Control your drinking water, but also control your orgasm? Nowadays, hackers are more than just stealing QQ numbers

At one o'clock in the morning, an author of Ai Faner suddenly updated two articles in English. The content is not the area we usually pay attention to, and the article is not written by my colleague.

But don't panic, we didn't announce the build of the car, nor did we open up a reporting line in English. It's just that the account of an author was hacked. This is just like your QQ account was stolen to defraud your family and classmates money, your payment account was stolen and hundreds of thousands of loans were collected, and your phone number was stolen and your phone number was registered with multiple gambling websites. Our author's account was also stolen.

When this kind of theft or being held hostage occurs to an individual, it is likely to cause great harm to the individual. But when this kind of theft occurs on some big guys and public things, the impact may be beyond imagination.

Hackers can do almost everything except knowing not to open a Bitcoin account

Internet-connected objects can now be controlled. After the successful commercialization of some intelligent products, a product is hijacked and cracked, which may affect a group of people.

Sex toys are the most eye-catching existence in this case of remote cracking and control. Six months ago, the news that the male chastity belt was controlled and then ransomed by hackers for 0.02 Bitcoin (about 7,500 RMB) is still fresh in the memory.

In this case, an important reason for the hacker's unsuccessful extortion is that the chastity belt device of the extorted person was not locked at the time. The threat is useless to the extortionist and can be shared with friends as an anecdote. But if someone is really controlled because of the chastity belt loophole, then they can only choose to pay, after all, choosing violent dismantling is likely to hurt themselves.

There are many similar sex toys mentioned in the news.

A wearable chastity belt designed by a company in Guangdong, China, is priced at US$190 (approximately RMB 1,250) for men, and most people who can afford it can pay the ransom. The original intention of this chastity belt is to provide remote control for the wearer's partner mobile phone, so there is no manual unlocking device.

Of course, after being compromised by hackers, both the user and the partner lose control of the chastity belt.

▲ Intelligence is one of the promotional points of the product

The remote control massage stick " Panty buster " made by the German company Amor Gummiwaren can also be easily hacked, even if it is not a hacker. This product allows unauthenticated Bluetooth to connect. People who have a little knowledge of smart products can hijack the device in this way.

In addition, the Canadian company Standard Innovation has also been sued by users for leaking the personal information of many users in the app of sex toys. We also have to feel that sex products are really a hard-hit area that is easy to be hijacked and blackmailed. Extortion, most people will choose to swallow the bitter fruit in silence.

▲ Panty buster can also be controlled remotely. Picture from: Houston Chronicle

The discovery of vulnerabilities in commercial products is not new, but in many cases public facilities may also be attacked. In March 2019, a 22-year-old resigned youth used remote control to shut down the public clean water system in a county in Kansas, and therefore faced 20 years in prison.

This is the gap left by the Municipal Council itself. In order to allow employees to monitor the water system at any time, they installed remote access software and did not have the authority to close the resigned employees, resulting in the resigned employees being able to "remotely log in" to operate the system.

The same happened in the Florida water treatment plant. When a new remote control software was installed, they did not change the password or delete the original remote control software, which caused the system to be invaded.

Fortunately, although the public water system was breached in the above two cases, the residential water consumption was not affected.

It's just that in many smart crimes, large amounts of property losses are not uncommon. Today, when tires are working hard to become smart, cars are more likely to be stolen. With only some professional tools, a car thief can steal the car silently within a few minutes.

If hackers start with networked smart cars, a large number may even directly paralyze the public transportation system. David Yanni, a research assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology Laboratory, said: “During rush hour, hackers can completely paralyze traffic by turning off 20% of cars. If 20% of cars cannot drive normally, a city can be divided into individual parts. Isolated island."

▲ Picture from: Times

When property, transportation, and public affairs can all be invaded, we also need to be alert to more problems with intelligent products.

"Intelligence" may also bring about accidents, domestic violence, and terrorist attacks

Intelligent, with the blessing of technology, the consumer-grade products you use have more and more attributes that meet your needs. It allows you to remotely control, when you come home, the air conditioner is turned on, and the room temperature is pleasant; it can free your hands, control the equipment at home through voice, and order and prohibit; it can complete the company for you, and help you deal with things through deep learning, efficiency Super high.

