Devialet Minia experience: You can become a monk and get started, Devialet’s cost-effective selection

As early as November 2022, Devialet Devialet launched a new wireless speaker series – Devialet Minia Devialet Craze.

Minia continues the iconic structural design of the Devialet Phantom series, and retains the French aristocratic temperament of Devialet in terms of appearance and materials. As a wireless speaker with its own battery and IPX4 waterproof body, it supports multiple connection modes such as Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. Devialet Minia is a new wireless speaker that supports portable use in the true sense of Devialet.

It's also the cheapest Devialet speaker out there.

Is it portable or "portable"

In terms of appearance, Devialet Minia uses a new spherical shape.

The surface of the fuselage is covered with woven materials to increase the overall acoustic elements of the speaker. The designer also wants to present the luxury and sophistication of Minia through the combination of braided fabric, inner metal structure, and portable middle frame.

The whole fuselage has been treated with IPX4 waterproof treatment, which can withstand the splash of water in outdoor scenes.

The part of the speaker adopts a spherical design pattern similar to Devialet Phantom. The metal frame of the sphere is treated with a mirror surface, which forms a texture difference with the outer woven mesh and enhances the visual richness.

The middle frame of the fuselage is also designed with metal. Devialet made a curved handle on the top of the middle frame, which makes the speaker look more like a handbag and is easy to hold when moving.

The buttons are concentrated on both sides of the middle frame of the portable. On the left are the volume plus and minus and playback control buttons, and on the right are switches, Bluetooth controls and Devialet buttons.

The indicator light showing the power of the fuselage is at the bottom left, the microphone switch of the fuselage and the USB-C charging port and microphone switch for charging.

Different from the Phantom series that uses traditional 8-word power supply, Devialet Minia uses a USB-C interface that is more friendly to mobile charging devices.

As Devialet's product positioned in the field of portable speakers, the Minia is smaller than the Phantom series. The body of 139mm x 176mm x 193mm does not take up too much space, and there are fewer restrictions on the placement of the body than the Phantom series.

More importantly, Devialet Minia, which is defined as a "portable speaker", has a built-in 3200mAh battery. There is no need to consider the wiring when placing the speaker. There is no problem in any corner of the home. When there is no electricity, just take out the USB-C cable and the mobile power supply to charge.

In addition, the Devialet Minia with built-in battery is also suitable for outdoor use. If you go camping on a sunny day and perform simple activities in outdoor scenes, Devialet Minia can also do it.

But it should be noted that the body of Devialet Minia weighs 2.3kg, and it will still be a bit tiring if you hold it for a long time. The portability of Devialet Minia tends to be flexible at home and portable for people with cars. Compared with portability in the narrow sense, it is more appropriate for Devialet Hong Kong official website to use "portable speaker" to define Devialet Minia.

If you choose to camp alone, and the destination is still a place that cannot be reached by car or boat, then I suggest that it is better to keep Minia at home.

Everything you need

In terms of functional configuration, Devialet Minia is already very complete.

The features and wireless connection support that you can find on the Devialet Phantom, the Devialet basically delegates to the Minia.

Devialet Minia is an Internet wireless speaker that supports Bluetooth connection. The body is equipped with a wireless chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0. With the Bluetooth mode button on the body, it can quickly start the pairing mode. Compared with traditional home wireless speakers that need to activate the Bluetooth function through the app, Devialet Minia is much more convenient.

The ability to start Bluetooth mode directly means that non-smart devices that cannot use the app can also access Devialet Minia. This is also a convenience for users who are still using non-smart players.

Only, the Bluetooth codecs supported by Devialet Minia are AAC and SBC. The lack of aptX Lossless, LHDC and LDAC means that wireless playback of lossless music cannot be achieved in Bluetooth mode.

To listen to lossless music, you can still only connect to a streaming service that supports lossless music through a Wi-Fi connection.

Devialet Minia supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, with Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2 connection support. Devialet Minia can implement multi-room mode through AirPlay 2, but the Phantom series supports Duo mode and has not been transferred to Minia.

Also, there is no 3.5mm wired audio interface reserved on the Devialet Minia body, which is one of the differences between it and the small-sized Phantom II.

In terms of application, Minia can be controlled through the official app of the same name of Devialet, and there will be a common installation guide for Internet speakers when connecting through Wi-Fi for the first time. The network configuration process is relatively simple, and the Minia that supports dual Wi-Fi can also directly connect to the shared Wi-Fi of 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

At the end of the function section, let's take a look at battery life.

Devialet Minia has a built-in 3200mAh battery, the official battery life is 10 hours, and the charging time from 0-100 is 3 hours. Users who only use it at home basically don’t need to worry about it. Even if they don’t purchase a base, the most commonly used USB-C interface is configured on the back of Minia. It is not difficult to find a charger in any corner of the home.

