Coca-Cola is about to change its packaging again, in fact, the bottle is its heaviest product

In the domestic animation "Assassin Five Six Seven", there is a segment of a character who has achieved quite a lot in the field of fitness. After bidding farewell to his opponent, he said softly, "I really want to drink Coke." It is not difficult to see that this is indeed one of the voices of many fitness enthusiasts.

As a carbonated drink, although Coke has long been considered to be unhealthy. But people still regard it as the incarnation of happiness. How popular the slogan "Fat House Happy Water" is, how many people love it.

Walking into the convenience store in front of the house, the red figure attracted thousands of people.

However, this red figure will also change. Just recently, the Coca-Cola Company announced that it would make a unified adjustment to the packaging of Coke.

Probably the simplest Coca-Cola packaging in history

According to reports, the new packaging was jointly completed by Coca-Cola and Kenyon Weston, an independent design studio located in England. Coke including Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, and Zero Sugar-Free Coke will use the new design, and different flavors of Coke will be used. Coke can be distinguished well by the packaging.

The most significant change is Diet Coke. The bottle has a large amount of silver blanking. Only the logo maintains the red color that the Coca-Cola brand has always been. The other two are also. The black text is sugar-free Coke, while the classic version uses traditional Red bottle body and white text design.

The old model will find that the new model has become simpler than the new model. Not only is the Coca-Cola logo closer to the top of the bottle, the wave graphics on the bottle have also been removed, leaving a lot of white space, and many users have ridiculed it as "the most in history." Simple Coca-Cola packaging".

▲ From left to right are sugar-free Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola

▲ Old Coca-Cola packaging

According to Kenyon Weston, this modification is to highlight Coca-Cola's iconic red, and the bright hue means "authentic, delicious and refreshing." Moving the logo up is a metaphor that the drink can be refreshing.

In previous researches on color, red is often considered to cause people to feel "happy". A large amount of red white space is conducive to deepening this impression, which is consistent with the impression of Coca-Cola in people's minds.

In the new packaging design, Coke Zero first appeared in February this year, and Coca-Cola has also fine-tuned the Coke formula so that the taste will be closer to the classic Coke taste. Both the packaging and the taste emphasize "classic and authentic", and it is clear that Coca is absorbing the experience of the advertising battle with Pepsi.

At that time, Coke increased the sweetness of Coke in order to defeat Pepsi in the blindfold challenge, but it was rejected by Coke fans and eventually had to change back to the original formula.

Since then, Coca-Cola has repeatedly emphasized authenticity and classicism. With the launch of the new packaging, Coca-Cola even put out "the best Coke ever" as a slogan.

However, friends who are interested in new packaging and classic flavors may have to wait. The new packaging design will not be uniformly launched in the global market until 2022.

The new packaging can be said to be a change from simplicity to complexity. The prominent colors and the more prominent Coke logo are indeed easier for people to recognize.

This is also a further expansion of the "same brand" strategy proposed by Coca-Cola in 2016. At that time, Coca-Cola unified the Coca-Cola Classic, Sugar-free Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, and Life Coca-Cola under the Coca-Cola brand, and jointly launched advertisements.

On the one hand, this has increased the exposure of Coca-Cola's sugar-free version, prompting people to buy more products other than classic models, and at the same time, it can save a lot of marketing costs.

Coca-Cola has invested a lot of resources in packaging. Some are good-looking and some are fun. According to past practices, it will also prepare supporting content for promotion on social media and other channels. This has also made "Coca-Cola New Packaging" a long-term boom on the Internet. One of the unfailing topics.

Coca-Cola is not only good-looking but also fun

People are interested in Coca-Cola's packaging not only because of its emotional effect as a century-old brand, but also because it makes the bottle body more practical, interesting, and beautiful than other companies can match.

Take Coca-Cola’s most common holiday special bottle for example. To celebrate Christmas, it has launched a very innovative Christmas gift vase. After tearing off the label on the bottle and pulling out the corresponding ribbon, it can be made on the bottle in an instant. Give out a Christmas gift, which is in line with the festive atmosphere and fun.

Another popular bottle on Christmas Day is the polar bear bottle. It has appeared in Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Zero and Life. The polar bear is also a classic image in Coca-Cola advertisements, even dating back to 1922.

▲ Zoomed in, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear bottle is full of details

A closer look at the polar bear bottle can reveal many interesting details, such as the shape of the bear’s eyes and the bottle cap, and the reflection on the nose is actually a classic Coca-Cola bottle.

