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  • Apple: We need to be sustainable in a way that makes people want to copy it
  • MINI launches its first electric bike
  • lululemon: More Chinese consumers are actively exploring “good status”
  • Nescafe’s latest pop-up store can be recycled after use
  • Intrepid: taking the first step towards climate labeling your journeys

Apple: We need to be sustainable in a way that makes people want to copy it

After the most "green" autumn conference, Cook and Apple executive Lisa Jackson further discussed Apple's sustainable work at different events, emphasizing that Apple will not "make false claims" on environmental protection.

I don't do virtue signaling at all. I don't believe in such a thing.

We want to do the hard things.

Cook said this in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning .

"Virtue signaling" refers to people or institutions making certain remarks on social media to show that they are virtuous and on the moral side.

The "difficult thing" Cook said is that Apple must achieve sustainability-related goals while ensuring that what they do makes business sense.

I want to get this straightened out because I want others to copy what we're doing.

And I know that if what we make is not a good decision from an economic point of view, others will not want to imitate it.

We want to be the ripple in the pond.

"Ripples in a pond," Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, also mentioned this metaphor when talking to TechCrunch .

According to Jackson's recollection, she officially joined Apple on the day of Apple's WWDC 2013 conference. Because of this, she had to wait until her second day at work before meeting her "boss" Cook.

At that time, Jackson asked Cook: "What do you want me to do?"

Cook's response:

That's what I want you to tell me.

I think it's important for you to understand who we are. And then tell us how we can plan to become leaders and become ripples in the pond.

Apple is now making some "ripples."

Jackson said that because of its long-term cooperation and understanding with its suppliers, Apple starts with them to promote clean energy, demonstrating that this change will not only help the environment, but also be in line with business interests.

Because we created the need, they can now make changes and transform the system while meeting that need.

Now, more than 300 Apple suppliers have committed to join the Clean Power Plan. Jackson believes that changes in suppliers will also further affect the companies that work with the suppliers.

Tim has always been clear that the work we do must be scalable and transferable, which means we are not doing charity.

We don’t pay to do these things to make other people feel good.

Jackson also revealed an interesting detail. The plan they formulated must not only obtain Cook's approval, but also must obtain the approval of the CFO.

Even the CFO nodded, which somewhat means that these decisions are economically reasonable.

As for why he chose Apple Watch as the first carbon-neutral product, Jackson said frankly that because it is "smaller", it is not as complicated as the iPhone, and it is easier to get closer to the target.

The biggest significance for Apple in making the first carbon-neutral product is not to promote it, but to figure out a roadmap. First, we need to define what a “carbon neutral product” is:

Science requires us to reduce absolute emissions by 90%-95% by 2050.

But we are talking about the 2030 goal. (So ​​our plan is) After maximizing the use of clean energy and maximizing the use of renewable/recyclable/recycled materials, we can offset no more than 25% of carbon emissions.

By this standard, the new Apple Watch does meet the standard. Under certain configurations, it only offsets 22% of carbon emissions.

We do not offset the energy used by our suppliers, we offset only a very small amount of direct emissions. Basically, we still need time to come up with better processing and logistics solutions.

As for the more complex iPhone, it will also adopt the same path as the Apple Watch. "We ourselves will limit the percentage of carbon offsets, and the energy involved in production will be clean energy."

I believe that before 2030, we will see more sustainable innovations from Apple, and we hope that these innovations will be attractive enough. As Cook said:

We want people to see this and say, "I can do this too," or, "I can do half of this."

MINI launches its first electric bike

Car brand MINI announced that it has joined forces with electric bicycle company Angell Mobility to launch its first electric bicycle, MINI E-Bike 1, priced at 3,490 euros (approximately RMB 27,000).

There are two models in this series: the M model has a higher tube and is suitable for taller users; the S model body is more suitable for shorter users.

There are also two colors – Wave Green and Vibrant Silver, echoing the colors of the 2024 MINI car.