This is the attractive side of intelligence.

▲ Smart curtains know when to open

Many ecological chain companies will even show a good picture of future life in their own promotional videos-toasters that automatically start baking, smart curtains that unfold on time, and light fixtures that are a little bright as the sun goes down. But what if these things are not controlled by you? In other words, the control you think is no longer strong, this is the unattractive side of intelligence.

If the design of an aircraft relies too much on automated driving, it may cause an air crash. In 2009, Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 passengers. The final air crash investigation team concluded that "the autopilot and fly-by-wire control functions malfunctioned and turned off by themselves, and the pilot cannot manually take over the aircraft."

The New York Times also published " When Smart Homes Become "Accomplices" to Domestic Violence ."

In this article, the existence of the smart home becomes a way for the abuser to control the victim. Because the app on the smartphone can connect to these smart devices, the perpetrator can remotely control the daily objects in the home to monitor the situation at home and intimidate the victim.

Intelligentization will also make wars "prosaic." By manipulating the battlefield from a long distance, the sense of awe of the military for war will be diluted. When the "cry" is no longer harsh, indifference will follow.

On the other hand, intelligence will make terrorist attacks easier. Computer scientist Stuart Russell said that the biggest winner of the artificial intelligence arms race will be "small rogue states and non-state actors like terrorists" who can obtain such technologies from the underground black market. In the near future, small commercial-grade drones powered by artificial intelligence that can be transformed into attack tools may harm more ordinary people.

This belongs to the frightening side of intelligence.

If the content of our first part is still due to the hidden dangers caused by hacker attacks, then we are talking about the impact of "out of control" of product intelligence. After the product is industrialized, its designer loses control over the application scenarios of the product. How it is used, how it is transformed, and how it works in a specific state have all become new issues.

Unstoppable intelligence: how to control the switch in your own hands

Technology reporter Kashmir Hill once tracked the communication frequency of 18 smart devices at home on a special router, and found that these smart devices did not "stop work" for more than one hour when no one was in the house for a week.

In the issue of intelligence, there is never a shortage of extreme examples. If consumers do not want to be involved in the wave of intelligence, it seems that they can only choose not to use any smart devices at all. This is becoming more and more difficult in an environment where the trend of intelligence is unstoppable. Under this circumstance, an example of good and safe intelligence has become the "giant panda."

Estonia is this precious panda.

In 2007, Estonia suffered a cyber attack by hackers. After the attack broke out, a large amount of information could not be sent, and online finance was suspended. Estonia, which relied heavily on the Internet for daily operations, was almost paralyzed and could only respond with an emergency shutdown of external communications. At that time, Estonia was a benchmark case of over-intelligence in the country. It tells more people that if you rely too much on the Internet, you have to face the consequences of possible paralysis of the entire system.

▲ Estonia was attacked

But Estonia has not changed its course. After this cyber attack, Estonia published the "Network Security Strategy of the Republic of Estonia", which targeted escalation of network deficiencies. Lauri Ayre, the former defense secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, said that after the cyber attack, a large amount of state-level investment has led to the development of policies and regulations for the government and the private sector, and their network infrastructure has become more reliable. .

A failure did not hinder the development of online intelligence in Estonia. Estonia today is a country where, apart from marriage and real estate, other affairs can basically be handled online. On the official website of the Estonian government, you can even see Estonia share suggestions on how to deal with cybersecurity issues.

"Technology is actually very cheap, and any country can be digitized intelligently. However, many countries have no political awareness of technology and enact laws to implement digitization." Former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia mentioned in a sharing session. Technology is not the main body of the country's digitalization. The advancement of digitalization requires the simultaneous progress of laws and ethics.

▲ After being attacked in 2007, Estonia did not give up on its own path

When the trend of intelligence is inevitable, smart products may need to add a new network security inspection link; in addition to providing the latest usage methods, it is best to leave some traditional switch options for users; and in the intelligent process of some public affairs Decision makers also need to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

Today, when the trend of intelligence cannot be stopped, consumers can probably only control the switches of their smart devices in their own hands. But if you want to confirm that the control of the switch belongs to you, more work still needs to rely on the designer of the product and the law for intelligent equipment.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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