Clean teeth with the intelligence of Oclean X Pro Elite

oclean x pro elite smart electric toothbrush 2 1

Just like devices designed for the home, even those for personal care are now intelligent. And as the latest trend wants, even dental hygiene has become smart thanks to leading brands in the sector such as Oclean , which will soon launch the new X Pro Elite electric toothbrush .

Oclean X Pro Elite: the smart electric toothbrush also monitors blind spots between the teeth

oclean x pro elite smart electric toothbrush

So what does the experience of the new X Pro Elite offer us ? It starts from the surely complete mobile application to use as a dental coach during brushing of the teeth, since it allows to develop a cleaning plan, providing the user with a deep knowledge of what is the whole dental structure. Furthermore, it allows you to know the cleaning times necessary in order to obtain a healthier and cleaner teeth.

But the new Oclean electric toothbrush is not only this, in fact, thanks to the LCD display it is possible to detect blind spots between the teeth, so as not to lose any area to be cleaned during brushing. On the basis of which ones have been achieved, the application assigns a score and shows us in detail where to insist when brushing the teeth in order to achieve a complete cleaning.

The new Oclean X Pro Elite smart electric toothbrush will be launched on the AliExpress , Amazon and eBay stores with an appointment at the end of March 2021 . It will come with the latest updated version of the integrated operating system, but also with the very useful Qi wireless charging , so you can recharge it on any occasion.