Copy AirPods, how wild is the road?

The US Customs is embarrassed.

When 2000 OnePlus Bluetooth headsets entered the United States, the U.S. Customs mistakenly believed that they were copycat AirPods, immediately seized the goods and announced the seizure of the copycat AirPods.

After the truth of the matter became clear, some media used the term “brag” to describe the US Customs’ eagerness to show merit.

While ridiculing the work of the US Customs for not being serious, we also have to reflect on the fact that the Chinese manufacturing industry, which failed to lead the trend of the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth headset industry, has been marked by the high imitation of AirPods. The imprint of the immortal cottage .

“Putting a copy of AirPods in front of Apple CEO Cook, he may not be able to distinguish the authenticity in the first time.” A copy of AirPods seller said “proudly”.

Almost fake AirPods are fake, how wild are the roads?

Public drainage and sales, proud of high imitation

“Come on, I’ve been lazy for a while, I got the high copy AirPods Pro, first look at the picture, drool, and finish the video to find someone who is predestined, but you can see the serial number in About this machine.”

Exquisite pictures, carefully edited videos, attractive prices, and vivid feedback on user experience. The above-mentioned copycat AirPods drainage information is basically visible on some social media platforms.

▲ Don’t doubt, this is a Huaqiangbei high copy AirPods Pro

Shanzhai AirPods manufacturers generally cooperate with small and medium-sized kols (opinion leaders) and the “trumpets” they have raised to release drainage information. “After a long time in Huaqiangbei, I won 160” and “I used almost nothing with my friends. “Differences”, “Others can see and count me as losing”, “Can check the serial number” and so on are commonly used drainage speech techniques, which are really tempting to people who are covetous but shy in AirPods .

As a cottage, whether the sale of goods or the behavior itself there are legal issues, and normally fishes should be more low-key, but they seem to think is the right choice for their products, material costs only 100 yuan, the user buy genuine satire of “a flower Thousands of AirPods are simply an IQ tax.” They also focused on showing off the three words “Huaqiangbei” , believing that these three words are a symbol of high imitation manufacturing skills and cracking levels.

But here comes the question. When AirPods did not appear, why couldn’t copycats make AirPods and lead the industry? Is it just a matter of the cost of more than 100 yuan?

AirPods high imitation painted leather

“Recently, I heard from a friend that there is a batch of highly imitated AirPods Pro, which sells for 599 yuan, which is a bit more expensive compared to the 200 yuan product in Huaqiangbei, but I think that it is expensive.”

These remarks were made by a V-certified digital blogger. What is the reason why he said it is expensive?

High imitation, the kind that imitates the bone marrow . (The following comparison pictures are from my love audio network)

Without looking at the text, can you tell which side is genuine and which side is fake?

Judging from the picture, there is almost no difference between the 599 yuan copycat AirPods Pro and the genuine one. If you tell me to tell, you can hardly tell the true and false without wearing it.

Before, Aifaner also made a comparison between the fake AirPods and the genuine ones. It is difficult to tell the truth from the fake without looking at the details.

▲ The high imitation on the left does not have the genuine right to open the cover smoothly

▲ The power indicator of the counterfeit AirPods is too bright and the light color is not soft

▲ The metal mesh of the speaker on the front of the copycat AirPods is dark, and the outline of the speaker in the metal mesh is not clear

▲ The left side is the genuine product, the right side is the cottage

▲ Incorrect printing on the cover of the headphone box and “China Huaqiang Company” is printed

After reading these photos, I can’t help but think of “Painted Skin” in Strange Tales of Liao Zhai. The monsters and ghosts put the skin of a beautiful woman on themselves to attract people who do not know the truth. It seems that the beauty is too beautiful to turn the sentient beings, but in fact the ceiling of their beauty Always rest on the real beauty. After all, there is no beauty, so how come there is beauty skin?

Carry out Copy to “Core”

Someone might say that when AirPods are connected to iPhone, there is a unique pop-up animation, which cannot be imitated.

No, these drains will tell you in a proud tone, “Huaqiangbei’s technology is beyond your imagination. Apple’s strongest chip has been cracked, and the pop-up window is fixed”!

