Dare to play? “Squid Game” 4.56 million bonus reality show is here, and we are going to sign up too

Play the game or die.

It's you, how do you choose.

This is the plot of "Squid Game" airing in 2021. With over a million minutes on Netflix and over 100 million households watching, it's Netflix's most popular show to date.

The emergence of a phenomenal work will inevitably be accompanied by various discussions, as well as sequels and derivatives that are never absent from the production team behind it.

▲ Netflix's most popular TV series of all time "Squid Game"

After the explosion of "Squid Game", there was news that a series of variety shows would be produced.

Now, the production of the variety show is finally about to start, and Netflix has already started the first step – recruiting contestants. The platform recruited 456 contestants from all over the world, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the recording. Unlike TV series, you won't die if you lose a game in a variety show. "The worst fate is to come home empty-handed."

So Ai Faner also has colleagues who signed up. After all, you won't die if you lose the game. If you win, you will make a lot of money.

Sign up for the "Squid Game" reality show, we rushed

Netflix calls the squid game's variety show "the biggest social experiment ever."

In the reality show variety show, Netflix will reproduce the classic games in the series, allowing 456 contestants to attack together for $4.56 million and become the final winner. Of course, this is somewhat contrary to the ironic meaning of the original play for the capitalist class, so it was not less criticized when the news was announced.

But criticism is criticism, and fans like it very much. After all, this is a variety show of the same series made by the producer of the drama, and there is no charge for participation. It will definitely give you the most immersive experience of the game in the drama. What if you are as lucky as the male protagonist and really get rich overnight?

▲ The male protagonist of the squid game

But don't worry, if you want to participate in the recording of squid games like us, you have to see if you are eligible:

  1. be at least 21 years old;
  2. speak English as the show will be filmed in the UK;
  3. It is expected to be able to participate in the filming of the show in early 2023, but the filming time may also be changed without prior notice;
  4. Hold a valid passport throughout the recording time, and be able to arrive at the designated location to participate in the variety show recording;
  5. Your immediate family members are not employed by All3 Media Group or Netflix.

▲ The registration entrance of squid game is divided into the United States, the United Kingdom, and the world

In fact, the above conditions are already very limited. You have to have money, leisure and knowledge to be eligible to apply, so that you can spend your own money to go to the UK to participate in the recording after being selected.

There are 3 registration channels in total, the UK, the US, and the world. We chose the global registration channel, and all fans outside the United States and the United Kingdom signed up here, so the competition pressure is not small.

In order to stand out, you have to impress the judges where you can be subjective. Therefore, after filling in the basic information such as name, country, and email, photos and videos are the content you need to make. In the video, you can explain to the producers why you want to be part of the show, do you have a game plan, and what you will do with the big prize if you win.

▲ There is not much information to fill in the registration, so the video is very important

Just to get rid of flashy, natural carvings, Netflix still has some restrictions on video. For example, you cannot use filters in the video, you need a real person to appear, the video must be horizontal screen, and try not to exceed 1 minute.

Although there are many requirements and many restrictions, as a popular IP in the world, the variety show of squid games will definitely attract a lot of applicants. As for whether Ai Faner's colleagues can be selected from the global applicants, they can only "do their best to obey the destiny".

From doing dramas to doing variety shows, Netflix has changed

For most people, Netflix is ​​a reliable platform that has a lot of good TV series, no ads, and can be watched in one go without chasing the series.

But variety shows? Does Netflix also do variety shows?

In fact, Netflix has been doing variety shows for 5 years. It's just that variety shows have more cultural context and less story foundation than traditional film and television content. Therefore, there are not many variety shows that are as recognizable as dramas like squid games in the world.

▲ Featured stairs in the squid game play

Netflix's first reality show is actually very "squid game" flavor.

This reality show called "The Ultimate Beast Tamer" has a total of 3 seasons, and also contestants from all over the world come to participate in the obstacle race to compete for the title of "The Ultimate Beast Tamer".

PK competitions, home decorating, dating, pet parenting…even prison variety shows are all Netflix variety shows that explore more than you might think.

▲Netflix's first reality show variety show "The Ultimate Beast Tamer"

Chinese users may be more familiar with Netflix's "Single is Hell".

As a love variety show produced together with Korean TV stations, Chinese users will not face many cultural barriers when watching it, and it is rare that dating men and women have already started laughing but you don't know the point of laughter.

▲ Being single is hell, Song Zhiya has gained a certain popularity because of this variety show

But even for variety shows that are not easy to be popular around the world, there can be breakthroughs with the blessing of the Netflix platform.

The Japanese evergreen variety show "Old Enough!" has been in the stage of irregular broadcast since 1991 and is being updated one after another. However, in 2022, Netflix will not really "get out of the circle" until this variety show is broadcast, which has triggered discussions among many European and American audiences. Through it, audiences around the world are watching Japanese children "going out" to make soy sauce and buy sundries without anyone's help, discussing a different view of parenting.

▲ "First Dispatch"

For Netflix, from the production of drama series to the production of variety reality shows, this is actually a very natural process, and it may even be an upgraded experience of "from simplicity to luxury". After all, the production cycle of variety shows is shorter, the cost is lower, and the ratings and discussion may be higher than that of film and television dramas. For the platform, it is a business with a higher return on investment.

Xiaohongshu cut into the entertainment track, and also tried cautiously in self-made variety shows.

The comparison between China’s two major streaming media giants, iQIYI Mango TV, is also obvious. iQIYI has a two-pronged approach. Mango focuses more on self-made variety shows, but Mango’s self-made variety shows are more popular with advertisers than iQIYI’s ace Mist Theater. The production cycle is short, the return on investment is fast, there are many opportunities to insert advertisements, and the combination of advertisements and programs can be more natural.

▲ The advertising sponsorship of variety shows is more flexible

If advertisers love variety shows, and variety shows have the advantages of shorter production time and lower cost, then platforms like Netflix are unlikely to miss it.

Even Netflix has broken its own rules with variety shows — releasing everything at once. The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, The Great British Baking Show, Rhythm + Flow these variety shows are all produced by Netflix, and none of them are released once, they are all Zhou Geng variety shows.

▲ The Great British Baking Show

Netflix said at the time that it was trying to give people more time to dissect and speculate on the changes in the show's plot.

Giving users more time is also really important for users. Movies and TV content such as Netflix's "The Witcher" are also suitable for longer fermentation, giving users plenty of space for discussion, and releasing them all at once may stun the audience due to high-density information.

▲ A squid game released once

Variety shows are more suitable for slow broadcasts than ordinary film and television content, and Zhou can help variety shows accumulate continuous discussions on social networks. As for whether the week of variety shows will continue to other episodes, it may depend on Netflix's consideration of which broadcast mode the content is more suitable for.

But in any case, the audience has also had the experience of chasing content on Netflix through variety shows.

Netflix's recent wave of layoffs has also raised concerns about whether the platform's content will decline with it. You must know that Netflix has been attracting film and television producers by giving money generously. For this reason, Netflix also specifically stated to the outside world that cutting content spending is not part of the platform’s cost control and growth. This year, they still prepared $17 billion to invest in good enough content. .

Now, variety shows are also an important part of Netflix's investment content. As a global platform, it still lacks a more influential variety show than "Single is Hell" to allow more people to see Netflix's new role in the variety show world.

And "Squid Game" with its own IP halo is very suitable. Perhaps the variety show version of "Squid Game" can also become the most famous one among all Netflix variety shows in the world.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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