Cao Zhicheng is not deceived by me! “The Goddess of Luoshui” was beautifully out of the circle, why did Henan Satellite TV screen again?

"It seems like a light cloud covering the moon, fluttering like a breeze returning to snow."

The dance "Pray" of Henan TV's "Dragon Boat Festival" has given Cao Zhi a concrete representation of "Luo Shen Fu".

When netizens praised "Cao Zhicheng is not deceived by me" from the bottom of their hearts, Henan Satellite TV is destined to have a place in traditional cultural programs.

▲ "Pray". Picture from: Weibo @人鱼灏浩

Before the Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour, Henan TV also had the "Tang Palace Night Banquet" on the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox, the Wonderful Lantern Festival Night, and the Wonderful Tour of Qingming, which also received a lot of response.

Henan Satellite TV’s exit is not only because it is located in Henan, where "stretching one hand is the spring and autumn culture, and stepping on the two feet is the Qin brick and Han tile", but also because it can use modern technology and innovative planning to give traditional culture. Contemporary charm.

The wonders of Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour

One of the most well-known in the Dragon Boat Festival is of course the underwater flying dance "Praying", which has both beauty and strength.

In the water, people's clothing and body can get rid of gravity and stretch out more softly. The protagonist of "Qi" is the goddess of Luoshui. In order to achieve the best effect, the dance and shooting are all done underwater. But at the same time, the resistance in the water is high, and the dance clothes are also draught. If the clothes want to be the wind, it is very difficult to lift the weight lightly. To complete such a performance, dance skills, diving ability, underwater stability and even facial expression control are indispensable.

▲ "Pray". Picture from: Weibo @人鱼灏浩

Dancer He Haohao has experience in diving and synchronized swimming. She changed her breath every 50 seconds, filmed section by section, took hundreds of videos, soaked under water for 26 hours, sprayed makeup spray several times, and used fish for her hair accessories. The rubber powder was finalized, and this "flying sky with a history of more than 1,600 years" was shot. The film crew also had to soak in the water. The shooting was done by diving instructors. After the shooting, the dancer's eyes were red because of the fishing line hanging from the clothes and the scars on the arms.

Since Cao Zhi wrote "Luo Shen Fu", the painter Gu Kaizhi described the "Luo Shen Fu Tu" according to the context of words. Since then, our imagination of Luoshui goddess has never stopped, but it is difficult to present it concretely. The production team of "Pray" was willing to work hard and finally made a very romantic work, which is similar to the artistic conception of the ancients more than a thousand years ago, and it is only natural that it will arouse the common resonance of the Chinese people.

"Lanling King Entering the Battle" sets the background story between a pair of father and daughter and the pipa. The Lanling King Entrance Song is a solo dance performed by men to eulogize the Lanling King’s military exploits and virtues. It originated in the Northern Qi Dynasty, prevailed in the early Tang Dynasty, and was introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty. It was later banned by Emperor Xuanzong in Tang Dynasty and gradually lost. In 1986, the cultural relics staff from the Tomb of the Lanling King in Handan City, Hebei Province retrieved the song through Japanese experts and returned it to his hometown.

▲"Lanling King Entering the Battle". Screenshot from: Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour

The father in "Lanling King Entering the Battle" is the musician who followed the Tang Dynasty envoy to Japan to teach pipa, and has never been able to return to his hometown since. Although the mother insisted on not letting her daughter learn the pipa so as not to repeat the mistakes of her father, her daughter still learned the song and played it with the father in a foreign country. "I have thoughts about people, and I am far away from home. I feel something and have a deep heart." There is the sadness of the lost tradition, the gratification of the loss and the resurrection, and the joy of the successors. Moreover, the Lanling King's Entrance Song in the show is an adaptation rather than an ancient one. The author has created a new style of music. This song itself is a dialogue and inheritance between the present and the ancients.

"Dragon Boat Festival" was performed by students from Shaolin Yanlu Wu School in Dengfeng City, recreating the grand scene of sacrifice on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, integrating sacrifices, dance, acrobatics, drumming and other elements. Thunder and thunder, the yellow river is raging, the muscles of the strong men sing loudly, "Living together with the heavens and the earth, with the sun and the moon." The customs of the world borrowed the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the heavens and the earth; "Tang Yin" combines puppet theater and dance, steam The sound of the Trojan horse broke the silence, and the actor's pliable posture and delicate makeup, together with the steam Trojan horse, painted a romantic Tang punk picture. In addition, there are programs such as "Medical Sage", "Lie Ren Xing", and "One Side of Rice Dumpling".

