CATL’s record-breaking battery promises to revolutionize the electric world

One of the negative factors of electrification, especially in the automotive world, is given by the low autonomy of the batteries . Another is the weight, in fact, with the increase in capacity, the weight also increases proportionally. In fact, electric cars do not guarantee a high range. Given the needs that exist today and the future electrification of cars, new technologies are being studied and sought that allow to solve this series of "obstacles" and guarantee greater efficiency and safety of electrical systems. A new record-breaking battery could revolutionize this technology.

The record-breaking battery

Record battery

To overcome this problem, the CATL company presented a new type of battery at the Shanghai show, held in April. It is a condensed battery developed with innovative technologies and particular materials. From which it also takes its name, “ Condensed Battery ”, or condensed battery.

It is made up of cathode and anodic materials, which allow the battery to guarantee an energy density of no less than 500 Wh/kg . And if we talked about a record in the title, it is exactly like that, because it represents the maximum density value ever reached, even above those of lithium ions (around 250 Wh/kg). For the realization of this particular system, inspiration was also taken from living organisms. It has a particular adaptive network structure that allows the system to regulate and balance the interaction forces between the chains.

New frontiers

With these new discoveries, the development of the electricity sector is significantly expanded, also thinking about the future. Indeed, it is speculated that this new battery scheme will later be integrated outside of motoring or aeronautics as well. It will open the door to universal electrification, including maritime transport as well as land and air transport. The company claims that their purpose behind all studies and development is to satisfy the needs of the customers. With the launch of the condensed batteries it is assumed and the objective is to reduce the values ​​and carbon emissions to reach global standards.

Record-breaking battery: weight-capacity ratio combined with performance

Thanks to the use of these specific materials, the new generation of batteries guarantees a significant increase in performance, also in relation to battery life. Even the charge and discharge of the battery has been optimized and manages to preserve the same. In addition to increasing energy density and reducing weight, the battery optimizes the performance of the component itself, also making it safer.

The elevation of the brand

Record battery

CATL ( Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Ltd ) is a Chinese company known throughout the world, established as the largest manufacturer of batteries in the world, especially lithium-ion batteries. But with this new discovery it could further revolutionize not only the importance of the brand by enhancing it, but also electrification.

The company was founded in 2011 and quickly became one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries. CATL manufactures batteries for a variety of electric vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks and electric scooters. In addition, the company also produces batteries for the stationary energy market, such as storage systems for renewable energies. CATL is committed to the research and development of advanced lithium battery technologies and is investing heavily in new technologies, such as solid-state batteries, which are expected to replace current lithium-ion batteries in the future. The company is also working on improving battery safety and reducing manufacturing costs to make electric vehicles more affordable to consumers.

CATL has partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Volkswagen and Tesla, and has established strategic partnerships with companies around the world. The company has operations in China, Europe and North America and has a strong international presence in the lithium battery market. Furthermore, the company is committed to environmental sustainability and has taken a responsible approach to the production of lithium batteries. The company has invested in battery recycling technologies and is working to reduce the environmental impact of lithium battery manufacturing.

Not just automotive for the record-breaking battery

The company is carrying out tests to bring this type of battery to the aviation sector as well. The level of safety guaranteed by this new battery system makes the use of this device particularly suitable in passenger aircraft or any other type of aircraft. In addition to the weight factor, which would have a positive effect. This new type of battery should go into production this year for the automotive sector.

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