Cyber ​​Judgment, an electronic pickle more suitable for people born in the 2000s

"Office embezzlement of 300,000 yuan, I bet that the company's gun has no bullets" "My husband's brother and I got a marriage certificate, and I want a divorce now" "Because my girlfriend is too stupid, my friend wants to conduct a mental evaluation on her"…

If you frowned when you saw the above title, then you will only be more shocked and sigh that the world is so big and full of wonders.

I came to this conclusion from the short video accounts of lawyers. They often provide live broadcast consulting services, and their wonderful cases are also cut into short videos for people to review.

For me, who grew up watching "Bao Qingtian" and "Detective Conan", and occasionally watched "Gold Medal Mediation" with my parents, basically every piece of content has a desire to click.

Consultants and lawyers do not regard netizens as outsiders. The Internet is not a place outside the law, but a base for legal education.

I admire your professionalism, and I care about your mental state.

"Uncle Fashan", "Lawyer Lao Han", "Lawyer Long Fei"… These legal bloggers are a big motivation for me to go to Bilibili and Douyin.

Lawyers have different areas of expertise, and the types of consultants are also different.

Lawyer Long Fei's consultant vomited his emotional bitterness, was cheated on, was domestically abused, and had his property calculated. He used his own painful experience as a sacrifice to discourage netizens from falling in love.

Most of the consultants of lawyer Lao Han are werewolves who violate laws and disciplines. They expose themselves to cheating, helping letters, job embezzlement, and public security penalties. They make people grit their teeth and gain knowledge through the network cable.

▲ Left: Lawyer Lao Han, right: Lawyer Long Fei.

The more bizarre the consultant is, the more people admire the lawyer's professionalism.

Although you can't see your face in the live broadcast room, the consultant who brought the matter to the table wanted to have face. When lawyer Lao Han started analyzing the case on the premise that "the friend you are talking about is yourself," the other party agreed directly without bothering to pretend. So far, it has become a success. Art.

Coincidentally, consultants wearing masks are circulating all over the Internet. Uncle Fashan has a series called "I Have a Friend". The lawyers are very professional. They drink water because they think of funny things, not because the consultant is quick to talk. Show off your waistcoat.

Suppressing laughter and identifying the faces of consultants are just basic skills. If a certain type of case is too common or has been handled personally, lawyers can guess the following plot just by listening to the beginning, and the reaction is so fast that even they themselves are speechless. .

As soon as the consultant made his first sentence, saying that he had found a part-time job as a face-swiper in a certain place because he was short of money, lawyer Lao Han knew that the other party might have committed the crime of concealment or trusting, and cooperated to apply for a bank card to help criminals transfer the fraud. funds.

Professional knowledge and emotional management are all you need to become an Internet celebrity lawyer. The outrageous consultations delivered to your door are the long-term experience of your career. These are traffic passwords, and they also control the heart rate and health of lawyers.

It is rare to find consultants who are treacherous and evil, but there are many with bad character. How can you repay the mortgage with your partner but only own the house? How can you sue a third party for extortion and hide it from your employer and lover? The other party’s purpose is to solve the problem. question, or address the person asking the question.

Lawyers have to answer questions within the scope of the law. They can only maintain the bottom line. If they really feel that it is too much, they can only verbally persuade the other party to show some emotion and humanity.

Some consultations may seem mundane at first glance, but in fact they are gradual. When the consultant first speaks out, it is nothing, but if the lawyer continues to ask questions one by one, he or she will often gain unexpected results.

An older brother who loves fitness recharged his 10-year fitness card at once. In an era when gyms are often away from home, this act itself is shocking. Netizens asked if he wanted to compete for Olympic gold medals, but this older brother just thought it was more cost-effective.

Who knew that the climax of the incident was still to come. Sure enough, the elder brother had a financial dispute with the gym and spent more than 3,000 yuan to find a "lawyer" to defend his rights. However, during the consultation, he found that he had been deceived again. The other party's operations were very irregular and he may not have practiced law. certificate.

The eldest brother, who has been deceived many times, was emotionally stable and spoke slowly throughout the whole process. He only said "uh" and "um" when he was confused. When he was asked a question, he said, "Ah, that makes sense." However, the lawyer who helped him answer questions in the live broadcast room was already covering his heart. On the verge of going berserk.

However, the most effective part of the program is that the consultant deliberately told half of the story and hid the other half, turning a major issue into a trivial matter. Through the battle of wits between the lawyer with poor information and his courage to unlock a new plot, the facts slowly surfaced and even qualitatively changed.

