Changan Hunter pickup truck is launched, aiming to be a new species with “extended range + pickup truck”

There is a very obvious difference between the Chinese and American automobile markets: pickup trucks have always been best-selling in the United States, and pickup trucks represented by the Ford Raptor are even important symbols of American automobile culture. However, in the Chinese automobile market, pickup trucks are extremely niche. Category, even under normal circumstances, passenger car statistics will not include pickup trucks. Although there are many reasons for this due to economic, cultural and usage habits, the Tesla Cybertruck has begun to be delivered, and after its tour in China, pickup trucks have begun to show signs of new life in the Chinese market.

The new energy technology route of extended range was once considered backward, but the hot sales of the new force's ideal prove that consumers value the actual experience rather than whether the technical route is advanced. After all, consumers pay for the experience. Rather than paying for technology.

"Extended range + pickup", two technical routes that are not popular in China, and niche vehicle categories were superimposed, and thus the Changan Hunter was born.

On March 1, Changan Hunter extended-range pickup truck was launched, positioned as the world's first super extended-range pickup truck. Changan Hunter has launched three versions and eight models in total, with prices starting from 139,900 yuan, including:

Changan Hunter Warrior Edition, a luxury single-motor standard box model priced at 139,900 yuan, and a luxury dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box model priced at 149,900 yuan;

Changan Hunter Knight Edition, the pilot single-motor standard box model is priced at 163,900 yuan, the pilot dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box model is priced at 173,900 yuan, and the flagship dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box model is priced at 193,900 yuan. ;

Changan Hunter Armor Edition is an all-round single-motor standard box model priced at 179,900 yuan, an all-purpose dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box model priced at 196,900 yuan, and an all-purpose dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box model priced at 216,900 yuan. .

Changan Automobile believes that the range-extending technology route is the most suitable for pickup trucks. Changan Automobile’s self-developed Blue Whale 2.0T super-large range extender can solve the core pain point of the conflict between high performance and low fuel consumption and provide the best power for pickup trucks. Excellent solution. In addition, compared with diesel pickup trucks, which have high pollution, vibration, noise, and troublesome maintenance, the extended-range route can also take into account the quietness, comfort, controllability, and safety of pickup trucks.

The Blue Whale 2.0T super large range extender is composed of the Blue Whale 2.0T engine and the R100G generator. The maximum efficiency of the generator reaches an industry-leading 97%. It can output 30kW of power at a speed of 1750rpm, which is the average 1.5T extended range extender. In addition, compared with diesel pickup trucks, which are known for their excellent low-turn torque, the Changan Hunter has a maximum torque of 470N·m, which is close to the level of a 3.0T engine; acceleration from 0 to 100 mph can reach 7.9 seconds. In addition, for outdoor hill climbing scenarios, when the engine is running at high power, the Changan Hunter's power generation reaches 50kW at 2750rpm and 70kW at 3750rpm. With a heavy load of 1 ton and a 30-degree slope, the Changan Hunter can continuously drive for 30 seconds. kilometers or more.

In response to the pain point of diesel pickup trucks making a lot of noise, in addition to the low noise of the range extender itself, Changan has also carried out targeted NVH performance development. Through the low torsional vibration structure design in all working conditions, a torsional damping structure is added between the engine and the generator to reduce the engine torsional vibration by more than 80%. In addition, the motor howling noise is controlled, the engine vibration is actively suppressed, and the full-range power, With the support of torque dynamic control, the interior quietness of the pickup truck reaches the level of a luxury car. The interior noise of the Changan Hunter is 63 decibels at 100km/h. After the range extender is involved, the difference in NVH between the front and rear is less than 2dB, which is almost negligible.

Nowadays, many pure electric vehicles have the function of external discharge, and some can even charge other electric vehicles at low power. However, compared with pure electric vehicles, the Changan Hunter in the form of "extended range + pickup truck" has its own generator, which can be used in When idling, the battery generates a high power of 20kW. When fully charged and full of fuel, the maximum power is 227kW·h. Changan estimates that the electric drill can be used continuously for more than 319 hours during outdoor operations; when camping outdoors, a 2000W induction cooker can Continue to scald the hot pot for nearly 5 days.

In addition to the key points of power, NVH and charging and discharging, reliability is the key point that pickup trucks care about most. Especially after adopting the extended range route, battery safety is particularly important because the road conditions encountered by pickup trucks are much more complex than ordinary new energy vehicles. many.

Changan Automobile said that the Changan Hunter is equipped with Changan Automobile's self-developed "golden bell" battery. With the support of military-standard new insulation materials and other technologies, the operating temperature is more than 200°C higher than that of conventional materials. Based on the uniqueness of the pickup's non-bearing body structure , the battery is wrapped in the left and right longitudinal beams to achieve a cage-type safety battery anti-collision structure. In addition, the double-layer liquid-cooled battery protection technology based on the double-layer battery structure can work better under extremely hot and cold conditions. In laboratory tests, it can still maintain the battery life after being left at -40°C for 20 hours. Cell temperature -10°C.

Other Changan Hunter technical points are as follows:

  • Braking distance from 100 kilometers to 39.5m
  • Double wishbone front suspension and five-link rear suspension
  • Achieve minimum turning radius of 6.5 meters
  • In tank U-turn mode, the turning radius is reduced to 5.54 meters.
  • The body and frame are flexibly connected, and the Z-direction acceleration of the seat rail is 0.017g.
  • Equipped with front axle lock + rear axle lock + central energy lock, which can distribute torque output in real time and effectively limit slip.
  • Four daily modes and six pickup customization modes, such as snow, sand, mud and other customized modes
  • Five energy management modes including pure electric priority, fuel priority, forced pure electric, one-button power injection or automatic mode
  • Remote control + full-scenario voice interaction, 40W car wireless fast charging

For Changan, pickup trucks are not only a subcategory that will continue to grow in the future, but also an important part of Changan Automobile's globalization. In the future, Changan Automobile will also launch four products including Changan Hunter and P866 globally. Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said that Changan Pickup will continue to deepen cooperation with STELLANTIS Group to jointly build a pickup product platform and expand global markets such as ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa. By 2030, Strive to achieve the goal of Changan pickup truck sales of 500,000 units worldwide and rank among the top 5 in the world.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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