Changan Automobile, which is chasing “Three-Body Problem” with us, is taking the future into part of the plan

After watching the second episode of the animated version of "The Three-Body Problem", a friend who followed the series with me shared his viewing experience: This car is not bad. Of course I agree with him: "Needless to say, this is part of the plan."

From announcing that Bilibili has become a partner of the technology ecosystem, and exclusively titled the first season of the "Three-Body" animation, to creating "Changan Automobile | "In the animation, as well as various three-body interactive activities and cooperation, Changan Automobile has indeed become part of the plan.

Luo Ji's exclusive car inside and outside the play

I am a fan chaser who likes to find details in the episodes. Changan Automobile, which I chased with me at the beginning of each episode of animation, naturally attracted my attention. It has to be said that Changan Automobile is indeed everywhere.

▲ You can also see it in the sixth episode without the driving plot

In the story of the animation "Three-Body Problem", police officer Shi Qiang drives a Changan Automobile to perform a wonderful show of speed and passion on the streets of the city. If Shi Qiang is the best player in this scene, then Changan Automobile is the best auxiliary.

When the road is stuck in traffic, stop steadily without procrastination.

Turn to the elevated road, change speed and overtake between trucks, smoothly and freely.

When the ETO remnants were driving the city rail to cause a car accident and kill Luo Ji, Shi Qiang was even more careful and escaped by extreme driving.

Even in the nick of time, he managed to save a vehicle carrying a baby. In the words of the barrage, "Da Shi deserves to be a person who does great things."

Every time I drive in "Cyberpunk 2077", I will sigh that this car is too powerful, the gun battle is so fierce, and it can still move forward steadily. The "Shiqiang Chariot" in the animation "Three-Body Problem" is equally exciting, but the difference is that in the future, we may really be able to buy this car.

In the latest episode, Deep Blue SL03 appeared in Luo Ji's fantasy again.

Late at night, heavy rain, "her" favorite songs and favorite movies, all "her" loves are written on the engine of the dark blue SL03.

Through the window of the car, there is only the shadow of "her" in the rushing world.

Every "encounter" between Luo Ji and "her" was recorded by the deep blue SL03. After watching seven episodes of the animation "Three-Body Problem", this may be the best episode.

The Changan Automobile in the plot is exciting enough, and the Changan Automobile outside the plot is also full of presence. In the small theater between films, Shi Qiang and his teammates play cards for entertainment, and Kanter sends documents to let Shi Qiang's team look for "Luo Ji Happy Wine", which happened in Changan Automobile.

The team of four sits in the car, which is spacious and comfortable, and the fully transparent design of the roof is enough for the future. If a family travels in a Changan dark blue car, the comfort brought by the spacious space must be "part of the plan".

Captain Shi Qiang, who brought down the landlord three and two and two two, also made me laugh out loud. Not to mention, it kind of restores the image of Dashi.

In addition, the Changan Automobile official has also done a job, making Luo Ji the Changan Deep Blue brand experience officer. He likes to mention the Deep Blue SL03. I don’t know if Dr. Luo Ji, who is driving a new car, has seen "her" on the road, from science fiction. The world has come to real life, is this also "part of the plan"?

A New Journey of Centennial Chang'an

When you mention Changan Automobile, what do you think of? In my impression, Chang'an has a history of 160 years, from the development and production of China's first jeep – Changjiang brand jeep, to the production of the country's first miniature car, to the establishment of research and development institutions around the world after three times of entrepreneurship , independent research and development of various new cars, and then in 2016, a six-day 2,000-kilometer unmanned vehicle automatic driving test, becoming the first auto company in China to complete long-distance unmanned driving… Changan Automobile in the long history has been chasing and innovation.

▲ China's first jeep

Today's Changan Automobile also follows the trend and breaks the circle from various angles. In 2021, Changan Automobile and Jiangsu Satellite TV jointly created the world's first original animation image stage competition show "2060", opened Chang'an's 160th anniversary digital museum in Metaverse, and now cooperated with Bilibili to exclusively title the animation "Three The first season of Body. To sum it up in one sentence, Changan Automobile believes in "the one who wins the young wins the world".

