“Cyberpunk 2077” once again releases pigeons, why the game masterpiece always “bounces”?

7 years, will you show me this after waiting 7 years?
what did you see?
Yellow picture!

Don't think about it, I'm talking about this picture.

Recently, because the game "Cyberpunk 2077" bounced tickets, excited fans have boycotted the development company CD Project (hereinafter abbreviated as CDPR) on Weibo, and because the bounce notice issued by CDPR happened to be a yellow picture, with The player's ridicule quickly became a stalk, "On the day that Cyberpunk 2077 bounced, I looked at the yellow picture for a day."

In fact, if it is the first time to bounce tickets, the players will not be so angry, but this is already the third time. Some players who originally said that "as long as the quality of the game is acceptable" have also begun to turn their backs. Throughout the gaming circle, it is not uncommon for games to sell tickets. CDPR's previous work "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" has also skipped tickets, and the 9.0 version of "World of Warcraft" developed by Blizzard has also skipped tickets.

Why is the game so easy to skip tickets?

Natural disasters and man-made disasters, making a good game is not easy

The game release date is like a progress bar with a countdown, but just like most progress bars, it may be "fake", and even the computer does not know when the progress bar will reach the end. The development of a large 3A game is the result of the joint efforts of a large team, even for a well-known manufacturer such as CDPR.

▲ Most progress bars will be stuck at 99% because they are useless at all

Any accidents on the way will affect the progress of game development. This year, almost all industries have encountered natural disasters, which is the epidemic. There are also epidemic reasons for "Cyberpunk 2077" bounced tickets. After all, developers work from home, which has a certain degree of development efficiency. Impact, Blizzard also mentioned the reason for working at home in the postponement notice of "World of Warcraft" version 9.0.

In addition to natural disasters, most game developers postpone the game because the progress is not up to the game release date. After all, most 3A games are open world games. The entire game map is extremely large, and the details involved are also increasing. It may cause more and more game bugs.

Dealing with bugs is still relatively simple. Take time to locate the bugs and fix them. But sometimes the bug was not discovered. After the release of "God of War 4", it was discovered that there were bugs that used both swords and axes. A new version was released to solve the bugs.

▲ "God of War 4"

It is important to know that 3A games, like the film and television industry, are a high-risk industry with a long development cycle and a short return cycle. Once the game is launched, the player finds bugs that have a greater impact, such as card walls, task flow card owners, etc., which will affect the reputation of the game. With a greater impact, sales decline is certain, so many developers would rather skip votes.

Games are made by people, so they will inevitably be influenced by people. It’s not uncommon for games to be postponed due to "man-made calamities". Of course, "man-made calamities" here are not a derogatory term, because of the high pursuit of game quality. Or feedback from players, there are many cases where the game has been reworked.

When the classic game "StarCraft" developed by Blizzard was displayed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the evaluation was not high, and some people even ridiculed it as "Warcraft in Space." After learning from the pain, Blizzard decided to redo the game and officially released it in 1998.

▲ Blizzard has launched "StarCraft Remake"

The reworked "StarCraft" has been widely recognized, with sales exceeding 10 million copies. It has also broken the Guinness record of the highest-selling PC real-time strategy game project, and is one of the most popular online battle games in history.

Most of the reasons for game skipping are natural disasters and man-made disasters or the project progress is not up to expectations. From the conceptual design to the actual landing of a game, it is not only the efforts of the producers, but also the level of technological development, and also the bug fixes. After all, what most game makers expect is to sell high-quality games, so that players can buy it.

As for the announcement of the release time but the failure to sell on time, is it possible to deliberately hungry marketing? This is a question of opinion. Perhaps most developers have no such plan, but it is indeed hunger marketing from the result.

The production cycle of a game is too long. Except for promotional videos, skipped tickets can indeed attract players' attention.


▲Marcin Iwiński, founder of CDPR

But there are also reasons why you don't want to miss the big cycle. CDPR co-founder Marcin Iwiński mentioned in an interview with foreign media Kotaku that you cannot miss the E3 exhibition, which is one of the best time nodes for game manufacturers to show their games to the outside world.

For developers, it is also good to be able to sell on time, which means that the cost can be recovered in advance, and players are becoming more and more accustomed to the almost common bounce events. As long as the final game quality is good, the number of bounces is not too many. can.

All tickets are skipped, but the treatment is different

After "Cyberpunk 2077" bounced votes three times in a row, the players' attitudes became polarized. One side was extremely angry at the bounced votes as mentioned above. You can see the various diss comments in the CDPR Weibo comment area, and the other side It is relatively mild, indicating that it can be released normally in December and the game quality is good enough.

The same is a skipped ticket. DNF in the field of mobile games is not so good. In addition to the anger of the players, it has to accept various negative reviews. The score of the DNF in TapTap community drops a lot after opening the appointment, and then after the ticket is skipped The TapTap score dropped to 1.5 points.