Just like a peeping incident in a hotel, the consultant said that he accidentally listened in the corridor and violated the privacy of the couple. The other party called the police. The lawyer felt that although this was immoral, it would not be punished by public security management. After further questioning, even the structure of the hotel was studied, and the conclusion was that the consultant might have deliberately leaned on the window to peek.

Not only is there a gaming relationship between lawyers and consultants, but sometimes the audience is also very interactive, participating in a drama that combines detective, suspense and role-playing.

At the end of June 2023, for the same incident and the same couple, the woman consulted lawyer Long Fei and the man consulted lawyer Lao Han. The netizens running on both sides were resourceful and connected the two versions to piece together the whole picture. You can’t guess it without reading the comment area. the truth.

The characters of the live-action script are then gathered together, including the consultant who tells lies, the lawyer who has a question mark on his face and thinks that things are not that simple, and the onlookers who are watching and listening in all directions. Everyone is a part of the play, which is better than the shoddy one. The short drama is great.

Of course, not every consultation can be a perfect answer, but for common topics such as mortgages, bride price, and infidelity, different lawyers and consultants can always provide different perspectives.

The at-fault party often only talks about the favorable part and avoids its own problems, but still wants to escape. It would be better if the words are accurate. The injured party is more likely to tell the truth and cry out just to stop the loss in time.

Those who are obsessed with the authorities can see things clearly, and omnivorous netizens will not be blinded by a single leaf. This magical world forms a closed loop between perpetrators and victims in different lawyer live broadcast rooms.

Even if you are not a lawyer, you still need to know how to be an Internet celebrity and a "psychiatrist"

Not every lawyer is as glamorous as Jin Dong in "Elite Lawyers". Infinite Xiaoliang on the science popularization track identifies popular creatures on the Internet, and legal bloggers who are both legal and emotional see through the scheming human nature. They contribute professional knowledge, even provide emotional value and bear psychological trauma, and there is always a profit.

Consultants are a walking material library and a mobile treasury. Lianmai means that you don’t mind being recorded and edited into a short video. The price of Lianmai for top lawyer Long Fei is 1999 diamonds for 10 minutes. According to Douyin’s recharge mechanism, it is 1 yuan and 7 diamonds, so one time Lianmai is about 285 yuan. If you are anxious, You can also increase the price, and the ability to pay with cash is preferred.

The price of waist lawyers is slightly lower. A legal blogger with more than 300,000 followers on Douyin costs 500 diamonds per session, which is about 71 yuan.

There are also lawyers who focus on Bilibili. Only those who have a fan medal of at least level 12 can connect with the anchor. The fastest upgrade channel is to recharge the "Captain" with more than 100 yuan per month. Some people are even impressed by the lawyer's charisma and send him a "captain" not for consultation, but just want to be scolded one-on-one.

In addition to live-streaming rewards, other ways for legal bloggers to make money fall somewhere between their full-time jobs and side jobs – live-streaming, selling classes in windows, selling books and daily necessities, doing business placements for short videos, and providing paid legal consultation channels such as email Find the source of the case, etc.

To a certain extent, lawyers are one of the professions closest to Internet celebrities, because there are so many outrageous things and there is never a shortage of material, and the material can attract more material.

In the comment area of ​​legal bloggers, some law students are glad that they chose non-litigation, but some law students said that they have seen it all a long time ago. This profession is as good at tempering their character as killing fish at RT-Mart for 10 years, and their hearts have become harmonious. The knife was as cold as a knife.

At the same time, legal bloggers have a different perspective. Gender emotions and marriage and love stories are topics that are in short supply of sufferers and listeners. Bloggers in various fields have covered it. Emotional bloggers teach you how to understand the hearts of the opposite sex. Lawyers do not hesitate to cut through the mess quickly and analyze the benefits. entanglement.

They not only give legal advice, but also export values ​​and ways of doing things. Money and health are the most important. Love is love and marriage is marriage. Before divorce, think about how to divide money or fight for custody. If you should, tolerate it. If you have to endure it, you can break it off, and you can lose face for the sake of dignity.

From the perspective of the audience alone, it is easy to feel aesthetic fatigue, but it is normal to think about it. If the relationship breaks down and the marriage is at an end, then you can only take up legal weapons, talk about money and children, and maximize your own interests. .