Looking ahead, as the first Chinese brand to enter the "20 million club" with cumulative sales, as early as 2017, Changan Automobile started its third venture, launched a smart, low-carbon transformation plan, and made every effort to promote and The "Shangri-La Project" related to new energy and the "Beidou Tianshu Project" related to intelligence use today's technology accumulation to "reinforce the future."

Dr. Luo Ji’s exclusive car, Chang’an Deep Blue SL03, was born under the background of Chang’an Automobile’s transformation. As the first strategic model of Chang’an Deep Blue, Deep Blue SL03 is based on Chang’an’s EPA1 pure electric platform, and has breakthroughs in intelligence, battery life, and three electric fields. , the exterior and interior are also full of technology, and the pricing also breaks the rules. Break through with new energy in the most powerful price segment of fuel vehicles.

Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, believes that in the next ten years, a world-class Chinese auto brand will definitely be born. Changan Automobile, which continues to accelerate the construction of technological strength, fully promotes the strategic goals of new energy and intelligentization, and "has already set off" is bound to occupy a seat.

Think about it carefully, following the changes of the times, Changan Automobile, which is constantly accumulating strength and waiting for the outbreak, is somewhat similar to the original "Three-Body" trilogy:

The first part introduces the world view, and ends with Trisolarans declaring "You are bugs" and Ye Wenjie whispering "This is the sunset of mankind", which has accumulated huge energy for the next plot; and through five years of "innovation" The "Entrepreneurship Plan" has continuously broken through technical barriers. Changan Automobile, which has mastered more than 600 smart low-carbon technologies such as a new generation of super-collector drives and Changan Smart Core SVDC, and more than 1,000 patents for three-electric core technologies, is also accumulating energy for the future.

The second untraceable wall-facing plan, the dark forest that reveals the laws of the universe, every wonderful thing is the outbreak of the first foreshadowing precipitation; now Changan Automobile, which launched the all-electric brand Changan Deep Blue and the product Changan Deep Blue SL03, is also in the After the accumulation of technology, it ushered in the explosion of product power. With a sporty appearance, stylish interior and highly advanced intelligent technology, it tried to reconstruct the imagination of travel with digital technology.

The future imagination depicted in the third part of "The Three-Body Problem" and the "Chang'an Deep Blue" that we are chasing together are the answers written by Chang'an Automobile to the future.

Regarding future cars, Changan Automobile gave its own answer

"I wonder where it charges from."

"Recharge…?" the nurse repeated jerky, the word she had apparently heard for the first time.

When Luo Ji woke up from hibernation and used a "no charging" heating cup, he was shocked by the never-ending electricity. There are screens everywhere, handsome men and beautiful women everywhere, and the electricity will never run out. This is Liu's imagination for the future.

It is difficult for us to imagine the future, but Changan Automobile, in addition to the news of the first season of the exclusive title animation "Three-Body Problem", also showed its imagination of future cars at its second Technology Ecology Conference.

Changan Automobile believes that the car of the future is no longer just a simple means of transportation, but will gradually evolve into a "smart car robot" with human intelligence and emotion, with a powerful perception system, energy system, execution system and computing platform. It not only has a "brain", but also has "eyes and ears", "heart", and "hands and feet".

At the meeting, Changan Automobile launched the SDA architecture of the super digital platform, and the CD701 prototype car based on this architecture. The viewing terrace and the living room are just like the screens that can be seen everywhere in the "Three-Body Problem" in the future; it can also be transformed into an energy storage unit and a computing power center, compatible with a large number of apps, and can create more value for users, just like The thoughtful and comprehensive service of "Three-Body" will be the same in the future.

Changan Automobile also has a green development plan: to achieve carbon peaking in 2027, and to achieve carbon neutrality in 2045, "making cars synonymous with low-carbon". It is the pursuit of Changan Automobile all the time.

From the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional, and then back to the three-dimensional. In addition to accumulating technical strength, Changan Automobile also keeps communicating with young fans. On one side is the backbone of China's auto industry, and on the other is China's most important sci-fi masterpiece. In "The Three-Body Problem", Luo Ji uses his ideas to break through the blockade and confront the Three-Body Problem. In real life, Changan Automobile uses technology to break through barriers and explore the low The future of carbon mobility.

The cooperation between Changan Automobile and the animation "Three-Body Problem" has a kind of mutual sympathy as if rushing in two directions.

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