Denon PerL True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Released: A fully functional standard true wireless headset that knows your ears better than you do

On October 12, Denon officially launched the new generation of true wireless earphones Denon PerL series at a new product launch event, which are the basic model PerL and the Pro version PerL Pro. Both are true wireless noise-cancelling earphones, priced at 1,499 respectively. Yuan and 2499 Yuan.

The two headphones of the PerL series use the same large round cake design. The round cake true panel backpack hides a silicone structure for external ear fixation.

This kind of hidden design can make the earphones look neater, and the additional fixing structure can make the wearing more stable. When the earphones go deep, the fixed pressure will not be concentrated in the external auditory canal, making it less tiring when worn.

The one we have is Denon PerL. The round pancake-shaped panel is treated with a grainy frosting similar to gun metal. The Denon logo is also added with some grainy printing effects, which not only maintains the integrity, but also adds visual texture. The higher-positioned Denon PerL Pro will add a silver metal frame around the circular panel, creating a texture difference with the matte surface, enriching the visual effect and making it look more high-end.

The charging boxes of the two earphones use the same matte black design. The charging box is relatively slender and easy to put in your pocket. The Pro version's charging box supports wireless charging. At 55.5g, it is slightly heavier than the 47.4g regular version of Perl.

The grooves inside the charging box are magnetically attracted. Users only need to align the contact position before putting it in, and it will be automatically sucked in when put down. Even the silicone positioning grooves can be directly aligned. After the earphones are put in, they will occupy most of the space in the charging box, leaving very little room for physical buttons in the charging box, so Denon integrated all the pairing operations into the earphones. For example, double-click and then press and hold to enable pairing mode, and press and hold for a longer time to enter recovery mode. These need to be completed on the headset.

However, the touchpad of the Denon PerL series is large and flat, and the touch operation is very stable even when walking. Except for the two-finger long press to enter pairing, which looks a bit silly, other uses are smooth and there are basically no problems with touch control.

There is not much difference in appearance, but the configuration is the key point to distinguish Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro.

However, Denon does not make functional distinctions like other manufacturers. Basic noise reduction functions and this time the most important Masimo AAT adaptive acoustic technology are all available on PerL and PerL Pro. Users who choose the regular Pro model You can also experience complete basic functions.

▲ Mr. Kong Zhiqiang, General Manager of Tianlong Greater China Region

In this regard, Mr. Kong Zhiqiang, general manager of Tianlong Greater China, said in an exclusive interview with iFan'er that Tianlong believes that it is only fair to users that comprehensive and complete functions and the core Masimo AAT technology of the PerL series can be provided to users. s Choice. If we only make trade-offs on basic functions and allow PerL Pro to exclusive features such as noise reduction and Masimo AAT, this will put great pressure on users with a budget of only about 1400-1500. The price of 2499 is also a bit of a threshold for the public. high.

In an era when mobile phone manufacturers are making in-depth adaptations to headphones, in order to be competitive at a price of around 1,500 yuan, it is necessary for audio manufacturers without adaptation foundation to supplement functions and come up with core selling points. thing. Tianlong still understands this truth in terms of strategic positioning.

So you can see from the official configuration comparison that the differences between PerL and PerL Pro have been evenly distributed to each item. In terms of basic core functions, PerL has almost all of them.

The core mentioned here is the Masimo AAT adaptive audio technology mentioned many times above.

Masimo AAT technology tests the weak otoacoustic emissions produced by the inner ear by emitting test sounds of various frequencies, and then obtains data from the test results. After analyzing the data results, it understands the sensitivity of the wearer's ears to each frequency, and finally Generate a tuning preset unique to the wearer, affecting the hearing of the ears.

It can be understood that if the use of customized private molds to make headphones is based on customization of appearance and wearing, Masimo AAT technology is customization on the level of hearing. From the perspective of home Hi-Fi, it is similar to the room detection you do when setting up home equipment. It adjusts the sound output based on the existing spatial information to adjust the sound suitable for the space.

After all, there are no two identical leaves in the world, and certainly no two pairs of identical ears and rooms. It is still necessary to customize the adaptation for the listening space.

In addition, Tianlong emphasizes that Masimo AAT can penetrate deep into the middle ear and even inner ear structures, which is deeper than other listening tests. As long as the appropriate brackets and rubber plugs are selected, accuracy can be ensured by testing in a relatively quiet environment. After the test is completed, the left and right ear outputs will be adjusted separately, and the user can see the graphical test results, which not only meets the listening needs, but also allows for a better understanding of their own ears.

Denon has made an instant switch in the headphone control application to facilitate users to compare AB during simultaneous playback.

In actual experience, we can find that there is indeed an improvement after turning on the correction file of Masimo AAT. Compared with the bland default state, after tuning is turned on, it becomes more stylized, the sound details become more prominent, the sound thickness also increases a lot, and the overall sound energy is more prominent. If you can accept the change in sound style and feel that the increase in "taste" is not a big problem, then it is still necessary to turn on Masimo AAT for daily use.

As for differences other than core functions, PerL Pro can be considered to cover all levels.

For example, it uses a more complete three-layer titanium film moving coil unit, Bluetooth is upgraded from 5.0 to 5.3, and supports aptX Lossless, aptX Adaptive and aptX Voice's aptX family bucket, and the sound foundation is more guaranteed. The Pro version supports wireless charging, and its battery life has been upgraded from the "6+24" of the regular version to "8+32". The fast charging efficiency has been increased to one hour of playback in five minutes. The noise reduction has also been upgraded to adaptive, and the microphone configuration has also been improved. whole.

So to experience the complete PerL series of true wireless headphones, PerL Pro is the complete version. If the budget allows and you have a preference for Denon in the Hi-Fi field, then I personally recommend upgrading to PerL Pro.

In general, the PerL series is a new attempt launched by Denon after integrating Masimo related technologies. The series includes not only Denon’s return to the high-end true wireless market, but also the launch of a flagship true wireless headset to demonstrate its audio capabilities. Through the integration of medical-related technologies through Masimo, they have extended more audio equipment for personal testing and medical-related audio equipment.

Mr. Kong Zhiqiang also mentioned in the exclusive interview that the PerL series products will not be limited to traditional headphone forms such as true wireless and headsets. Tianlong wants to combine its own related technologies in wireless audio and home audio with Masimo's medical technology to launch some audio products to solve the pain points of detection and communication in medical procedures.

For Tianlong, which focuses on the audio field, it is an unconventional attempt to break out of the industry.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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