Contact lenses for augmented reality from Mojo Vision

Soon we will be able to forget the clutter of Google Glasses to immerse ourselves in augmented reality: Mojo Vision has contact lenses in the pipeline to enter the world of AR more comfortably . Introduced at AWE last November, smart lenses provide information in a timely manner to the wearer, without having to wear devices that are too large and uncomfortable to carry.

A potentially revolutionary idea that could be exploited in various fields and bring attention back to the world of augmented reality, which has recently been set aside. The Californian startup has all the credentials to make it big in the near future.

Mojo Vision and lenses for augmented reality

Science fiction is becoming more and more real thanks to the latest advances in technology. The smart glasses resulting from the collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook were just the beginning of the "intelligent revolution" of wearable devices, which now become even smaller with Mojo Vision contact lenses for augmented reality.

Mojo Vision lenses are made with a microLED display "as big as a grain of sand" . This mini-display is able to provide all the information the user needs, adding an overlay to the normal view of the world. The screen is positioned exactly in front of the pupil : in this way it captures the light and directs it towards a specific area of ​​the retina. The lenses also have smart sensors that can correct the wearer's vision.

Mojo Vision contact lenses for augmented reality.
Mojo Vision contact lenses for augmented reality. Source: Mojo Vision

The device allows access to any type of data without interrupting the user or making him lose concentration . Imagine running and having (literally) all your vital signs in sight; or to make a presentation and not lose sight of the schedule of your speech; or to be at the airport and receive real-time alerts on flights and the direction to take; lenses can show all this information without slowing down the wearer's activities, indeed, speeding them up.

Mojo Vision augmented reality lenses
Source: Mojo Vision

The lenses could also be used in healthcare or in emergency cases where prompt intervention is required. Professionals would always have the data they need available, without having to stop to assess the situation and find information.

When will they be available?

The idea of ​​having smart lenses and feeling like Iron Man is a very tempting idea, we know. Nonetheless, the use of Mojo Vision's smart lenses raises several questions, many of which are related to privacy . Where is the information shown by the device collected? How is your data protected? The startup assures that privacy comes first and the lenses will be safe, but there are no details yet on how it will be guaranteed.

In any case, it is still early to discuss it: the lenses are not yet ready to be marketed . Only a few partners were able to try the device, and they called it "amazing". The quality of the images still needs to be improved and at the moment they are reproduced in a single color, but the idea that contact lenses can show us images and information is incredible. According to the first testers , the view of the real world remains clear and the images blend perfectly.

Source: Mojo Vision

We are therefore talking about a device that could really revolutionize the world of augmented reality, thanks to its small size and the immediacy of information. Mojo Vision has many partnerships , including those with LG, HP and Motorola, but also Adidas, Slopes and Trailforks on the sports front.

Smart lenses seem to be an excellent investment : if used correctly they could make huge strides for professionals in various fields. Now we just have to wait to see them arrive for everyone on the market.

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