After watching too many filthy parents and lawless gangsters, the audience also learned some legal knowledge and common sense of life that they would best never use in their lifetime.

What lawyer Lao Han teaches is that you just don’t do the things that anti-fraud propaganda tells you not to do. Don’t cooperate with cash withdrawals, don’t lend bank cards, and don’t help others make mistakes. Young people who have not yet been in love can experience love, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, cheating, and divorce through Lawyer Long Fei, so they avoid the pitfalls first.

In addition to live broadcasts, some legal bloggers choose to take a different approach and focus on short videos to popularize legal science that is more suitable for the post-00s generation, speaking in human terms that are easy to understand and humorous.

"Master Ma Ma" laughs and curses, and uses exaggerated movements and expressions to popularize professional content; "Pretty Girl XXX" is expressionless and funny, like a talk show, and the jokes are very dense, integrating legal knowledge into jokes.

They understand that serious content may not be viewed by anyone and may not be distinctive. Censorship of hateful behaviors such as throwing objects from high altitudes is well-founded in the Civil Code. If it is performed live and the comedy effect of being hit "out of body" is created, and the person insists on spreading the law while floating, knowledge may be gained. Laughter flows into your head.

No matter how common the things they encounter are shared by legal bloggers, they are both professional and witty.

Just surf the Internet and have fun. However, a closer look shows that on short video platforms such as Douyin, the certification methods for lawyers are not uniform. Personal certifications include "lawyer", "practicing lawyer", "legal self-media", etc., with different professionalism and influence, and even Behind the corporate certification is a legal consulting service center.

In short, it's a mixed bag. Although some accounts certified as "legal self-media" still output professional knowledge, they often have too many traces of scripts and performances. It can be seen that the scripts, performances, shooting, editing, etc. are all relatively mature. There are also some enterprise-certified accounts that are ranked on the "Exquisite Beauty List" during live broadcasts, competing with cosmetic brands for priority.

At the same time, live broadcast rooms are still different from offline law firms after all. Lianmai often only has 10 minutes, and it is impossible to solve the problem smoothly. Lianmai's consultants sometimes do not necessarily come to solve the problem.

When I was diving in the live broadcast room of a lawyer with more than 900,000 fans on Station B, I found that chatting is more important than consultation. Even if it is consultation, most of it is trivial, and the amount is not as much as recharging a "captain".

The lawyer herself is also very clear about her position: she is a lawyer on the surface, but actually a "psychiatrist".

Gyms, private lending, statute of limitations, and the quality of small commodities have been consulted many times in her live broadcast room. There are many similar causes of cases in online searches. Law students, trainee lawyers, and practicing lawyers all give similar opinions.

But the other party will not stop being on the mic because of this. They come to the live broadcast room to "buff" themselves, to protect their rights, and to chat and gain emotional value. Of course, she also gained something from it. She wanted to hear stories, earn money from the captain, and scold the weirdos, so why not do it.

This is especially true of lawyer live broadcast rooms for marriage and love stories. Consultants talk about their emotions, vent their grievances, and consult the law. Lawyers often do not talk about the law, but advise consultants to ignore human love.

Looking back, with three hundred and sixty lines, one will be number one. This is true in the Internet celebrity world. To become a blogger in a certain profession, you must not only have excellent professional knowledge, but also have a sense of networking and a good tongue. , can put down the airs and blend in with the masses.

The stereotype of lawyers in suits and ties is also one of them. It is necessary to ensure that there is no problem with legal knowledge, but also to maintain the interesting form and style of personality. It is also necessary to keep up with the trend and watch movies, TV dramas or current affairs hot topics with a legal perspective, in order to attract more people. It has a lot of traffic and is a die-hard fan in the comment area, and they especially like to repeat their memes and wise sayings.

In addition to lawyers, I also like to read professional bloggers such as embalmers, auditors, and archaeological students. Their tone is like chatting with friends. They tell the truth without filters. They can also capture the psychology of curious users and answer the questions that laymen are most concerned about. , do you read the horoscopes in archeology, and what to study in the funeral profession? They are much more interesting than domestic workplace dramas.

After all, not many people want to read hard-core knowledge in their leisure time. The Internet is a huge team of Internet celebrities. Rather than the professional science popularization track, these bloggers are on the professional chatter, cross talk, and comedy track. They were once confused. The industry, which is veiled or haloed, may not be completely real, but exists in a lighter and more secular manner.

It is as sharp as autumn frost, and can ward off evil disasters. Work email: [email protected]

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