Complete guide for buying the right Epson cartridges

Having a guide to buying Epson printer cartridges is essential, especially in this period of Covid, with the kids left at home due to distance learning and the need to print many sheets, drawings and diagrams.

Each type of this instrument needs its own model, in black and white or in color, and Epsons are undoubtedly the most requested and appreciated, both for the more than competitive price and for the high marketing of this brand's printers. But how to buy the right Epson cartridges ? And which are the most used and most economically convenient? Let's find out together.

Epson cartridges

The Japanese company Epson is one of the largest world leaders in the production of printers , with a turnover of around 10 billion dollars a year. But not only that, it also produces scanners, projectors, digital cameras, computers and cash registers, up to ink and toners.

There is a wide range of these reliable printers on the market, each with specific characteristics, and an inexperienced user may have difficulty buying the appropriate cartridges for the model they own. Of course, the first thing to do is to understand the name and then get advice from a seller, who will certainly be more prepared. This buying guide will make it easier for you to recognize genuine Epson cartridges.

Epson printers are known around the world for their reliability and cartridge life.

Epson Starfish

The Stella Marina series 603 cartridges are available in four colors, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. They have a yield of more than 150 pages, for reliable and absolutely hassle-free printing.

The key feature of this cartridge model is the dye color ink and pigment black ink , which guarantees the printing of documents with bright and well defined colors. Latest generation model, it is available in both standard and XL format, ideal for large runs.

Epson DURAbrite

This inkjet cartridge is available in four colors, black, yellow, magenta and cyan. Enables quality photo and document prints that are resistant to water, fading and smudging.

Immediately recognized by the Epson printer, they are functional and with excellent continuous printing. The only drawback is the too high price, not justifiable even with the quality and guarantee of the cartridge itself.

Epson Claria Home Strawberry Series

This cartridge model is also produced in four colors, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Consumable specifically for Epson printers, they deliver the best possible results with crisp, clear documents and glossy photographs in perfect lab quality .

Present on the market both in traditional and XL format, this cartridge is very easy to replace and the colors are brilliant and luminous until completely consumed.

Choosing the right Epson cartridges may be difficult but not with this handy buying guide.

Epson Black 18

This black cartridge is among the most popular and purchased by users, despite the price not being the cheapest. The print quality is excellent, the color bright, clear and evident, without any kind of smudge or smudge. Rather high number of printed pages, about 175.

A perfect guide to buying new Epson cartridges

Buying the right Epson cartridges may seem like a complicated choice given the wide variety of choices, but for sure buying originals means having reliable and trouble-free prints. The manufacturer Epson has invested in studies and research to develop cartridges that guarantee perfect functioning and ensure maximum compatibility with printers of the same series.

Despite this, it is useful to specify that there are many compatible cartridges which, although not produced by the parent company Epson, are equally valid. The only precaution remains to verify that the dealer is reliable. Now that you have all the alternatives clear, all you have to do is make an informed and safe purchase!

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