Cyberpunk 2077: Johnny becomes John Wick with a mod

Since before its release Cyberpunk 2077 has made a lot of talk, and now a mod has arrived that is driving fans crazy: you can transform Johnny Silverhand into John Wick . It's called Suit Up (Put Johnny in a Suit) and behind it is the user Ferret2222. The mod has been available for download for a few days, and by downloading it it is possible to dress the character with the characteristic tuxedo of the most famous assassin in the world.

The mod to have John Wick in Cyberpunk 2077

What do Johnny Silverhand and John Wick have in common? Easy: both are played by Keanu Reeves, loved above all, but not only, for his role in The Matrix. The actor has in fact impersonated the two characters, and it was inevitable that someone thought of combining these two worlds in a small, nice tribute. With the mod, downloadable from the NexusMod website, we can make Johnny wear an elegant tuxedo that recalls the style of the former murderer , although not perfectly identical (for copyright reasons).

Mods allow you to modify video game characters or the landscape, customizing them.
Mods allow you to modify video game characters or the landscape, customizing them.

Besides the black tuxedo, Johnny can wear different variations of the suit. Among these are the white shirt, with or without a jacket on it), the black shirt without a jacket, a gold or red shirt and an elegant suit in blue. Activating the mod is very simple: just download it from the site and copy it to the game folder dedicated to mods. Before you can activate it, however, you need to remove any other variations that may have been applied to Johnny. If you want to take a ride with one of Reeves' most beloved characters, you just have to download the mod and immerse yourself in the streets of Night City. The ex-veteran and rocker of Cyberpunk 2077 is ready to accompany you in his new guise .

Cyberpunk: an expectation that disappointed?

We'll remember the Cyberpunk case on PS4 and Xbox for a while. Frame rate instability and bugs were the first things that caught the eye of the players, even before the plot and the graphics sector. While the PC and Stadia versions scored very well, the Microsoft and Sony consoles didn't fare quite as well. In fact, after only 8 days of its release, PlayStation has removed the game in digital format from the store . CD Projekt Red, for its part, has started a refund campaign, given the disappointment of the players of the two consoles.

A flop, then? Certainly the figure was not the best, but the video game has nevertheless achieved enormous success, also thanks to the astute marketing campaign of the previous months and the choice to exploit the fame of Keanu Reeves for the presentation of the game. Professional ratings were also extremely positive : most of them were above the average of 8, and many of them came in at 9 out of 10. The game boasts important collaborations, such as the one with Kojima Productions. In Death Stranding there are in fact themed missions and motorcycles that recall the world of Cyberpunk, while in the latter there is a cameo of BB.

The hype for Cyberpunk 2077 has accompanied us throughout 2020.
The hype for Cyberpunk 2077 has accompanied us throughout 2020.

Recall, for the uninitiated, that Cyberpunk is an action-adventure role-playing video game, set in a dystopian future in which the Mega Corporations have gained control of the United States of America. Outside the cities, where the rules do not apply, the rebel bands compete for dominion over the ruins and outlying areas. The game is in first person and takes place in Night City, a fictional California city. During the story the player can make choices, which will affect the game's ending. In fact, there are different outcomes, all dependent solely on how the user interfaces and socializes with the other characters in the game. At the moment Cyberpunk is playable only in single player , but the videogame house has never denied the possibility that a multiplayer mode will be released in the future.

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