“Cyberpunk 2077”, which was only released after 3 bounces, still has sequelae

If you want to select the most watched game of the year, "Cyberpunk 2077" must be on the list.

Bounced tickets three times in a row and rushed to major social media searches, and was cordially become CDPR, the developer of "Polish Stupid Donkey" by players. It is one of the typical games that export cyberpunk wind to outside the circle. Each item is enough to mobilize players. curiosity.

After the third ticket bounce, "Cyberpunk 2077" was finally released on December 10th, and various game-related stalks appeared on that day. According to the data released by CDPR, the sum of game pre-orders and first-release daily sales It has surpassed the sum of game development and marketing.

A copy of 298 yuan, the cost of recovery in one day, shows the enthusiasm of the players, but when the players formally played the game, there were various situations, bugs, refunds, etc., which directly led to the "Cyberpunk 2077" the score dropped.

As of December 11, the user score of the PC version of "Cyberpunk 2077" on Metacritic has dropped to 6.9 points, while the PS4 and Xbox versions are even lower, 2.9 points and 4.0 points, respectively, which is considered a failure.

Even after three bounces, "Cyberpunk 2077" is still inevitable.

Note: In the following content, "Cyberpunk 2077" is referred to as "2077"

Many sequelae of 2077

As a long-awaited game, "2077" is not short of popularity. The promotional materials released by CDPR and the high reputation of the predecessor "The Witcher 3" have made players full of confidence in it, so that there are three consecutive bounces. There are still many players who are willing to wait, but even the version released on time has many problems.

The poor experience of the console version of "2077" is a problem that players have reported more. Since the current new generation of consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X are basically hard to find, the PS5 has even been fired at a high price of 8,000 yuan a unit . Most console players use the previous generation console.

The previous-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox one were released in 2013. Even the upgraded versions of these two consoles dwarf the performance of the new-generation consoles. However, due to time constraints, the optimization of the console is not in place, resulting in game running frames. The rate is low, and the picture quality is worse than that of the new-generation host.

As a shooting FPS game that uses firearms, a frame rate of less than 30 is enough to have a destructive effect on the game experience. It is no wonder that some console players ridicule "the original PPT is the real cyberpunk."

▲PS4 and Xbox one running frame rate and picture quality are not very good. Picture from: YouTuber@Resero

Although changing to a PC platform with a higher performance limit, the experience will be improved, but it also means that players have to pay a high cost. The first is the configuration requirements. According to the recommended configuration table issued by CDPR, 1080P resolution is required Intel Core i7-4790 processor and GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, and after turning on optical tracking, the minimum configuration requires RTX 2060 graphics card.

In addition to the processor graphics card, the recommended basic storage space for games is 70GB SSD. As the game time increases, the amount of data will inevitably continue to increase. For some users of small storage space, this obviously requires the purchase of an additional hard drive.

It seems that the price of "2077" is not particularly high, but if you want to play more comfortably, the cost is not high.

Moreover, these hardware costs are only the first hurdle. In order to catch up with the December 10th release of "2077", there are still some occasional bugs, such as a faceless NPC character suddenly appearing while walking. This is sure to be played at night. It was a shock.

Character wear is even more common. In a widely circulated video, when the player manipulates a character to attack a person in a wheelchair, it will cause the direct wear, the character and the chair are misaligned, which simply breaks the laws of physics.

What is even more frustrating is that this person will run away after being attacked and punched, breaking the law of medicine again.

In other words, in front of game bugs, there are no physical laws at all. When playing the game, a person standing in the sky suddenly appears without any support.

Although bugs such as piercing molds will not have much impact on the game, they are very interesting. It is a good immersive cyberpunk world.

Afterwards, although CDPR worked hard to fix the bugs, and soon released a new version of 1.04 that improved many problems, but the console version had a bad experience and occasional bugs.

In addition to game bugs, CDPR's promotional strategy has also been questioned by players. The previous work "The Witcher 3" and the promotional images released by CDPR made many players think that "2077" is an open world that can be explored at will and has a high degree of freedom. game.

However, there are some differences between the actual situation and the expectations of the players. On social media such as Zhihu and Weibo, players indicated that the interaction with the NPC characters in the game is not too much. Some characters only talked about one or two sentences. There are not many super dreams available in.

In terms of map exploration, the game map "Night City" is not too big, and the high-rise buildings in the game also require tasks to be opened, and cannot be explored at will. Compared with the CDPR promotion, there are differences in the game. Little content has not been realized.

The ultra-low frame rate of the console version, various bugs that make people laugh or cry, game content and publicity discrepancies, etc. constitute the reasons for player refunds and low scores.

After communicating with a number of "2077" pre-order players, we found that after "2077" was out of the circle due to bouncing tickets and word of mouth, it also attracted a group of non-host game players, and their experience was slightly different.