▲"Dragon Boat Festival". Picture from: Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour

Each program has its own merits and links with each other. The concatenation of the whole wonderful tour is not the host, but the four Luoyang girls from the great capital of Tang Dynasty-Tang Xiaoyu, who snatched the "Dragon Ball" with the big guys, Tang Xiaocai, the heir of Pipa, Tang Xiaozhu, descendant of the medical saint Zhang Zhongjing, and Tang Xiaoke, a puppet artist. . "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour" innovatively adopts the form of "web drama + network comprehensive". It can be said that performance runs through the plot, or it can be said that the plot serves the performance. The four Tang Xiaomei have four parallel and staggered story lines, telling the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox in Henan The prequel story of "Tang Palace Night Banquet". It is also very possible for Henan Satellite TV to create a "Tang Palace" universe.

▲ Tang Xiaoyu, a girl from Luoyang, the god city of the Tang Dynasty. Picture from: Wonderful Dragon Boat Festival Tour

Behind these amazing programs are cultural heritage, including "Luo Shentu", "Jinming Pool Competition for Bid Mark", puppet theater and other splendid cultural heritage, as well as various landmarks in Henan. There are also pot stickers, stewed noodles, soup dumplings, and peony fish. Authentic Henan delicacies such as slices, Qi's big knife noodles and so on. In terms of production, the shooting is mostly real scenes, with various presentation styles. Comics are interspersed in the plot, and the scene of the Yellow River is added to the dragon boat festival performance. The overall style is compatible, forming a wonderful harmony.

▲ Pictures are from: Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour

However, there are only 7 programs in the entire Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour, with a total duration of 41 minutes. Limited by funding and duration, the Dragon Boat Festival Wonder Tour also has disadvantages. For example, the plot of "Tang Yin" is not clearly expressed, and the whole body movement cannot be seen when only the upper body is photographed. In general, the Dragon Boat Festival tour does not hide its flaws, and the audience has moved their benches to wait for the Qixi Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

"Follow the rules of the ancients to open up your own life."

Henan Satellite TV can surprise the audience time and time again, indicating that it is not a flash in the pan, but a accumulation of accumulation.

Henan Satellite TV’s first show was the Tang Palace Night Banquet in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox. This is a new exploration of the "museum + performing arts" model. The three-color lady figurines of the Tang Dynasty were resurrected in the museum, and what they saw and dance reproduced the charm of Tang Dynasty.

On the wonderful night of the Lantern Festival, Henan Satellite TV continued the form of representation of the lady figurines. On this basis, various cultural relics in the museum have also become characters and props for performances, and the wonderful night of the museum will be staged together. In order to play the plump Tang Sancai lady figurines, the actors wore sponge-filled jumpsuits with cotton in their mouths. The two crescent-shaped makeup on the corners of their eyes also fully reproduced the "oblique red" trend of female faces that was popular in the Tang Dynasty.

▲ Tang Sancai Ladies Figurines "woke up". Picture from: Wonderful Night of Lantern Festival

Henan Satellite TV is not only antique. In the Henan opera "The Fifth World", there are four Taijun She, corresponding to the mothers of the four sacrificed frontier soldiers, "In ancient times there were generals of the Yang family, but now there are children and soldiers"; in the Tai Chi performance "In the Heaven and Earth", the performer wore spacesuits to play Tai Chi There was a star-gazing station in ancient times and a space station today. The dream of flying across the millennium is miniaturized in this show; the drama group "White Clothes in Armour" tells the story of anti-epidemic in the form of opera. The first act is "Mu Guiying Takes Command and Set Off" , The second act "God and the husband and wife both return home", the third act "Mulan·Who says women are inferior to men", a three-stage drama, a three-stage love.

This form of presentation is neither completely traditional nor completely modern. It uses profound traditional culture to call for the emotions shared by all Chinese people in ancient and modern times. This is the implicit expression and romantic feelings that belong exclusively to the Chinese.

