Completely digital change of residence: another step forward for the PA

The endless queues at the registry office of your municipality could become a distant memory with the digital change of residence. The major public administration renovation project continues at a rapid pace and a few days ago this additional feature was launched for the benefit of Italian citizens. The plan, much wider, has great ambitions and has obtained a significant boost and conspicuous resources thanks to the NRP.

The Public Administration and the Pnrr

The NRR , 191.5 billion euros guaranteed to Italy by the European Union , brings with it a dense series of activities in many different areas. Among these, the PA is particularly important with the aim of reforming the sector thanks to a profound digital revolution. The name of the project is “Italia Digitale 2026” and the title already has an expiration date. In fact, Europe has granted itself the resources of the NRP, but on the condition that they are used correctly and within verifiable times. The milestones are varied:

  • widen the audience of citizens with digital identity (such as Spid) up to 70% of the population;
  • increase digital skills in order to reduce the cultural gap on these technologies;
  • a strong push for public administration cloud migration;
  • consequently, the ability to provide over 80% of services via digital platforms;
  • finally, to reach all Italian families with ultra-broadband fiber.

The themes of the NRP concern different areas of collective life but all with the aim of making Italy take a step into the future that has been expected for too many years. It must be said that very often various entities have tried to approach the world of technology with poor results, given the great difficulty linked to bureaucracy.

The issue is very dear to the Minister for technological innovation and digital transition Vittorio Colao who made it the cornerstone of the Italian plan. In fact, in order to simplify access to resources and have a single standard rather than great heterogeneity even among small municipalities, the Ministry has provided a series of standard packages. Municipalities will need to define only the requirements appropriate to their activities in order to receive an adequate economic voucher designed by the central state functions.

The new digital change of residence in ANPR

The centralized system of National Resident Population Registry (ANPR) was designed by the Italian State already with article 62 of Legislative Decree n. 82/2005 but only a few months ago the implementation activity for all Italian municipalities was completed. The aim of this tool was to have a single standardized database and thus avoid duplication and inconsistent states between municipalities. The activation of the added services took place not many months ago but, in fact, it is already at the center of media attention again.

change of digital residence

As of November 15, Minister Colao had announced the possibility of autonomously generating 14 types of registry certificates for all citizens without paying the € 16 stamp duty. In February the pilot project for the change of residence and a few days ago the entry into service of the function for all the population . It will be sufficient to access the portal with your digital identity, Spid, Electronic Identity Card or National Service Card. The service can be used both by citizens residing on the national territory to move to another municipality, and by citizens residing abroad for repatriation.

The PA and security issues

Innovation is certainly simple and the beneficial impacts on users are enormous. No more queues at the counters and great speed in carrying out the operation. All this also leads us to think about safety issues, which are increasingly topical. Systems of this caliber, with extensive use of strictly confidential data of Italian citizens, should be jealously guarded. Furthermore, the issue of the transition to the cloud makes us reflect on the issue of national sovereignty over data , the value of which is still too little misunderstood and ignored by most. Our age of lives on the web should guarantee even more the integrity of information and make sure that it is always protected to the maximum by our abilities. Personal data is not like passwords: you cannot press the reset button.

We will continue to see developments in the PA's digital plan in the coming months. There are many innovations to come and we must expect major renovations between now and 2026.

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