Clock Plus: how to turn your smartphone into a clock

The timekeeper is very important in various professional contexts and with Marcatempo Plus we can get this functionality from our smartphone. Its main purpose is the management of staff attendance : as the name suggests, this tool records the entries and exits of employees, and is therefore fundamental for the calculation of working hours, overtime, etc.

There is an app that allows you to transform smartphones into real portable time stamps : this is the innovative Timekeeper Plus . The signature, in fact, is that of ValeProg, a professional who for years has dedicated himself to the creation of software and hardware for monitoring access in the company.

ValeProg's ideas are the basis of a significant step forward in this sector. By virtue of technology, various traditional and not very functional machines (including the classic badge readers) have been replaced in many offices! Specifically, with Marcatempo Plus it is possible to use any mobile device to check and manage employee clockings. Not only that: such a solution is more versatile than it seems. Here's how to definitively say goodbye to the old devices to stamp the card!

Portable or stationary time clock?

Using a smartphone as a timekeeper, after downloading the app, means having a portable tool available. All members of the staff will use their mobile phone – or tablet – to mark their presence at work: therefore, the problem of recording data such as the geographical location of the business arises. With Marcatempo Plus, however, it is easy to resolve the issue. An excellent option is to place the so-called Beacon BLE at the customer: an electronic accessory that emits a Bluetooth signal, which will be picked up by the same application for the purpose of stamping (provided that the smartphone is within a maximum range of 10 meters).

QR codes are also useful, albeit a little less reliable in terms of accuracy. The same goes for an alternative choice, saving GPS coordinates , which can change depending on factors such as the type of device. What if you want a fixed time clock? A child's play: just download Marcatempo Plus on a company mobile phone, and place the latter in a place that can be reached by everyone. For example in the lobby of a building, at the entrance to a construction site and so on.

The new Marcatempo Plus app allows you to transform smartphones and tablets into efficient office time stamps.

How to use Marcatempo Plus in smartphones

One of the greatest advantages of the Marcatempo Plus application is the following: it gives the opportunity to register attendance in many different ways . The typical ones, preferred in most cases, are the QR code and the simple button to press on the touchscreen. Both solutions are intuitive, and allow you to stamp your entries and exits in a few moments. Less known, but equally valid, are mechanisms such as the NFC tag. This technology, also called Near-Field Communication, is ideal for offering short-range wireless connectivity.

There are those who set up a button to click on near a BLE Beacon , which we have already mentioned previously, or near a predetermined Wi-Fi network. As can be seen from this overview, those involved in personnel management can count on a vast freedom of choice. We repeat: in addition to the timetables, the headquarters will also be saved thanks to systems such as the Beacon BLE or the QR code. If necessary, a note will be added to this data.

The goals of Marcatempo Plus

It is clear that the main objective of Marcatempo Plus is the smart and rapid administration of attendance : both for employees who work on a permanent basis and for those off-site. With a single state-of-the-art app, any smartphone can become a time-keeping watch – much smoother and more comfortable than traditional ones, which often jam or show incorrect information!

What's more: this application is excellent for monitoring access in other contexts , including gyms and schools. In general, it is 100% efficient for calculating the time and minutes spent in a certain place. Finally, this option is appreciated by freelancers who want to get an idea of ​​the hours they devote to their projects. After all, the rates for customers also depend on this!

A simple app to record employee access to the office: Marcatempo Plus.

More information about Marcatempo Plus

So, whoever wonders if it is possible to turn a mobile phone or tablet into a timekeeper already has the answer! Basically, bookings are reported only on the mobile device used. However, it is easy to transfer any data to a specific cloud after opening an InOut Attendance reporting account. This always by contacting ValeProg, which gives the opportunity to view the reports for a common control or to elaborate statistics.

Finally, apps like Marcatempo Plus are also suitable for time-tracking . Many businesses aim to know the exact time spent on each activity. Everything will be easy and immediate with such a tool.

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