Chengdu Auto Show Special | “From the Future” Tank 400 / GAC Toyota Senna Officially Released / Lynk & Co 05+ is here

Today's "Dong Che Daily" will be a little bit different than usual.

On August 29, that is, yesterday, the 24th Chengdu International Auto Show officially opened.

For this relatively large-scale auto show, auto companies will naturally not let go of such a communication opportunity and have released many new cars.

Therefore, Dong Chejun decided to come to an issue of "Dong Che Daily Chengdu Auto Show Special" to chat with everyone about some popular models, come and see if there is anything you are interested in~


  • Tank 500 and this "from the future" tank 400
  • The new sports player collar grams 05+, the appearance can reach 50 horsepower
  • Dongfeng Qichen Big V starts at only 103,000, with outstanding design
  • Convertible BMW M4 released, 999.99 million yuan
  • Golf in the electric age, SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 released
  • The new Audi Q2L is released, with Wang Yibo's signature
  • Comparing to the 3 series, Genisis G70 made its domestic debut
  • Hyundai Tucson L hybrid version is unveiled, this Kusitu should not be missed
  • GAC Toyota Sina SIENNA unveiled at the auto show
  • Cloud test drive: 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R

First of all, let's talk about the more popular domestic models in the near future.

Tank 500 and this "from the future" tank 400

Basically the same as the previously exposed renderings, the appearance of the tank 500 is significantly different from that of the tank 300.

▲Tank 500

This tank 500 shows us a good sense of luxury from the inside to the outside.

The large chrome grille on the front face, the large-size digital instrument and the central control screen, Nappa leather, and the crystal gear lever in the center all indicate the positioning of this large luxury SUV.

▲Tank 500

The tank 400 is different. The positioning of the car is between the tank 300 and the tank 500. It is built with the design concept of "infinite mecha".

▲Tank 400

The whole car has sharp edges and corners, extremely three-dimensional, and full of futuristic shape, which is very rebellious among the soft and beautiful SUVs.

▲Tank 400

At present, the official has not announced any relevant information about the tank 400, and it is expected to provide a power combination of 2.0T and 9AT.

New sports players, Lynk & Co 05+

Starting from the Lynk & Co 03+, which has sales five times as high as expected, we are very looking forward to the Lynk & Co with a plus sign in the back.

At the Chengdu Auto Show this time, Lynk & Co's booth also ushered in a new sportsman-Lynk & Co 05+.

Compared with the ordinary version of the Lynk&Co 05, the new car not only has a more aggressive mid-net, but also adds front and rear lip, side skirts and other details. You can see the performance attributes on the side and rear of the body. +" logo.

Inside the car, Lynk&Co 05+ also uses an exclusive green and black color scheme. The large-area Alcantara not only has an excellent visual experience, but its touch is also excellent.

At the same time, the green seat belt, the steering wheel return logo, the gear shift paddles and other details create a sense of performance that does not lose to the Lynk & Co 03+.

Although they are all the same 2.0T engine, the power of the one on the Lynk & Co 05+ is still higher.

Dongfeng Qichen Big V starts at only 103,000, with outstanding design

In addition, there is also a self-owned brand SUV that is worth mentioning, and that is the Dongfeng Qichen Grand V.

The biggest highlight of the new car is the youthful design of the exterior and interior, using a brand-new family design style. Kai Chen has processed this large-size front grille very delicately, very recognizable, and the shape of the headlights has become more sharp and slender.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

Viewed from the oblique rear, the design of the Venus Grand V is quite capable, and the taillights are also very design, and echo the "V"-shaped elements. The hollow spoiler also enriches the design elements of the vehicle.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

In the car, its interior is equally exquisite.

The new car has a large floating screen with dual screens and a unique design for the start button. A row of physical buttons is integrated with the hexagonal air-conditioning outlet in the middle. The wood grain veneer in the center makes the whole interior more classy.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

It is a very rare thing to have a good-looking and highly original appearance, not to mention that the pre-sale price of this big V is only 103,000 yuan.

After talking about independent brands, let's see if some luxury brands have made any big moves.

Convertible BMW M4 released, 999.99 million yuan

At this auto show, BMW brought a new generation of BMW M4 convertible sedan M xDrive Thunder Edition (hereinafter referred to as M4 convertible version) to the Chinese market, priced at 999.99 million yuan.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of the M4 convertible version is almost the same as that of the hardtop version, and it also uses a large-size air intake grille.

Its roof is made of retractable fabric material, which is 50% lighter than the folding hard top of the previous model. According to BMW, the vehicle can open and close the roof within 50km/h, which takes 18 seconds.

▲Picture from: NetEase Auto

Looking inside, the new BMW M4 convertible version uses a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 10.25-inch central control screen, supports the BMW iDrive 7 system, and the in-car experience is also excellent.

In addition, BMW has also released the new X3 and the new X4, and has made certain adjustments in design.

▲BMW X3, picture from: Sina Motors

▲BMW X4, picture from: Sina Motors

Golf in the electric age, SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 released

Volkswagen's new car lineup at the Chengdu Auto Show is also quite large. In addition to the New Tiguan, New Passat and New Golf GTI, ID.3, known as the "Electric Age Golf", also officially debuted at this auto show.

▲Picture from: New Travel

It can be seen that the appearance of the car is basically the same as that of the overseas version, using the unified design language of the ID. family.

In the interior, the new car is similar to the previous ID. series, but because the car is positioned more young and fashionable, the details of the design will be different.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

In terms of power, SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 125kW and a 57.3kWh ternary lithium battery. The NEDC has a range of 430km under comprehensive operating conditions.