It's all skipped tickets. Why is the gap between the two parties so big? I chatted with several DNF end game players and DNF mobile game reservation players around me. Most of the answers they gave were similar:

DNF terminal games require too much money or time. Equipment and dressing are all required. At the same time, it also takes a lot of time and materials, which will inevitably make players unhappy. On the other hand, DNF’s various appointment activities pull heads and invite friends to make appointments to give gifts. There are too many ways to play. I find friends but I can’t play them in the end. It’s like being tricked twice.

Behind this is the difference in business models. DNF terminal games are free games, as are mobile games. Originally, its business model is mainly based on krypton gold. In order to attract players, game parties often hold various operational activities to promote players' activity.

Players spread the news under the guidance of various official activities, and even complete tasks every day. Once the game bounces, not only will the player not be able to play the game, but the game rewards will also be out of the question, and the loss will be more, plus DNF Mobile games have been in public beta, and players increasingly feel that they are being tricked.

The image of game developers in the hearts of players is not particularly good, coupled with this fission-type marketing method, even more serious players' anger.

And like "Cyberpunk 2077", it basically maintains the common mode of console games. It uses promotional videos, media interviews, and co-branded products for marketing and promotion. In this process, players are often attracted by the quality of the game. Tap water to promote the game.

In addition to the business model, CDPR, as a game developer, has indeed garnered the goodwill of players. While the mainstream in the industry is using DLC ​​game content to increase the price of the game, CDPR has chosen to successively release multiple free "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" DLC game content, which is also priced at around $60, "The Witcher 3: The Witcher 3:" "Wild Hunt" is more worthwhile compared to other games, not to mention its almost one-sided praise.

GOC, the game platform founded by CDPR, has also convinced players. In February this year, it even announced that you can get an unconditional refund for 30 days after purchasing a game on GOC. You must know that you can almost experience a console game in 30 days. Most of the game content, this is undoubtedly giving away the game.

Moreover, CDPR has hardly implemented complex anti-piracy measures on the GOC, and CDRP is therefore affectionately called "Polish dumb donkey" by players.

All of the above, in addition to enhancing the player's experience, are also the embodiment of CDPR's philosophy: players will pay for high-quality, high-value games. In fact, as CDPR envisioned, the sales volume of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" has exceeded 28 million as of December 2019.

Players’ attitude towards the game’s ticket skipping is not only related to the quality of the final game, but also to the game developer’s favorability in the hearts of the players. This is why so many players still support the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” with twice the ticket skipping. the reason.

Just too many times, I am afraid that no matter how good the mentality is, players will be disappointed. After all, life can have a few 7 years.

"Bounce tickets" has formed a kind of stalking culture

Today, as cultural products are becoming more and more developed, skipping tickets is certainly not limited to games. Movies, novels, manga, and animation can really be said to be jumping and jumping, leaving fans and readers suffering.

The "Three-Body" movie can be said to have been widely influenced by the "bounced tickets" in recent years. As the most famous sci-fi movie IP in China, "Three-Body" has attracted the attention of fans of novels.

However, it is rumored that after the novel author Liu Cixin sold the adaptation rights of the novel in 2009, the film has been approved, filmed, and even after the filming party has announced the file. The film still failed to be released normally. Worried, even slogans "Don't shoot!" were shouted in Internet communities such as Douban.

In the end, "Three Body" ended with Netflix taking over. The final quality of the film is still unknown.

▲ Fujian Yibo is playing games

Another master of hopping votes in the cultural world is Fu Jian Yibo. This well-known cartoonist who drew "You Yu Hakusho" and "Full-time Hunter", in addition to being widely known for his high-quality works, the hopping is to let him Another reason for being remembered by the public is that the publication is often closed for various reasons, causing fans to wait and even be called the "rich old thief" by the majority of fans. It can be described as both love and hate.

Bounce tickets are so common in our lives. With the rapid development of the Internet, it has gradually been infected with various meanings in this rapidly changing media context, and has become one "stalk" after another.

The Internet has changed the way and efficiency of information transmission, giving everyone the opportunity to become an author, and the opportunity to make their own works popular, but every author seems to have the possibility of skipping votes, and the authors who skipped votes are called pigeons.

▲ "The Three Essences of Mankind": Repeater (blindly follow suit), Zhenxiang (put out ruthless words and be beaten in the face), pigeon (put pigeons)

The pigeon was then interpreted as one of the three essences of human beings. The other two essences are the repeater and the true fragrance. They actually correspond to ordinary emotions. Procrastination may be something most people cannot avoid. After all, there are countless changes between current and future goals.

"Doves", "Grandpa, the bloggers you follow are updated", "Cuckoo" and even memes with various pigeons are widely spread on the Internet as a set of mature stalking culture, whether it is ridicule or entertainment In most cases, they are expressing their expectations for excellent content.

The reason why the yellow map stems described at the beginning of the article can spread quickly and become a group expression, in addition to the literal multi-meaning, it is the player’s joy in the hardships that cannot change the status quo and the impact of the "Cyberpunk 2077 "The ardent anticipation.

Hope this is the last time a ticket has been bounced.

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