Cars: among the cars at km 0, there is a boom in research for the most avant-garde models

Modern cars are increasingly technological , thanks to the presence of innovations ranging from the multimedia system connected with the smartphone to the on-board digital instrumentation, passing through the ADAS systems for active and passive safety.

Even among the cars at Km 0 the most advanced models are increasingly sought after, with greater attention to the technological equipment of the cars to take advantage of advantages in terms of comfort, safety and efficiency .


To find the best opportunities of the moment, nowadays it is sufficient to look at the online car offers , a quick and easy way to find the models that best suit your needs.

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The importance of car infotainment for mobile connectivity

In the technological equipment of cars, one of the most popular devices is undoubtedly the infotainment system , or the multimedia system dedicated to information and entertainment. Each car manufacturer offers its own interface, with more or less advanced and complete solutions regarding navigation and integrated digital services .

An important aspect of the infotainment is the compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay , which can be integrated natively in the system or be supported via wireless connection or via USB cable. The choice of the mobile application for the car depends on your device, with the possibility to choose between more efficient systems for the ecosystem and Android smartphones and technologies more suitable for Apple's mobile services.

Another feature not to be underestimated are the digital services incorporated in the multimedia system, carefully selecting a 0 km car with an infotainment model suited to your needs. Among the fundamental functions are the navigator with 3D maps , the DAB radio, voice commands and the ability to locate the vehicle remotely via your smartphone.

Car digital instrumentation: the best technologies on the market

The old cars had a completely analog instrumentation, providing the driver with essential tools to get information about speed, engine revs, petrol in the tank and a series of warning lights to detect anomalies and malfunctions. Today, however, most cars have advanced digital dashboards , an important evolution for monitoring all car functions in real time.

Modern digital instruments make it possible to obtain comprehensive information on the vehicle , from tire pressure to the state of charge of the battery. From the digital display it is possible to control the car quickly and easily, just select the desired screen to check all the main components and systems of the car. In addition, more accurate reports can also be received for failure prevention , reducing the risk of standing still with the car on the road.

An innovative technology is the Head-up Display , a system that allows the most important driving information to be projected directly onto the car's windshield. The most advanced devices offer 3D images with augmented reality , in this the indications seem real and present in the environment. Head-up Display is a technology that reduces driver distraction and makes driving more comfortable and safer.

ADAS technologies: the safety of semi-autonomous cars

ADAS systems ( Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ) are advanced technologies that assist the driver while driving the vehicle, reducing the risk of accidents through an active safety action, i.e. preventing collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles. These are devices such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping and speed control with traffic sign detection.

The importance of ADAS for safety has led the European Union to make these systems mandatory on cars starting from July 2022 , through Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 . In detail, the newly registered cars must have a series of ADAS such as the engine block with breathalyser, the monitoring of driver fatigue and the black box. In recent years, these technologies have contributed to improving road safety , saving countless lives and avoiding thousands of accidents.

Nowadays it is essential to buy a 0 km car with a good ADAS equipment , since only in this way the vehicle can obtain the coveted Euro NCAP 5 stars for safety.

On the other hand, a technology car does not only mean greater comfort and better entertainment while driving, but also corresponds to higher safety standards and a car that better maintains its market value over time.

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