Unlike SAIC Volkswagen’s previously released ID. series models, the ID.3 released this time does not have the "X" suffix. Therefore, the car is likely to be the exclusive model of SAIC Volkswagen.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

So far, Volkswagen has deployed three electric models in China, namely ID.3, ID.4, and ID.6.

The new Audi Q2L is released, with Wang Yibo's signature

Coming to the Audi booth, this Q2L is Audi's main model at this auto show, and the market guide price range is 228,800 to 268,800 yuan.

The improvement of the new car mainly lies in the adjustment of the appearance, the new front face and headlights are adopted, and the body size has not changed.

▲Picture from: Car Home

One of the biggest selling points of the car may be "personalized customization."

FAW-Volkswagen Audi said that the new Audi Q2L has more than 50,000 individual combinations. In addition, Audi also exhibited a limited edition Q2L Wang Yibo with an exclusive signature on the C-pillar trim panel.

▲Picture from: Car Home

In terms of interior, Q2L still retains the MMI car-machine system, and its screen still does not support touch operation, but fortunately, Audi's MMI system is still easy to use, and the twisting feel of the knob is really addictive.

▲Overseas version Q2, picture from: Car Home

In terms of power, the car still continues the combination of 1.4T+7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Comparing to the 3 series, Genisis G70 made its domestic debut

As a benchmark product of the same price, the BMW 3 Series is believed to be tired of many people. Today I will show you something different.

Yesterday, Genesis released their third model in the Chinese market-Genesis G70.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

The car still uses the latest family design language in appearance. The shield-shaped center grid and its headlights are highly recognizable. At the same time, the blackened center grid with more sporty style is more in line with the positioning of the car.

From the perspective of the rear of the body, its design is still family-style. The taillights echo the headlights, and the shape of the exhaust on both sides of the bottom is also very exaggerated.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

In terms of interiors, Genisis G70 is also quite special. Its center console retains more physical buttons. Friends who like it can pay attention to it.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine that can output up to 248 horsepower.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

The proper 3 series is "flat replacement".

Hyundai Tucson L hybrid version is unveiled, this Kusitu should not be missed

Now that I have talked about Geniseith, I naturally have to talk about its "daddy" modernity.

Hyundai not only brought the Tucson L hybrid version this time, but also released its first MPV model-Kusitu.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

First look at the Tucson L hybrid version.

You may not see the difference between it and the ordinary Tucson L from the appearance and size alone, but the Hybrid at the rear of the car shows its identity very well.

But in terms of power, the Tucson L hybrid version is equipped with a TMED hybrid power system, which takes into account fuel economy while ensuring power.

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

Regarding Kusto, there are many highlights of this car.

▲Picture from: Sohu Automobile

As Beijing Hyundai's first MPV model, Cousteau has a body length of 4950mm and a wheelbase of 3055mm, which is not inferior to established products such as Buick GL8 in terms of space.

▲Picture from:

In addition to space, Kusitu is also excellent in configuration.

It is equipped with remote adjustment functions for the co-driver and the second row of seats, and has a one-button relaxation mode, which is impressive in terms of occupant comfort.

In addition, comfortable configurations such as smart electric tailgate, rear dialogue mode, and indirect circulation air outlet are all equipped.

Beijing Hyundai provided Cousteau with 1.5T and 2.0T power configurations, matching 8AT gearboxes.

Speaking of MPV, I have to mention the following one.

GAC Toyota Sina SIENNA unveiled at the auto show

The representative model of this MPV-GAC Toyota Saina, finally debuted at this year's Chengdu Auto Show.

Developed to the fourth-generation model, Sina finally made its debut in China as a joint venture model.

GAC Toyota Senna is developed based on the TNGA architecture and has 6-seater and 7-seater versions.

Compared with the old model, the most obvious feature of the fourth-generation Xana is a more domineering lower grille and a windshield with a greater inclination angle.

In addition, the lines of the body are much sharper, with two waistlines extending from the front door to the taillights, and the rear wheel arches are also wider, making the overall feel more muscular.

Of course, as the internal space of the MPV is the top priority.

In terms of overall seating experience, Xana’s seats are spacious and comfortable, and the delicate leather also has a nice touch.

In terms of configuration, seat heating, seat ventilation, seat memory and other functions are all available, and the second row is also equipped with comfortable configurations such as leg rests, aviation headrests, and small tables. The third row of seats can also be fully folded, and after being folded, it can also provide a flat platform for the occupants.

In terms of power, Senna is equipped with Toyota's THS hybrid power system, with a 2.5L Atkinson cycle self-priming engine and an electric motor, with a combined power of 249 horsepower.

The match is good, but the fare increase is definitely not running.

Cloud test drive: 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R

Dong Chejun remembers that one weekend he mentioned this Lucid Air Dream, which looks exactly like Xiaopeng P7. Many friends called this car "American Xiaopeng" hahaha.

It just so happened that Motortrend conducted a test drive on this car last week, let's take a look?

This 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R is a car with 933 horsepower and can travel more than 800 kilometers on a single charge.

Therefore, if you want a large pure electric car with high horsepower and long battery life, Tesla Model S may not be the only choice.

Moreover, this car not only has high horsepower and long battery life, but its interior is also very luxurious. Wood, leather, metal, Alcantara, plastic, and even linen, the touch of these materials can be perfectly embodied in this car.

During the test drive, the car reminded Motortrend editor Jonny Lieberman of the NISMO GT-R.

One can imagine how terrifying its power is.

According to Jonny Lieberman, it is astonishingly fast, with fast steering and good counterweight. After the test drive, it was difficult for him not to regard this Air Dream R as a four-door luxury GT-R.

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