DELL Alienware: new laptops and gaming technologies at CES 2022

CES 2022 has just begun and DELL has already drawn attention to itself by introducing the new gaming laptops from its Alienware subsidiary . The PCs already present will be joined by 3 new models with improved software and hardware, in order to provide players with ever better support. Not only that: DELL also illustrated a new video game streaming technology called Concept Nyx.

The new DELL Alienware gaming laptops

x14, x15 R2 and x17 R2: these are the names of the next gaming laptops from DELL's Alienware company . Powerful, yet very light and thin, the new PCs presented at CES 2022 will offer an unparalleled gaming experience. All three models will be equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series graphics and 12th generation Intel processors .

DELL presented the new gaming laptops of the Alienware line. Source: DELL
DELL unveiled the new Alienware gaming laptops. Source: DELL

Despite their power, laptops are very thin and space-saving , so they can be moved around easily. The x14 is the thinnest not only among the three, but also among all gaming laptops in the world : the model has a thickness of 14.5mm, less than 1cm and a half. Despite being thicker, the other two models are also no joke: the x15 R2 is 15.9mm thick, while the x17 R2 is 20.9mm thick. The new laptops are also very light: the heaviest, the x17, weighs 2.96kg, while the x14 doesn't even reach 2kg (1,798kg). The x14 version will have a 14-inch screen, while the x15 R2 will have a 15.6-inch screen; finally, the x17 R2 will reach 17.3 inches . All three models will offer the version with Full HD for the screen; x15 R2 and x17 R2 will also have Quad HD and Ultra HD versions of the display, respectively.

Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer to get our hands on the new laptops. DELL has not yet revealed the release date, but the announcement date suggests the new Alienware may arrive on the market next fall , or at most next winter. As for the price, it starts from 1799 dollars (about 1600 euros) for the x14; we then move on to 2199 for the x15 R2 (about 1950 euros); finally, we get to 2299 dollars (about 2030 euros) for the x17 R2.

Nyx concept

With Concept Nyx DELL focuses everything on video game streaming and on improving videogame experiences. In particular, the company emphasizes the ability to access its library of games on any device, being able to change screens at any time as needed. An idea that until recently seemed very remote, but which could now be realized with Concept Nyx.

The concept is based on edge computing , which is a distributed computing model in which data processing is performed as close as possible to their source. Unlike cloud computing , data is not processed in a remote data center but near its origins , making the process faster and more efficient. When applied to “local” video game streaming, this translates into lower latency, higher available network bandwidth and more responsive gaming experiences.

Concept Nyx allows you to access any game on any platform. Source: Dell
Concept Nyx allows you to access any game on any platform. Source: DELL

The realization of Concept Nyx takes place through the use of a specific application on each device (TV, smartphone or tablet) which allows you to access all the games in the library and change screens at any time. Gamers under one roof will no longer have to fight over access to consoles : anyone can play any game at any time.

For now , DELL technology supports up to 4 simultaneous streams . There is no release date for the system yet, and developments are still ongoing. Given the progress, however, it is very likely that there will be important updates in the course of 2022.

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