Devialet Minia can be charged through a mobile power source, and users no longer need to prepare an outdoor power source with a regular socket for the speaker when camping.

When Portable Speakers Use Home-Grade Technology

Devialet Minia is equipped with a full-range speaker unit consisting of 4 aluminum diaphragms and 2 woofers. The four full-range units correspond to four 25W D Class amplifiers, and the two woofers correspond to two 38W D Class amplifiers. amplifier.

The two low-frequency units use the Push-Push configuration and the SAM speaker active matching technology. SAM optimizes the sound through an algorithm. The algorithm can improve the sound reproduction and effectively control the sound distortion by adjusting the speaker output.

The maximum sound pressure of the whole machine reaches 95dB, which has reached the level of the entry-level Phantom II series.

In addition, Devialet Minia has joined the Active Stereo Calibration active stereo correction technology.

The fuselage is equipped with four microphones, which can collect environmental information through the microphones, and then the machine will combine the information to adjust the sound so that the sound output can adapt to the scene environment. When the Devialet Minia with its cross-stereo architecture detects that it is in the center of the space, it activates 360° stereo mode. If the speaker is placed close to the wall, then Minia will adjust the sound output mode by itself to reduce the impact of the placement on the sense of hearing while ensuring the performance of the sound field.

Minia uses speaker echo cancellation technology to further reduce the impact of echo and other factors on the sense of hearing.

In terms of sound performance, the sound performance of Minia is closer to the mode pursued by modern wireless speakers, and it is also more inclined to the sound style of home speakers.

The speaker has good sound details, and every note can be pronounced clearly. Devialet's signature low-frequency output is strong but not overwhelming. Minia's sound does not feel muddy at all, and the sound remains clear.

The strength and quantity of the drums are very strong, and it is a standard full-bodied feeling that can be satisfied with one bite. The speaker gives enough brewing space, so that every drum beat can feel the detailed process from power accumulation to launch and rebound.

When switching from wall-to-wall to 360° stereo mode, we could feel the sound of the speaker change as it shifted position. In surround mode, Minia can express the effect of a wide sound field, even if you are listening to a studio album, you will not feel cramped, and you can make full use of the space.

When it comes to vocals, the Minia is normally natural. Although it is not the kind of player who can express gentleness, the overall sound is quite comfortable. It will have an effect bonus for several types of special female singers, and it is a directional "female poison" effect.

If you can further control the sharpening and clarity improvement of the human voice, so that the vocal part can be processed a little softer, the listening experience will be more comfortable.

New direction, new entry

As its first portable speaker that supports stereo rendering and acoustic rendering technology, and has two technical signatures of ASC and SAM speaker active matching technology, Devialet Minia is a new product direction they want to create.

As the camping economy matures, more and more traditional audio manufacturers with a certain accumulation of technology in the wireless field have successively launched portable or portable audio products to meet the needs of camping users for sound in outdoor environments.

Devialet has invested a lot of its own brand and home speaker technology in Minia, the purpose is to inform users that camping does not have to be bound by the size and performance of portable speakers, and can still maintain the pursuit of sound outdoors.

In fact, the performance of Devialet Minia can support Devialet's idea.

The 3200mAh battery provides a stable playback time, the IPX4 body can make users less worried when using it outdoors, and the sound performance is also of sufficient standard. If the user can still provide a stable Wi-Fi outdoors, the Minia experience is complete even when camping.

For fans of Devialet themselves, car travel and camping players with time, budget and pursuit, the appearance of Devialet Minia should be good news.

In addition, the Devialet Minia is currently the most affordable speaker.

The fuselage has most of Devialet's home audio technologies, supports 360° stereo surround mode and multi-room control, and its maximum sound pressure has also reached the standard of Phantom II 95dB. Except for the most classic design of the Phantom series, the Minia can be regarded as equivalent to the entry-level model of the Phantom series.

In terms of pricing, the Devialet Minia light gray and dark black versions are priced at 5980 yuan in China, and the official price of the charging base is 680 yuan, and the price is still 6660 yuan.

If you choose the special version of the Paris Opera House with 24K moon gold-plated finish, the price including the base is also 7980 yuan, which is somewhat different from the current price of 9980 yuan for Phantom II 95dB.

Although there is no comparison between products that are completely positioned in the home scene and those that need to be used in both home and mobile scenes, the difference in shape will also lead to different sound modes. It has been nearly 5 years since the Phantom II 95dB was launched in 2018, so this price comparison may be somewhat unfair.

But back to the product itself, Devialet Minia already has Devialet's technical investment in the field of home speakers, and has not lowered the standard because of "entry entry", and its performance in indoor environments is not inferior to its predecessors.

So, if you don't insist on the classic shape of the Devialet Phantom series, and don't mind the lack of 3.5mm AUX interface and Duo mode pairing, then Devialet Minia will be a cost-effective choice for you to experience the pure sound of Devialet.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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