CES 2023 not only has BMW in color, we also went around in Musk’s tunnel

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially opened on January 5 in Las Vegas.

As the first technology event of the year, this year's CES also attracted many companies to participate in the exhibition, but unlike previous years, auto companies seem to be particularly active this year.

In this year's CES, the presence of car companies such as BMW and Stellantis, as well as the participation of parts suppliers such as Bosch, Continental, and ZF, have turned CES into a top automotive technology exhibition, with more and more cars Vendors bring their new technologies to CES.

Ai Faner, who was absent for two years due to the epidemic, also returned to the CES scene in Las Vegas this year. Dong Chehui, as a media under Ai Faner, focuses on future travel. Today, I will summarize for you what is worth paying attention to in the exhibition New cars and technical highlights.

The color-changing BMW i Vision Dee

This year, exhibitors invariably focused on electrification. The most impressive booth is definitely BMW.

At last year's CES, BMW brought a BMW iX Flow wrapped in an electronic ink screen, which can switch between black and white, opening up a new idea for the car's exterior design.

▲ Picture from: Super Charging Station

This year's BMW went a step further, covering the body of the BMW i Vision Dee concept car with 240 pieces of electronic ink film, each of which can be individually controlled and transformed into different colors.

▲ Picture from: @常岩CY

At the scene, the BMW i Vision Dee continuously changed its color with the spotlights, making it hard to tell if it was a lighting effect or the body was actively changing color.

BMW wants to reflect the "digital emotional experience" through this color-changing feature. The Dee in the car name means this (the initials of Digital, Emotional, and Experience), changing the color of the car according to the driver's emotions.

In fact, BMW began to cooperate with the start-up company Brainboost in May last year, combining electronic ink technology with neuroscience technology to enable BMW iX Flow to respond to brain waves.

BMW i Vision Dee is cool, but it is definitely not on the road, and BMW does not plan to mass-produce it. This is just another promotional behavior for them to convey their brand philosophy to the outside world.

The interior of the concept car is just as stunning, with BMW doing away with all the interior screens and replacing them with a full windshield HUD based on micro LEDs. The built-in BMW advanced head-up display system and mixed reality interactive interface together form the central control system of the BMW i digital emotion interactive concept car.

BMW i Vision Dee can display different information according to your state and mood, and use mixed augmented reality to present a "real + virtual world" to provide members with an immersive experience.

Oh yes, the color-changing electronic paper film attached to this concept car is from Yuantai Technology.

VW ID.7 in camouflage

At this year's CES, there is another "colorful" model that has attracted much attention, and that is the Volkswagen ID.7.

Among the traditional car companies, Volkswagen’s electrification road is relatively smooth. After ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6 and ID.Buzz, Volkswagen plans to launch their sixth model A pure electric vehicle, ID.7 positioned as a high-end model.

Based on the MEB modular electric drive platform, the cruising range under the WLTP standard is 700 kilometers, the wheelbase is 2969mm, and it is equipped with AR-HUD.

The most interesting thing is its air conditioning system.

Volkswagen said that ID.7's intelligent temperature control system can detect the approach of the driver in advance, turn on the air conditioner in advance, and intelligently adjust the wind direction, wind speed and temperature of the air conditioner according to factors such as sunlight.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said: "With the new ID.7, we are expanding the electric range into the premium market." The ID.7 is expected to be sold in Europe, China and the United States in 2024.

Faraday Future Showcases FF 91 Futurist

In this year's CES, there is a brand we are both familiar with and unfamiliar – Faraday Future.

Chen Xuefeng, Global CEO of FF, said, "CES Consumer Electronics Show is the place where the latest and most influential technologies meet in the world, so we must bring the flagship electric car FF 91 Futurist full of technology content here."

The latest mass production delivery time of FF 91, which has repeatedly skipped tickets, is the end of March 2023, and delivery will start at the end of April. Of course, there is a prerequisite for smooth delivery-the previously obtained financing of 150 million to 170 million US dollars can be in place in time.

According to Faraday Future, the FF 91 Futurist on the CES booth has a series of product upgrades.

For example, the Falcon (Falcon) lidar system used by the autopilot system Innovusion can provide a safe and stable assisted driving experience even in bad weather conditions.

In addition, Faraday Future has significantly improved the performance of FF 91 Futurist through 13 key upgrades such as powertrain, battery, charging, chassis, and interior.

Sony not only wants to make games, but also build cars

At CES 2020 three years ago, Sony released the VISION-S concept car, and then brought its twin brother VISION-S 02 in CES 2022.

▲ Left is VISION-S 02, right is VISION-S

This year, Sony also brought cars to CES.

They first announced Afeela, a smart connected car brand jointly developed with Honda. The brand's prototype car was also unveiled at the scene. This medium and large sedan will start accepting reservations in 2025 and is expected to hit the US market in the spring of 2026.

For AFEELA, Honda will be responsible for driving performance, manufacturing technology, and after-sales service, while Sony will be responsible for entertainment, network, and mobile services.

In addition, Qualcomm and EPIC will also participate in the development of the vehicle, providing technologies such as Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis Automotive Solutions and Unreal Engine 5

In terms of Sony's old line of games, players of "Romantic Tour 7" will get a free upgrade and play the VR version on PS VR2. The premise is to buy PS VR2 first. This VR headset produced by Sony will be available It will go on sale on February 22 this year for $549.99.

▲Image source: The Verge

By the way, Sony's first-party production of the live-action adaptation of the racing game "GT Racing" series has also released a pilot trailer, and interested friends can take a look.

Peugeot concept steering wheel

Peugeot, a subsidiary of Stellantis, also showed their future development direction during CES 2023.

Based on the STLA Large platform, Peugeot created this Inception pure electric coupe concept car. The new car is 5 meters long, and the overall shape is unconstrained and futuristic.

Inception adopts Peugeot's third-generation i-cockpit cockpit, which is equipped with advanced designs such as a rectangular Hyperlsquare touch steering wheel and a circular instrument panel.

It can be seen that the Hyperlsquare steering wheel is equipped with a screen and supports gesture control. In addition, this wire-controlled steering wheel can also be automatically retracted and hidden in the dashboard.

The 7.25-square-meter glass roof is also a highlight. Peugeot has applied the same technology as the visor on the NASA astronaut's helmet, which can block light and maintain the relevant thermal characteristics.

Nvidia Geforce Now enters the car space

Tesla previously supported the Steam platform, and now Nvidia has also announced that it will open GeForce Now to the cabin, and they will introduce GeForce Now cloud gaming services for their driving platforms.

However, there are not many models that support the Nvidia driving platform at present. It is still some time before the game entertainment in the car is popularized.

Of course, we do not encourage everyone to play games in driving vehicles, but it is also a good thing for electric vehicle drivers to have games as a pastime when they are charging or parking on the side of the road, but it is still fundamental to improve battery life and energy replenishment experience.

Musk's "boring tunnel"

Finally, Ai Faner also experienced the underground tunnel dug by Musk this time, let’s watch the video.

This is The Boring Company's first commercially run route. At present, automatic driving with FSD has not been realized, but manual driving by staff. Perhaps because the tunnel space is too narrow, the speed is only 30-50 km/h for safety reasons.

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