Cybersecurity at the center of the next edition of the Web Marketing Festival

Cybersecurity is a vital aspect nowadays . Most of our life takes place online, so we increasingly need solutions for increasingly reliable and robust systems, resistant to external attacks. The Cybersecurity issue could not be missing from the Web Marketing Festival (WMF) park! Join the dedicated room next Thursday 19th November .


According to the report dedicated to cybersecurity threats conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of VMware Carbon Black and entitled "Extended enterprises under threat", in Italy, in the last 12 months, there has been a significant increase in cyber attacks against companies . This increase was noted both in terms of volumes and levels of breaches.

Cybersecurity at the Web Marketing Festival: "In Cyber ​​Security Marketing we trust"

This is what Vera Tucci's intervention from T-Consulting srl will be called. According to Tucci, Cybersecurity requires a layered approach as there is still no solution that can protect companies from all threats , increasingly sophisticated in a field that seems not to want to stop. Malware and cyber attacks are countless, lethal, and ever-changing.

One of the trickiest layers goes beyond technology: IT marketing isn't just promotion.

It is the differentiator, for the end customer, who can understand the threats, and for the IT services company, which offers the right solutions. But in order not to become a Cassandra 4.0, the cyber-marketer must be able to transform every day into an interpreter, consultant and right-hand man, according to needs. Are we ready to become cyber-transformers?

Cybersecurity at the Web Marketing Festival: "Ransomware: understand them, prevent them and fight them"

What is ransonware? How can it harm us and how can we protect ourselves? Riccardo Meggiato, expert in IT security, will talk about it in the room dedicated to Cybersecurity at the WMF.

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the device it infects. It demands a ransom ( ransom in English) to be paid to remove the restriction. For example, some forms of ransomware lock the system and order the user to pay to unlock the system, while others encrypt the user's files by asking to pay to return the encrypted files in the clear.

The blocking of a network can have devastating effects : companies that lose tens of millions of euros, transport networks and hospitals blocked, a real chaos. Italy is the eleventh country in the world, and the second in Europe, most affected by ransomware. An excellent reason to follow this speech, to learn more and learn some tricks to prevent and counter the problem.

"Cyber-Data Security as a Marketing Tool"

Paolo Balboni, of ICT Legal Consulting, will talk about how essential it is for a company to reassure its customers and business partners about the adequacy of its data security levels . This presentation will identify the main data-security compliance controls to be observed and communicated to the market.

Cybersecurity at WMF: "The value of digital resilience"

Defending against digital threats is often considered a purely technical practice. Gianluca Riglietti, of PANTA RAY will focus on the fact that while the attention and investments in the strengthening of digital infrastructures continue to grow, there is an increasing need to manage the human vulnerabilities of cyber security .

This presentation will aim to show how business continuity improves the level of digital resilience of a company, through specific studies and testimonials from professionals.

"Is it possible to defend against next generation phishing?"

Phising is a type of computer scam carried out by sending an e-mail with the counterfeit logo of a credit institution or an e-commerce company, in which the recipient is invited to provide confidential data (credit card number, password access to the home banking service, etc.), justifying this request with technical reasons.

According to Hassan Metwalley, of Ermes – Intelligent Anti Phishing, in recent years we have been witnessing what is called the "paradox" of web browsing. On the one hand, the increase in cloud services and the potential of browsers, now comparable to an operating system in its own right, lead users to spend more and more time on the web . On the other hand, various dynamics taking place on the web and in companies show how one of the most delicate areas within corporate security has now become the protection of the moments that employees spend on the web with their devices.

The intervention will aim to show how phishing attacks, now more and more targeted, are adapting to this dynamic , showing with some demos how through the browser it is possible to develop completely (or even just some phases) of attacks.

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