“Cyber ​​Matchmaker” joins Metaverse, is there a new experience of dating at home?

Tinder is a dating app that was born on a university campus in 2012. The core function is "swipe left and right". You can swipe right to give others a thumbs up, or you can swipe left to skip someone. To start chatting.

Recently, this "cyber matchmaker" will also enter the meta universe. Match Group, Tinder's parent company, proposed a dating "meta universe" plan .

The first stage is to implement Tinder Coins, a virtual currency built into the APP, which has been tested in some European countries and will reach users around the world next year.

▲ Picture from: Tech Crunch

Tinder Coins will be used to purchase services within the APP, such as Boost and Super Like, which are tools to help users get more matches; in the past, subscription-based products can also be purchased directly through Tinder Coins, such as "see who likes you" Function; Tinder Coins will also be used to incentivize behaviors such as verifying personal information.

After the implementation of virtual currency, Tinder will design more virtual goods in 2022, classify them, create a value structure, and determine their placement in personal profiles. It is envisaged that virtual goods can be collected and given to each other. According to Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group:

Tinder's future virtual goods will help users express themselves and stand out, especially on one-to-many pages such as "Explore".

In addition to developing a virtual commodity economy within Tinder, Match Group has a larger plan starting from Hyperconnect-Hyperconnect is a social application manufacturer that Match Group acquired for $1.73 billion in early 2021, and is now the underlying technology platform of Match Group.

Hyperconnect is testing a dating app based on avatars. In this application, users can meet in a virtual space (such as a bar) and have real-time audio conversations there. The video, audio, AI and other technologies owned by Hyperconnect have yet to be developed. Shar Dubey hopes that in the future, it will be able to provide "a way of interaction that is more similar to the real world."

▲ Hyperconnect.

Although Match Group did not specify it, according to Tech Crunch, this meta-universe dating platform is likely to be combined with Tinder's virtual goods economy. In the future, users will use virtual currency to purchase items, decorate their avatars or buy for other users. Gifts, like Roblox, Fortnite, and Meta's Horizon.

Match Group is planning the meta-universe for Tinder, on the one hand to join this craze, on the other hand to retain users-more than 50% of the members are between 18-25 years old.

To cope with the ever-changing online dating market, Tinder, as a traditional dating app, tends to enrich the virtual experience within the app and retain more online users instead of promoting people to connect offline.

Meta Universe is still under planning, and Tinder has already implemented many innovative moves.

In June of this year, Tinder expanded the video and social experience . Users can upload videos on their personal data, and "Hot Takes" (hot topics) is a new way to make friends.

On November 7, Tinder launched the second "Swipe Night" with the theme of "Killer Weekend". Users become suspects of the murder mystery and need to explore the room to find clues. Of course, in response to the essence of "making friends", users will discuss ideas together through algorithmic matching, which sounds like an online script kill.

When "Swipe Night" is over, if you want to continue the conversation, you need to have a good impression of each other. Tinder sees this as a better way to get to know each other, rather than making quick decisions about personal information.

Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone pointed out at the time:

In the post-epidemic era, the new generation of daters are asking us to provide more: more ways to show ourselves, more ways to interact with others virtually, and better control of the people they meet on Tinder. New video and social features provide a deeper and multi-dimensional experience.

In fact, since the beginning of the epidemic, online dating has gradually become a habit. During the epidemic, 50% of Gen Z users and their matched counterparts had video chats; 40% of young users said that even if the epidemic dissipated in the future, offline dating can be assured, they are still willing to video chat.

The traditional matching form of sliding left and right is no longer enough. How can you play a date without leaving home depends on how the cyber elders, matchmakers, and Cupids exert their creativity.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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