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  • Make "working from home" a legal right, the Netherlands is about to do it
  • Hearing or visually impaired, Coldplay wants you to have fun in concert
  • This children's art exhibition is also accompanied by sign language commentary for the audience
  • With an investment of 800 million yuan, Unilever will find alternatives for palm oil
  • Finisterre: Let more people enjoy the beauty of the ocean

Make "working from home" a legal right, the Netherlands is about to do it

On Tuesday, the Dutch parliament approved legislation making "working from home" a legal right. Now, with final approval from the Senate, the Netherlands is about to become one of the first countries to legislate to protect this flexible working method.

Under existing law, Dutch employers can unconditionally refuse employees' requests to work from home. Once the new law is passed, Dutch employers cannot refuse this requirement if the nature of the employee's occupation allows it.

Even before the epidemic, many people in the Netherlands chose to work from home.

According to statistics, in 2018, 14% of Dutch employees worked remotely, the highest rate in the European Union.

The new law this time complements the "flexible working law" passed in the Netherlands in 2015. Legislation has previously allowed employees to ask employers to change working hours, work schedules and work locations.

Other European countries have introduced similar laws without explicitly making working from home a legal right.

Some believe that Germany, France and Portugal will follow in the footsteps of the Netherlands.

Hearing or visually impaired, Coldplay wants you to have fun in concert

Last year, we reported that Coldplay's global tour this year will be as sustainable as possible, using clean energy and supporting low-carbon travel.

Recently, Coldplay announced another new initiative, this time mainly for the inclusiveness of the experience.

In order to allow hearing-impaired audiences to better experience the concert, sign language interpreters will be employed for each performance, and a tactile audio system "Subpacs" will be provided. This wearable audio system enables hearing-impaired audiences to experience more precise and detailed musical vibrations.

For visually impaired audiences, a "touch tour" is available in advance for each concert. This means that visually impaired audiences can familiarize themselves with the structure of the venue and stage before the performance, so that it is easier to move around and understand the performance when watching the performance.

At the same time, visually impaired audiences will also have a special viewing area, which is relatively closer to the stage.

In addition, for viewers who are susceptible to sensory overload, the organizer and KultureCity have teamed up to bring a "sensory bag" and a dedicated "mobile sensory refuge station".

▲ The US Citi Stadium was also equipped with a "sensory shelter" before

For some people with autism and ADHD, factors such as surrounding sounds, images, and light can trigger discomfort, and decompression tools such as headphones and fidget spinners can help them relieve discomfort.

▲ KultureCity's "Sensory Relief Pack"

With these aids, sensory-sensitive groups can also enjoy social life and feel comfortable in public spaces.

Anyone with the above requirements can send an email to apply. At the same time, Coldplay also welcomes emails from the public with suggestions for improvements to the show's inclusivity.

Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland once said in an interview that it's all for everyone to enjoy together:

It's great that everyone (the audience) can come and participate.

If there's one goal we have, it's to create a feeling that we're all together.

This children's art exhibition is also accompanied by sign language commentary for the audience

In China, we are also gradually seeing more performance and exhibition institutions begin to pay attention to inclusiveness.

The "2022 O'Kids International Children's Art Festival", which just opened at the "Yuan·Art Museum" in Chongqing, has created a barrier-free art exhibition area.

The exhibition area displays artworks created by children with disabilities in different regions, with sign language public welfare MV display and sign language teaching. Of course, sign language guides provide sign language interpretation throughout the area.

More importantly, children with disabilities participated in the recruitment and guide of works in the barrier-free exhibition area. As "you look good" summed up:

Art education can help children improve their creative thinking and expressive ability, and barrier-free art activities can also promote the integration of the deaf and the hearing impaired, as well as increase artistic exchanges between different groups of people with disabilities, and guarantee the right of every person with disabilities to participate in art activities fairly.

The exhibition will run until August 28th. If you want to know more, you can also click here to read the details.

With an investment of 800 million yuan, Unilever's new company is looking for alternatives to palm oil

Recently, Unilever announced a joint venture with biotech company Genomatica to develop alternatives to palm oil and cleaner components of fossil fuels.

The two companies have pledged to invest US$120 million (about 800 million yuan) to advance development, making the partnership the largest single investment in the field to date.

Palm oil is a common raw material in daily chemical products. However, the expansion of the industry has also brought large-scale deforestation in some areas, affecting the climate and biodiversity.

Finisterre: Let more people enjoy the beauty of the ocean

Founded in 2003, Finisterre is a sportswear brand that started out as surf sportswear.

Like many outdoor apparel brands, Finisterre has always emphasized that the environment is closely related to the company and its users, and the ocean is the core of its company value.

From the product level, Finisterre has established a relatively complete product cycle chain, from creating durable products, to providing clothing repair services, to recycling old clothing, and material reuse.

In terms of employee management, a company that started out as surfing apparel also encourages employees to keep in touch with the ocean. Every Tuesday, employees have an hour of work to get close to the ocean — go surfing, swimming, or simply resting nearby. At the same time, free psychological counseling, meditation, yoga, surfing and swimming lessons are also available on-site.

In addition, Finisterre says the company values ​​inclusion and diversity. At the headquarters, the company adopts the common mixed work system after the epidemic to support flexible working; the store also has multiple time periods and work modes for employees to choose, "to support all needs."

If diversity is superimposed on the ocean, what innovation will there be?

In response, Finisterre has launched two special projects, the Wetsuit Project and the Seasuit Project.

Although two separate projects, they both have the same core – a better way for everyone to enjoy the ocean and have the opportunity to enjoy it.

The Wetsuit project is a modification service where Finisterre can modify wetsuits for users with different needs.

Andrew Birkett suffers from cerebral palsy which affects the mobility of his feet. When moving on land, he has many obstacles, but in the water, he can feel a different kind of ease.

But full-body wetsuits are inconvenient to wear, and Finisterre made it easier for him to wear. The program is also open for applications, and consumers can apply for wetsuit modification services for themselves or someone they know.

On the other hand, Seasuit is derived from the experience of Finisterre ambassador Easy Britton's trip to Iran.

When surfing in Iran, she followed local requirements to wrap her body and even wear a headscarf, feeling the discomfort of the equipment firsthand.

Later, she teamed up with Finisterre and invited Shirin Gerami, the first female athlete in Iran to participate in the triathlon, to co-design the Seasuit – under the premise of meeting the dress requirements, it provides good sports performance, so that Iranian women can also Go surfing more comfortably.

The sales of Seasuit adopts the strategy of "buy one get one free". For each piece sold, the company will give away one piece, and anyone in need can apply on the official website.

As a brand, we believe that the ocean is a place that brings freedom. But for some, the lack of proper clothing means they can't even experience it. We hope that Seasuit brings that freedom.

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