In addition to 3D vertigo, there is this thing that requires you to be alert

During the communication with us, several players who first came into contact with games such as "2077" stated that they refunded the game within 2-10 hours.

"2077" this time the early game plot advancement is slow, and some new players who are looking for excitement are dissuaded, and there are players who are not used to character plot games.

Since "2077" only has a first angle of view, coupled with the relatively dim picture of the game itself, and a large number of neon lights of different colors in some scenes, the game experience is not good for players who are sensitive to 3D vertigo, nausea, retching, Dizziness is the norm.

Although some people can overcome 3D vertigo due to their personal physiques, it is still recommended that you do what you can.

In addition to 3D vertigo, another problem of "2077" is even more serious. It is likely to cause photosensitive epilepsy, that is, game content can cause epilepsy patients. If you or your relatives have related medical history, you should be careful.

According to the interpretation of the Epilepsy Foundation, about 3% of epilepsy patients will cause epilepsy in a certain intensity of flashing lights or specific visual scenes. It is more common in children and adolescents. It will gradually decrease with age. This condition is called photosensitivity. epilepsy.

Don’t underestimate this 3%. Once an accident has a huge impact, the "3D Dragon Incident" that occurred in Japan in 1997 is a lesson for the past. At that time, many children in Japan were watching the "Pokemon" animation in front of the TV. The missile in the animation The high-frequency red and blue flashes caused by the explosion caused symptoms such as dizziness, temporary blindness, and convulsions in the audience. Later, according to the statistics of the Japanese Fire Department, 658 children were unwell and sent to the hospital that day.

This time "2077" is also the same. Liana Ruppert, editor of the foreign media Game informer , said that he suffered from photosensitive epilepsy, and said that in the game clubs, bars and other places with more light sources and high flicker frequency, it is easy to cause epilepsy.

Due to the popularity of electronic screens, more and more attention is paid to photosensitive epilepsy. Not only will warnings or light effects be removed in games, but also video content will also be processed accordingly. Tik Tok has added a new option to allow users to Choose to automatically skip video content that may cause epilepsy.

▲ Chinese from Google Translate

Similarly, after the Game informer report, CDPR quickly added a warning in the game and reminded players on social media such as Twitter. In the later updated version, some animations that may cause epilepsy are directly removed, which reduces The frequency and amplitude of the light flickering basically eliminate the possibility of causing photosensitive epilepsy.

Generally speaking, there can be some improvement in strong light conditions, but I still recommend that you update the new version as soon as possible. If you have 3D dizziness or other symptoms during playing "2077", you should stop as soon as possible or go to the hospital for examination.

After all, no matter how fun the game is, the body is more important.

Now may not be the best time

So, can the above various bugs and problems show that 2077 is an unqualified game? I am afraid that the answer is no. On social media such as Weibo, many players said that they believe that after a period of repair, the actual experience can be achieved. improve.

CDPR also announced a further optimization and refund plan on the evening of December 14, stating that it will launch multiple game patches to optimize the game experience of PS4 and Xbox One and eliminate bugs. At the same time, console players will be available on December 21, 2020. Apply for a refund before.

The reason why "2077" has attracted such a big backlash from players is that, in addition to the game itself, it is also the continuous bounce of "2077" and the good reputation of the developer, which has prompted public opinion to discuss it, which has triggered players High expectations.

The high reputation of CDPR's previous game "The Witcher 3" and its free launch of multiple DLC expansion game content have won the recognition of players. And it set a 30-day refund period on its own game platform GOG, which directly ignited public opinion. You must know that the playing time of a console game is only tens of hours.

In other words, players can even play for free and then refund them. Compared with the industry's mainstream use of DLC to expand the game content to increase the price of the game, CDPR is simply too conscience.

Many people in the non-gaming circle are aware of the above. The cost recovery on the first sale day is the best proof of influence. However, the impact of the epidemic and the problems of CDPR itself, the game is obviously not ready for sale. status.

Obviously, the game does not meet the expectations of players, especially the experience of the host platform. The inability to go to public offices during the epidemic seriously reduces the efficiency of CDPR, and the staff of CDPR is only 1,111, compared to large games such as Ubisoft There is still a gap between manufacturers, so that votes were skipped three times in a row.

Coupled with the fact that the production capacity of the new generation consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X caused by the epidemic cannot keep up, consumers can only buy at high prices, which has further led to a reversal of the reputation of "2077".

However, the current situation may be a good thing for many players. CDPR not only provides a 30-day refund period on its own platform, but even provides a nearly one-week refund period on the console platform stores PSN, Xbox and other channels.

This situation has hardly happened before, and most of the refund policies of Sony and Microsoft do not include such a long trial time.

It can be said that CDPR continued the previous approach and finally recovered some reputation with its generous refund policy.

The extra "cooling-off period" can also make players think about whether they really like the game "2077". New players who are influenced by friends and public opinions can also take this opportunity to face up to their wishes. Is it suitable for this console game?

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