▲ Henan Opera "The Fifth World Please Ying". Picture from: Wonderful Night of Lantern Festival

Henan Satellite TV has made clear arrangements for future traditional cultural programs. Henan TV and Youku’s seasonal program "The Hidden Details" has been broadcasted, the party’s century-old art gala "Just a Hundred Years", the poetry program "Heaven and Earth Poetry Heart", and the national style dance program "The Young Master on the Tide" , The acrobatics show "Better Skills" are to be broadcast. In the future, Henan TV will have evening parties for traditional festivals such as Tanabata, Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Ninth Festival.

In fact, Henan Satellite TV has always had a preference for traditional culture. "Wulin Wind" and "Pear Garden Spring" are Henan Satellite TV's old programs. One promotes traditional martial arts and the other promotes the culture of Henan opera. The performer of the drama "Shangyuan Lantern Festival" in the wonderful night of Lantern Festival One is Yang Jun, the tutor of "Pear Garden Spring". The treasure appraisal program "The Gate of Huayu" and the Chinese character cultural program "Chinese Character Hero" were also very popular, and they were the first to appear in the same type of program. But because of the conservative style, the excessive number of psoriasis advertisements, and the lack of influential hosts, audiences outside Henan rarely even notice Henan TV.

Now Henan Satellite TV has found a way to make a breakthrough, which not only continues the cultural atmosphere, but also makes changes to adapt to the times, and has made great progress in creativity and aesthetics. The cultural heritage of Henan has always been there, and now it has finally been seen by everyone.

In a word, Henan Satellite TV’s tone is very accurate. Based on the culture of the Central Plains and the Yellow River, it has always had the awareness of spreading traditional culture. Now it has also cultivated an aesthetic that matches the traditional culture. Creativity, stage art, performance, and stories are all Shocked the audience. What's more precious is that Henan Satellite TV not only inherits Chinese culture, but also cleverly responds to what is happening now, extracting the essence of ancient times and integrating it into current life.

▲ Teacher Fang Jinlong opened a station B account

In addition to Henan Satellite TV, there are many teams and individuals dedicated to spreading traditional culture in new forms in the new era. For example, the pipa player Fang Jinlong performed the cross-border skewers of Chinese music at the New Year's Eve party at Station B. Not only the instruments cross-border, but the repertoire is also very cross-border. Fang Jinlong played a variety of instruments such as pipa, treble pipa, shakuhachi, and Okinawa shamisen in one breath, and "grafted" "Laughing in the Sea", "Men Should Be Self-reliant", Chinese ancient song "General Order" and even American country folk songs. Together.

Fang Jinlong "plays with music" so much because he really thinks music is fun. He even pops up a melody on his face, hoping to add some sketches to the music. "A lot of music still stays in the palace. Chinese people think it is elegant, but Maybe I don’t think these music can come into life.” “I just want to make everyone feel that music and joy are the same thing.” He has been engaged in music for more than 40 years. In the first 30 years, he has laid the foundation for traditional music. In the past ten years, he has begun to cross the field. It is in these ten years that he found that more and more young people actually love Chinese music, and they are easily affected. The expressive power of traditional musical instruments is impressed.

The movie "Flash Girl" spreads the Chinese national music culture. The protagonist of the story is a new generation of students. The western music group headed by the piano and the folk music group headed by the Yangqin have launched a unique contest. The film finally features traditional folk music. It is better, but it is not domineering, but cooperates with Western music to present the final ensemble.

It is actually very interesting to look at the example of Fang Jinlong and the flash girl together. Teacher Fang Jinlong is a teacher with profound traditional cultural skills, and at the same time wants to spread Chinese music to young people by playing music; the protagonists of Shining Girls are young students, and they are also the backbone of traditional culture in the future. They have already begun to take shape. With the traditional music literacy, he also has the spirit of openness and tolerance. With the coexistence of the two, the inheritance of our traditional culture is promising.

It is not a good thing that the traditional culture is high and low, and it is not a good thing to maintain absolute "pureness" and die within a framework that has existed since ancient times. Traditional culture has a long history in a competitive, innovative, and open environment. If traditional culture wants to break the circle, it is better to break the game first, and it is more close to the people, fashionable and modern.

Henan Satellite TV has made a good start. It's not that young people don't love traditional culture. Young people just don't love things that are immutable, tall and lagging behind the times. The core of the artistic spirit of traditional culture, combined with brand-new media forms and content, and the collision of the mind that dares to innovate, is what we look forward to very much, and we will admire and love it from the bottom of our hearts.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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