▲ Copycat AirPods can also pop up

“This is old technology. We have cracked W1 a long time ago.” A person who sells copycat AirPods told Ai Faner on WeChat, “Opening has the same pop-up window as the genuine one, and there is a battery display, which is just one more gray close. Button.”

However, the seller also said that Apple has blocked the cracking loopholes through system updates: “It doesn’t work anymore. Apple has also learned the best, and there is no way left for us.”

When we asked about the technical principles of cracking, we soon saw the familiar “red exclamation mark”.

▲ Copy AirPods on the left and genuine AirPods on the right

In order to clarify the principle, we contacted more than a dozen people who sold fake AirPods, and they were rejected without exception. Just when we were not hopeful, we learned from other sources that a classmate had worked part-time in Huaqiangbei. He expressed his right I have a certain understanding of how to crack the pop-up window of the fake AirPods.

“It’s not clear how to crack it. I only know that it is a chip. There are some chips in the counterfeit (AirPods). The chip can trick the iPhone and make the iPhone pop up. I heard that now the chip has been upgraded. You can pop up the window and change the serial number. , Change the name (shown by the copycat headset on the iPhone).”

▲ Proud of cracking, pictures provided by interviewees

Speaking of more details about the copycat AirPods, this classmate said that there is a trend that makes him feel very absurd: “The (person) who does this feels very honorable. Whoever can crack Apple’s things the fastest, people in the industry will feel that this factory Or (this) people are very powerful, and they usually despise Apple if they crack it, and think that Apple is just like that, and it’s not good to laugh at Apple .”

The genius is also scared by the “pit”

▲ Can you tell which side is the copycat?

Not long ago, the AirPods Pro headphones that I used for about a year buzzed, so I took my AppleCare+ voucher to go to Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town store to get a new one.

The clerk first took my earphones for a few minutes of testing, then carefully packaged them in boxes of different sizes, and finally gave me a new AirPods Pro. I was curious, so I asked the clerk why he sealed the old earphones.

The clerk said: “There are two (reasons), one (yes) is the process, one-to-one replacement, to prevent someone from taking out the old AirPods and reselling them, and the other is that someone took the copy (AirPods) to the authorization point before For new ones , some of them were too real, and they were confused. Now that the authorization point has become stricter, they must be returned to the factory for testing. We (official store) have to return to the factory for testing.”

When I got this answer, I was a little surprised that the copycat AirPods could lie to Apple’s official after-sales channel. The official clerk said that they have been fighting against the copycats.

▲ It is difficult to distinguish true from false without looking carefully

“When the AirPods (first generation) came out, (we) felt that such a sophisticated thing could not be imitated. It was enough to look at the (shape and serial number). Later, when we discovered that there were fakes, I was surprised and started to be vigilant. ”

Speaking of this, the clerk was a little helpless: “We hope to trust each other with our customers and provide the best quality service. If there are occasional problems with our products, we will replace them with new ones if they meet the requirements. (New) For them, the procedures will become more complicated, and those who follow the rules will have to bear this additional cost.”

The real can’t be fake, the fake can’t be real

Can’t China make AirPods?

Huaqiangbei tells us that we are absolutely capable of doing it.

▲ Counterfeit AirPods can also make magnetic induction

So can China create AirPods?

Unfortunately, the brand that created AirPods and rewritten the entire industry is not a Chinese company.

In the eyes of copycats, AirPods is nothing more than a chip plus a bunch of materials, “costing a hundred yuan.”

Ask yourself, are we missing the one hundred yuan?

What we lack is the attitude, determination and strength that can lead the industry with a cost of more than 100 yuan.

▲ High imitation AirPods Pro

Behind the cost of materials of this hundred dollars, there are a series of work such as huge amount of research and development capital investment, innovation in shape design, industry chain integration, software and hardware adaptation, brand marketing promotion, etc. Taking the risk of innovation failure is definitely not as simple as putting together a hundred yuan worth of materials .

Counterfeit products may surpass the original product itself, but when the next brand new form of authentic product appears, the counterfeit product can only follow others forever and obey the original “rules of the game.”

Fortunately, more and more Chinese companies and individuals are willing to be upright challengers. They start research and development from scratch, fail repeatedly, try again and again, and finally create their own products and conquer users with experience.

Those who mock Apple after imitating and cracking AirPods are the ones who should be mocked and discarded.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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