Coca-Cola’s “Dreamland” flavor isn’t its weirdest product yet

Do dreams have flavor?

Dreams are abyss in the mind. They may contain memories and subconsciousness, or they may be incoherent and meaningless. Freud tried to clarify the strangeness and ambiguity hidden in dreams, but he did not say what dreams were like.

Coca-Cola has an answer:

The taste of dreams is "Dreamworld".

What is the taste of a dream, you will know when you drink it

Dreamworld is the fourth product of Coca-Cola Creations, a creative platform owned by Coca-Cola, and is expected to be available for a limited time in the US and Canada on August 15.

Dreamworld's flavors are based on elusive concepts rather than food, which may be exactly what Coca-Cola intended –

"Bottling the style and subconscious surrealism of Technicolor technology, savoring the magic of everyday moments and dreaming with your eyes open."

It seemed to say something, and it seemed that nothing was said.

However, Dreamworld is destined to have only 2 flavors, one with sugar and the other with aspartame. The moment you drink Dreamworld, you'll know that Coca-Cola decides what a dream tastes like.

Dreamworld reporter Katie Teague, who tried the zero-sugar version ahead of time, said it tasted like a fruity candy, with a more pronounced citrus flavor, and like a Coca-Cola with Skittles.

Journalist Marvo got early access to the regular version of Dreamworld. In his view, it is a tropical fruit-flavored cola , with mango being the most prominent, but also some orange and papaya.

He even had the feeling of a dream: "Maybe you can imagine yourself sitting on the beach, basking in the sun to get your vitamin D, watching the waves lap gently on the beach."

Echoing the taste of dreams, Dreamworld's bright blue packaging and backdrop feature disco balls, floating cubes and ladders leading to a multidimensional world, presenting a dreamlike landscape that resembles a psychedelic art installation at Coachella.

To engage with Gen Z, Coca-Cola plans to launch a series of immersive digital experiences:

Cooperate with electronic music festival brand Tomorrowland to create an AR music experience, which can be entered by scanning the QR code on the bottle; cooperate with digital fashion brands such as DRESSX to design virtual clothing; launch Dreamworld-themed Snapchat AR special effects lenses…

▲ Preview of AR music experience. Image from: Coca-Cola® Creations Hub

In the real world, Dreamworld will run on select college campuses and appear on the iconic Coca-Cola billboard in Times Square, attracting more young people's attention.

Coca-Cola said that Dreamworld is the fourth and final launch of the Lechuang Wujie platform in 2022.

From February to August 2022, Coca-Cola's limited-edition new products will appear one after another because of the boundless creation of music.

What Lechuang Wujie wants to do is to give Coca-Cola, which has a history of more than 130 years, a new look through the release of limited products, immersive interactive experience and cultural creativity that fits the younger generation.

That is to say, all products and experiences in the past and the future will be limited, with a sense of "one session, one session".

There is no taste that Coca-Cola dare not define

In February this year, Coca-Cola officially announced that Le Creation is boundless, and simultaneously launched the platform 's first product " Starlight". As you can see, it's inspired by space.

Coca-Cola worked with NASA more than 30 years ago and was one of the first soft drink brands to go into space. Astronauts sip Coca-Cola in a special space tank in 1985.

▲ Space tank. Image from: airandspace

Coca-Cola decided to use the Galaxy Walk to restore this relationship. Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy at Coca-Cola, said there was no better way than to "pay homage to the past and thereby move into the future."

The outer packaging of Galaxy Walk adopts a gradient color, and the starry sky is scattered on it, creating a nebula-like feeling, which constantly changes in the sun, and complements the reddish liquid.

▲ Galaxy Walk ingredients list.

Coca-Cola said that Star River Walk "has a subtle cooling feeling", but personally feel that if it is greasy, the plum flavor is not as delicious as the original flavor, and there are also views that it is "cranberry" or "cherry and raspberry".

Similar to Dreamworld, Coca-Cola designed a digital experience for Galaxy Walk.

Scanning the bottle of Star Walk, among the red liquid and gradient lights, pop singer Ava Max will present an AR performance, singing three of her hit singles, of which "Sweet but Psycho" is her answer to "Star Walk" ” is a figurative interpretation—sweet and crazy.

Le Chuang Wujie also designed Instagram, Snapchat filters for Galaxy Walk, as well as ASMR that makes people "cranial orgasm".

▲ Galaxy Walk ASMR.

In the real world, Coca-Cola has partnered with streetwear brand Staple, among others, to bring Galaxy Walk into everyday life.

In April, Lechuang Wujie launched its second product , Zero Sugar Byte, Coke Zero. This is the first time Coca-Cola has created a creative taste with the theme of the metaverse, reconstructing the classic logo with pixel squares, which is said to have a "pixel taste".

Once again, Coca-Cola whetted the appetite, creating an elusive vibe. But when you enter it, it is also a time of disenchantment. "Pixel flavor" turns out to be "cherry and plum", "blueberry and lychee", "sweet cherry flavor", and even close to "ten pieces of bibab soaked in water".