Each bike is handcrafted in France from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs no more than 38 pounds including battery.

In terms of battery life, the MINI E-Bike 1 can run 40 miles and 21 miles in fast mode.

At the front of the vehicle, the bicycle is equipped with a digital console that displays the speed and mileage of the bicycle and supports navigation and positioning.

The MINI E-Bike 1 will be limited to 1,959 units, paying tribute to the year MINI was founded, and also marking the beginning of a long-term cooperation between the two brands.

lululemon: More Chinese consumers are actively exploring “good status”

lululemon's "Global Happiness Report 2023" is released. The global happiness index in 2023 is 66 points, and the happiness index of mainland Chinese residents is 78 points, which is higher than the global average.

The report points out that Chinese consumers are taking conscious actions to explore the "good state".

Compared with 2021, Chinese consumers are more active in looking for "small blessings" in daily life; more people agree that happiness comes from "listening to the heart", and increasingly respect the sense of boundaries and accept fragile emotions; sports and social interaction are the best ways for people to obtain good things. One of the effective ways to achieve status.

However, there are differences in the happiness levels of different groups. Among them, male and post-95 respondents have relatively low happiness indexes.

Men invest relatively less time and money in mental health and feel pressure to express their needs and emotions.

At the same time, people are increasingly looking for "good status" on social media and digital platforms, and use these tools to stay connected with family and friends.

However, digital tools also come with risks. 54% of respondents said they spend too much time on social media when their happiness is low. Those born after 1995 especially agree with this point of view.

lululemon has released the "Global Happiness Report" every year since 2021, assessing people's happiness levels from three dimensions: physical, mental and social.

This year's report covers 14 markets around the world, with a total of 14,000 respondents.

Nescafe’s latest pop-up store can be recycled after use

To celebrate the launch of the Dolce Gusto Neo coffee machine, Nescafé has opened a dedicated pop-up store in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This pop-up store is located in a local park. The design is inspired by the petals of the coffee flower. It adopts a dome structure and has five glass porches, allowing users to enjoy outdoor greenery and scenery.

In terms of materials, the brand uses pine wood purchased from sustainable sources and uses as little material as possible.

The biggest feature of this pop-up store is its recyclability.

EStudio Guto Requena, the team responsible for the design, said that when the pop-up needs to be demolished in two years' time, both of its main construction materials will be recycled: the wood will be recycled and the plaster will be used as the Agricultural fertilizers in the region.

Although Nestlé has not announced more details about recycling, this design is a good reminder – since pop-up stores will be demolished in the short term, should brands consider the upcoming recycling issues when designing?

This link should probably become "standard information" for the project.

Intrepid: taking the first step towards climate labeling your journeys

Our industry has a front-row seat to climate emergency.

said James Thornton, CEO of travel services company Intrepid. He also pointed out, "However, only a small number of companies measure their carbon emissions and emission reductions."

As its latest initiative, Intrepid has measured the comprehensive carbon emissions of its 500 most popular travel routes and presented them to consumers in a more concise way to help consumers make more comprehensive decisions.

Intrepid's travel carbon emission label is mainly divided into six parts: accommodation, transportation, activities, catering, waste and Intrepid's office operation emissions.

However, currently Intrepid is still unable to calculate the carbon emissions of flights, because many consumers book round-trip flights themselves, but Intrepid is also looking for ways to include this part, because this is usually a large part of travel carbon emissions. part.

Intrepid notes that consumers appreciate climate labels, which also help the company's business.

Research shows that travelers prefer brands and companies that value sustainability and operational transparency. 50% of respondents are even more willing to change their travel itinerary to achieve lower carbon travel, even if that means higher prices or less convenience.

Thornton admits that their statistics are now "more of a guideline than an exact science," but he believes that "carbon emissions calculations will become more and more accurate, and we will update these data as estimation technology develops." .

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