Speaking of the Coca-Cola bottle, one has to say that it was launched in 1915 with curved bottles. This is one of the earliest curved bottles in the carbonated beverage industry. In addition to excellent visual recognition, the curved bottle design is conducive to blind operation. It is easy to hold the bottle, and the vertical lines on it also help increase friction and ensure that the bottle does not slip off easily.

The transparent nature of the glass bottle also makes the beverage look more attractive. Since then, most of the beverage bottles have also adopted a similar structure.

In 1950, the curved Coca-Cola bottle also appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in the United States. It was also the first product in history to appear on the cover of the magazine, showing its influence.

Interesting and fun, many Coke lovers Love House and Wu fall in love with Coke packaging, and various Coke collection associations have appeared among the people, and these associations are now all over the world.

Lin Junlai, president of the China branch of the Coca-Cola Collection Club, as a senior Coke lover, counted the number of Coke he collected in 2017, reaching more than 13,000 bottles.

And because Coca-Cola often launches corresponding Coke packaging according to the local situation, they often become out of print because of the suspension of sales, which also promotes the enthusiasm of Coke lovers to collect to a certain extent.

In an interview, Luke, the vice president of the Hong Kong Coca-Cola Collection Club , said that he spent more than one million yuan to collect Coke bottles, which is also the norm for Coke collectors.

It has even become a cultural phenomenon. In addition to Coke itself, it also appears in various forms, and even Coca-Cola has launched a canned perimeter-Coca-Cola squeeze bottle.

Friends who often drink canned Coke may have similar experiences. Squeezing the bottle after drinking is a way to promote your own strength and at the same time decompress. Since it is decompression, why not make it more violent, Coca-Cola squeeze bottle is positive It is for this reason that it is made of rubber and can be restored after being squeezed. It can be described as a decompression artifact.

In addition, there are peripherals such as Coke bottle cap earrings pendants, which have maintained the consistent visual image of Coca-Cola. The red color and the Coca-Cola logo can be distinguished at a glance.

Good-looking and fun, people may stop drinking Coca-Cola because of health considerations, but they will but still be moved by the interesting bottles and various surroundings of Coca-Cola.

Packaging is the most valuable asset of Coca-Cola

As a brand with a history of more than 100 years, Coca-Cola has become a top IP, and it is constantly introducing new IPs, and various co-branded products are constantly emerging.

In 2019, Coca-Cola cooperated with "Avengers" to launch a unique package of Coke. Not only the bottle has the character paintings of Black Widow and Hulk, but also the pull ring is individually customized, and each pull ring can also be used. Repeatedly use as a brooch or accessory.

There is also cooperation with Star Wars IP to sell "Interstellar Fuel" in Disneyland, which is actually a special customized version of Coca-Cola.

As a commercial consumer product, the delicious packaging co-branded product has been recognized by young people, and it has become a representative of trendy and cool.

This is also one of the common marketing methods in the beverage industry. On the one hand, joint promotion attracts consumers’ attention to the product and drives sales. On the other hand, it also helps to strengthen the brand’s awareness of consumers. In this regard, Coca-Cola is Outstanding.

Since its inception, Coca-Cola has launched more than 40 brand slogans, most of which have a life span of about 2 years. In terms of packaging, this century-old company has always maintained the main image of red and the Coke text, which has become its most classic, The image most recognized by people.

At the same time, the profound visual features also allow Coca-Cola to break away from Coke and even the packaging itself into a variety of peripheral products. Creative Think Different advertising master Lee Clow once said that if an idea can be applied to T-shirts, then it can be applied to any place.

In this regard, Coca-Cola has done it. Its iconic red logo is not only printed on T-shirts, but also in various products.

Earlier, Coca-Cola opened the first offline experience store in Shanghai, which included clothing, hats, cups and other peripheral products such as Coca-Cola, which sparked an upsurge of discussion on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the store is only open to Coca-Cola employees. If consumers want to go to the offline store to experience, they can only go to the Coke store at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, USA.

A large part of the credit is attributed to the packaging of Coca-Cola. It is the carrier of Coca-Cola's brand and has always been its best brand output material, affecting thousands of Coke consumers and bringing people happiness.

It's no wonder that Marcos de Quinto, Coca-Cola's chief marketing officer, would say "Packaging is our most visible and most valuable asset."

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