Huang Hongsheng's view, what brings strong growth potential to Skyworth is the strong demand for China's "three new items" of exports in the new energy era – namely electric vehicles, lithium batteries and photovoltaic products.

In just four years, Skyworth's household photovoltaic business revenue has rapidly increased from 100 million to more than 23 billion, becoming Skyworth's second growth curve.

Although according to the financial report of Skyworth Group, the current gross profit of Skyworth Photovoltaics is still relatively thin, and Skyworth Automobile has not yet reached the profit line, Huang Hongsheng believes that photovoltaics will enter an era of low gross profits in the future, and Skyworth takes the route of small profits but quick turnover, through household Photovoltaic deploys Skyworth's smart home operating system to win more user data, create the ecological value of smart homes, and then drive product sales transformation of home appliances and new energy vehicles through the ecology.

Solving the urgent power needs of smart homes around the world is our core competitiveness.

As one of the leading companies in domestic home appliances, Skyworth's differentiated competition strategy has achieved significant results in recent years.

In the TV field, Skyworth took the first place in the two categories of "Wallpaper TV" and "100-inch TV", and maintained its position among the top five in global shipments and the top three in China.

In addition, Skyworth also has extensive layout in the fields of home appliances, consumer electronics, and personal care. At the event, Ai Faner discovered that in addition to common household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, range hoods, and water heaters, Skyworth has also developed hearing aids, mobile phones for the elderly, and other suitable products. Old-fashioned products, as well as exploratory businesses such as transparent TVs, VR headsets, and AR glasses.

Huang Hongsheng believes that the wave of new technologies represented by AI will promote the upgrading of smart homes on a global scale. The technological empowerment brought by AI will have the opportunity to allow users to return from small mobile screens to large home screens, greatly expanding the Home application scenarios, and this is also an opportunity for Skyworth to empower home users through smart power products.

Interestingly, not long ago, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman broke the news that Apple is considering developing an "advanced desktop home device" that uses robotic technology to provide families with a movable display screen.

With more than ten years of development of smartphones, screens equipped with intelligent interactive systems have become an "organ" that modern people cannot part with.

In the future, new screen forms may further transform our homes, and this will become a trillion-dollar market.

There are already Chinese companies rushing in.

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