Just as pixels drive digital connectivity, Rhythm Cube brings people together to share beautiful moments. Its series of digital experiences are under the background of such a proposition.

In the game "Fortnite", Coca-Cola and the game organization PWR jointly created an island "Pixel Point". Players can participate in 4 sensory multiplayer mini-games themed on Castle, Escape, Race and Tower. All 4 games require teamwork to practice the original meaning of "connection".

The packaging itself is also the gateway between the digital and physical worlds. Players can scan the bottle to enter the AR game, and use their fingers to guide the "isolated" Bytes to "jump" up the spiral staircase to help them return to the Coca-Cola logo.

On June 30, Lechuang Wujie launched its third product, Marshmello’s , which is a joint flavor with well-known DJ and Grammy-nominated artist Marshmello, and also the first joint name of Lechuang Wujie.

Before the product was released, netizens played with homophonic stalks, guessing that the joint name was Marshmallow (marshmallow) flavor. It's actually watermelon and strawberry, which is much more figurative than space and pixelated, but it's also an unexpected combination of flavors.

Marshmello always wore a black-and-white helmet, and Coca-Cola used it as inspiration to redesign the Coke can: the slender white bottle not only has the helmet, but also the Coca-Cola lettering recreated in Marshmello style.

According to the habit of Lechuang Wujie, what is the digital experience of this joint product?

Players can take part in a live gaming adventure on Twitch, gain exclusive access to virtual items designed by face-pinching software Zepeto, or scan the QR code on the can to enter the Coca-Cola Creations website, where they can create unique digital artwork while listening to Marshmello 's new song "Numb".

From galaxy walks, rhythmic cubes, to co-branding with artists and inspiration from dreams, Lechuang Wujie creates individual limited but overall continuous creative tastes, and brings corresponding designs and experiences in the physical and digital worlds.

There is no limit to taste, but no limit to creativity

With limited products, limited-time experience and unlimited creativity, how can Lechuang Wujie be so good at playing?

If Coca-Cola directly announced a new limited-edition flavor, pointing to it and saying it was "plum" or "tropical fruit," people wouldn't pay too much attention to it.

On the contrary, Coca-Cola said that a bottle of ordinary drink has the taste of space, pixel, and dream. You always want to try it – this sounds too outrageous, but the cost of trial and error is not high, why not buy it and drink it a bit?

Good at using concepts to give taste mystery, let Lechuang Wujie start and win half a step. The metaverse, dreams, and space are not easy to explain clearly, but Coca-Cola is framed by a specific taste. As long as it is unexpected enough before opening the cap, it does what it should.

As Alessandra Cascino, Program Director, Coca-Cola North America Operations, said:

Lechuang Wujie plays unexpected things, which will undoubtedly arouse consumers' attention and debate… We welcome this.

Moreover, the concept played by Coca-Cola has its own popularity. In the film, music, game and fashion industries, themes such as space, metaverse, and dreamland are not uncommon.

For example, Coca-Cola regards China as one of the key markets of Lechuang Wujie, and cooperates with IPs of different young fashion circles in China. Galaxy Walk and Bubble Mart launched limited fashion play , and Ju Duo launched themed makeup; Rhythm Cube invited the virtual female warrior Ren Ziya to endorse, in line with the concept of the Metaverse.

Therefore, Lechuang Wujie is actually in line with the trend of young culture, focusing on the interest center and cultural trend of the Z generation, starting from music, games and sports and other media, to resonate and establish connections with a wide range of young consumers.

The limited time and limited edition of Lechuang is similar to the "Drop" model that originated in the Streetwear culture. The novelty of the limited edition and the urgency of "first come, first served" keep consumers fresh and surprising about the brand.

Cultural drives are on the inside, immersive digital experiences are on the outside.

AR, ASMR, social media, online games… Lechuang Wujie attracts consumers to participate in various ways, and builds itself into "a young technology-savvy brand". Josh Schwarber, Senior Director of Digital Design at Coca-Cola, said:

Lechuang Wujie gave us permission to "play". Products will always be front and center, while we're building multi-sensory stories and immersive experiences around each of these creations.

Le Creation is boundless, born out of Coca-Cola's new brand concept "Real Magic" released in September 2021: the world is now highly connected but divided, when people embrace conflict and opposition, and praise inclusivity, real magic will happen, it makes It is more important than ever that everyday life is no longer mundane.

Manolo Arroyo, Coca-Cola's global chief marketing officer, pointed out that "Real Magic" is not just an advertising word , it will be the north star of advertising and the overall brand.

Lechuang Wujie straddles the physical world and the virtual world, pays attention to popular culture and the trend of the times, keenly grasps the hi-point of the youth trend, and tries its best to interact with consumers. The essence is also a connection. If Galaxy Walk looks up at the stars and sea, Dreamworld looks inward at the infinite possibilities of the mind and pays homage to the common ground of human nature.

Although Le Chuang Wujie's creativity is not completely unexpected, and there is a suspicion of repeated routines, but when you notice it, want to try it, and even start thinking about "what a dream tastes like", Coca-Cola has won.

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