Comparing the Apple M2 and Intel’s flagship core, what does Qualcomm’s just-released Snapdragon X Elite have?

This year's Snapdragon Summit took longer than previous years, because in previous years there was only one protagonist, and that was the Snapdragon 8 series flagship mobile chip, but this year is different. The Snapdragon PC chip, which used to play a supporting role and only appeared from time to time, has been upgraded this year. Becoming the protagonist: Snapdragon

In yesterday's speech, Qualcomm showed us the existence of this chip and gave a brief introduction, but did not disclose information about the architecture details. In today's speech, Qualcomm spent more than an hour explaining this chip in detail. .

First, the architecture has been clarified: 3 clusters, 12 cores, all large cores, the main frequency is 3.8GHz, and 2 of the cores can be overclocked to 4.3GHz.

The memory supports LPDDR5X, the memory bandwidth supports up to 136GB/s, and the total cache is 42MB.

In order to demonstrate performance, Qualcomm compared a number of Intel processors, such as the i9-13980HX. Qualcomm said that the single-thread performance of the Snapdragon , including 8 performance cores (dual-threaded) and 16 energy-efficiency cores (single-threaded). Comparing single-threaded performance is the weakness of i9-13980HX.

Compared with Intel i7-1360P, it is completely superior in overall performance and power consumption. i7-1360P is also a 12-core processor (4 performance cores, 8 energy efficiency cores).

Then today Qualcomm continued to compare the Intel i7-13800H processor, which is a bit of a leapfrog comparison, because the i7-13800H is a commonly used processor for performance notebooks, using a 6 performance core, 8 energy efficiency core architecture, and a TDP of 45W.

Qualcomm said that the performance of Snapdragon X Elite is up to 2 times that of Intel i7-13800H processor, while the peak performance power consumption is 65% less.

In addition, Qualcomm also said that compared to the Apple M2 chip (4 performance cores + 4 energy efficiency cores), the peak performance of Snapdragon X Elite is 50% higher. Looking at it this way, shouldn’t the 12-core Snapdragon X Elite be directly compared to the 12-core M2 Pro (8 performance cores + 4 energy efficiency cores)? But Qualcomm did not make a comparison here. A reasonable guess is that its performance is between M2 and M2 Pro.

As for the GPU capability, Qualcomm didn’t talk much about it. It pointed out that the computing power is 4.6TFLOPS, which means that the Snapdragon output.

We also know that Qualcomm makes chips, generally called SoC or platforms, which are not just CPU+GPU, but also NPU, baseband, WiFi and Bluetooth modules, sensor hubs, etc.

You can rest assured about the connectivity aspects of baseband, WiFi and Bluetooth. It supports 5G (10GB/s), supports WiFi 7, supports dual Bluetooth, and supports lossless wireless audio transmission.

The focus of Snapdragon X Elite is NPU and AI capabilities.

Qualcomm first optimized the NPU connection and power supply design of the Snapdragon

In the most commonly used open source AI image generation tool Stable Diffusion, the speed of Snapdragon X Elite is 2.7 times that of competing products. After optimization, the speed can even be as much as 20 times that of competing products.

In the Ulm Procyon AI test, a benchmark program designed specifically for AI performance, the AI ​​performance of Snapdragon .

Other modules, such as CPU and GPU, as well as micro-NPUs in the sensor hub, have improved AI capabilities and can perform calculations for various specific scenarios.

Compared with the previous ones based on the Snapdragon 8 series mobile phone chips that were slightly modified and placed in PCs, as well as the Snapdragon 8cx, this time it can be seen that Qualcomm really hopes that the Snapdragon X Elite can shine in the notebook PC field. Shares of Intel and Apple. But we need to be reminded that notebooks equipped with Snapdragon X Elite will not be shipped until the middle of next year, so we have to wait about half a year to really see the strength of this chip.

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