Charm Blue Blus true wireless noise reduction headset experience: 199 yuan, what kind of noise reduction headset can I buy

On September 17, the Meilan brand returned with its new Blus true wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

It is different from the surprise of the old brand’s long-lost reunion. It has a 12mm unit, 30dB active noise reduction depth, and a total of 30 hours of battery life, as well as wireless charging, dual mic noise reduction and other elements. What is pursued in the basic experience is stuffed into a true wireless headset that sells 199 at the same time. For the current and previous Meilan, it is a ground-based product that puts the cost-effectiveness in the C position.

In appearance, the Charm Blue Blus charging box uses a rounded cuboid design, the surface is matted, the coating also has a tired skin-friendly effect, and the texture and look of the hands are not bad.

The opening and closing of the lid is not procrastinated, but compared with the common true wireless noise reduction headphones such as AirPods Pro and WF-1000XM4, the Charging Box of Charm Blue Blus will feel obvious cushioning when closed, rather than clean and neat. A "pop".

This sense of cushioning should come from the design of the inner box and the inner side of the top cover. These two parts will be wrapped in non-slip material, and it is normal that there will be a cushioning feeling when the box is closed.

There is a physical pairing button in the middle of the slot where the headset is placed, which is convenient for users to quickly pair. Compared to those touch pairing gestures that need to open the manual to learn, this method of Charm Blue Blus is much simpler and more convenient.

The bottom of the charging box is made relatively flat, mainly for wireless charging services. As a true wireless product priced at 199 yuan, Charm Blue Blus also rarely uses wireless charging, which is also a pleasant surprise.

Unlike the matte charging box, the Charm Blue Blus headset uses a bright surface treatment. The earphone with ear handle design can also be worn on the ear, and the part that wraps the cavity can be completely inserted into the ear.

Although the in-ear design cannot be completely senseless, for me, a deep-ear lover, Charm Blue Blus basically has no wearing pressure. It almost fills the ear space and feels comfortable to wear, and at the same time it can provide good quality. Stability, also stable when walking.

Of course, Charm Blue provides Blus with three sets of rubber plugs, large, medium and small, and users can wear suitable plugs, which is more conducive to improving the wearing effect and stability.

In addition to stability, Charm Blue Blus also supports IPX4 waterproofing, and it can also be protected against ordinary splashes. There is no big problem with it when you go out.

In connection and function, the core of Meizu Blus is placed on noise reduction and other basic functions.

The Charm Blue Blus supports Bluetooth 5.2, and the connection stability is good. It is not a big problem to watch videos and play some simple tower defense and card games. Putting it on the corresponding users at this price, this performance can actually be satisfied. of.

Moreover, the delay control of the true wireless products that can be launched now is much better than the entry-level products of earlier years, and there is no need to worry too much.

In terms of noise reduction, Meizu Blus can achieve a noise reduction depth of 30dB. After the noise reduction mode is turned on, it is also good to deal with the noise from fans, computer cooling fans and colleagues keyboards in the office. But maybe because I am accustomed to products with strong noise reduction, I still hope that the headphones can compress the space to a very quiet effect. In the face of this requirement, Meizu Blus still has a lot of room for improvement.

However, the 199's headphones can achieve a noise reduction depth of 30dB. With this configuration, the Charm Blue Blus can be considered as a homework.

In terms of sound, Charm Blue Blus uses a 12mm TPU+LCP composite crossover diaphragm moving coil unit. In this era when the main volume is compressed and the major manufacturers are dominated by micro-motion coils, it is a rare player to switch to the Meizu Blus with large-size units above 10mm.

In terms of listening, the performance of Meizu Blus is quite satisfactory. In the state of normal volume, it can sit on the same level as some of the same main acoustics in earlier years, and positioned at 300-400 true wireless active noise reduction headphones.

Headphones are more prominent in the low-frequency table, and the environmental low-frequency is also relatively aggressive, and it is easy to make the low-frequency-dominated effect.

Like to listen to the strong sound of DJ, or love simple and direct low-frequency bombing, similar to the users who have the texture of Beats in the early years, the first-hand texture of Charm Blue Blus may please you very much.

The mid-to-high frequency performance is not outstanding, but if the volume control is normal, the performance of the human voice is also good, and the sound effect is also good when watching videos, which is basically a sound that can basically satisfy the hearing sense of beginner users.

In terms of battery life, it is another signature of Charm Blue Blus.

The headset supports 5.5 hours of playback with noise reduction, and the integrated charging box can achieve 25 hours of noise reduction playback. 6.5 hours of playback can be achieved after turning off noise reduction, and 30 hours of battery life can be achieved in combination with the charging box. This endurance effect is placed on the flagship noise-canceling headphones, which is actually not rude.

In general, Charm Blue Blus is an entry-level product with multiple functions, and it is also a product that understands its own characteristics and advantages.

Charm Blue integrates the excellent functions of the general public, such as large unit, noise reduction and long battery life, into a headset priced at 199 yuan. As well as the public's concept of "high specifications = good experience", Blus will be the first to win over a wave of people's hearts.

Of course, at the price of 199 yuan, the basic experience of Charm Blue Blus is pretty good. The delay control and radio effect can also meet daily needs. The functional design is simple and easy to use, and there is really no barrier to use for the public. With a cost-effective image and a price that is as close to the experience as the experience, Charm Blue Blus is easily accepted by the public.

Although, we also know that Meizu Blue can concentrate all of this on the 199 headset, and it is more of a way to satisfy food and clothing. You want to experience the same configuration as headphones with the same configuration but one or two price ranges higher, which is really a bit difficult.

But in the end, everyone can actually understand it. After all, there is still such a sentence:

199, what more bicycles.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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