Can I get the best gaming experience with PS5? No, still need it

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A new year, a new beginning. In order to satisfy everyone's desire to go fishing at work, we recently set ourselves a small goal: to add a game console to the office.

Look! Sony, next generation, game console, PS5! Suofen's favorite, Faith in Dafa, and the blood and tears of emptying his wallet.

Everyone should know that the first batch of overseas versions of PS5 at the end of last year, but the price is sky-high, it costs eight or nine thousand yuan at any time, but even if you "eat cash" directly now, you can’t get a PS5 without five or six thousand yuan. .

Of course, buying the PS5 is only the first step, and what equipment is used to play it is also a question. We have a lot of desktop monitors on hand, but in terms of screen size and hardware quality, it is almost meaningless.

At this time, a "game TV" with excellent display effects, support for variable refresh rates, and complete hardware interfaces is almost the first choice of every PS5 player.

In the end, we finalized OPPO's first high-end TV product: OPPO Smart TV S1, as our exclusive "game TV."

The configuration of this TV is basically full: including a 65-inch large screen, 4K-QLED quantum dot screen, NTSC 120% ultra-wide color gamut, 1500 nits peak brightness, and 120Hz refresh rate, support VRR variable The refresh rate, as well as the HDMI 2.1 connection port, etc., are perfectly in line with the needs of PS5 next-generation consoles.

Many people may ask, Sony PS5 supports up to 8K, why buy a 4K TV now?

If you study carefully, you will find that in order to ensure the frame rate and special effects of many game developers, most of the works are developed on the premise of 4K resolution.

For example, the PS5 exclusive game "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles" provides two images: one is a 4K/30 frame quality mode, the details will be better; as for the other performance mode, you need to sacrifice visual effects , To achieve the level of 4K/60 frames.

▲The contrast effect of the number of frames in the video is obvious

The first is the interface. In addition to the most basic AV, USB3.0, DTMB and network ports, OPPO S1 also has two HDMI 2.1 ports, which are also a prerequisite for playing the next-generation game console.

How is it different from the HDMI we have seen before? Speaking of the interface shape alone, it is actually no different. The key lies in the 2.1 standard, which means that it has a higher bandwidth and can transmit a higher amount of data, so as to realize the new picture characteristics of 120 frames.

120 frames did not appear on the previous PS4, because its function only supports up to 4K/60 frame output, so only the HDMI 2.0 specification is used.

But in the PS5 era, the performance improvement has also given it the performance of running 4K/120 frames of games. At this time, the HDMI 2.1 interface has become a necessity.

In this way, a 120-frame game specially adapted for PS5 such as "Call of Duty: Cold War" can get a smoother picture than the traditional 60-frame on OPPO S1, and the naked eye perception is still very obvious.

Want to play 120-frame games, but also involves the issue of screen refresh rate. For example, if the console and game can support 120 frames, but your TV only supports 60Hz refresh rate, it is very likely that the picture will be torn.

Nowadays, high-end TVs such as OPPO S1 support "VRR variable refresh rate" and "ALLM automatic low latency" features, which can keep the screen refresh rate in sync with the in-game frame rate one-to-one, effectively avoiding screen tearing Or stuck phenomenon.

Another major hardware feature of OPPO S1 is its multi-zone backlight panel.

With an area of ​​65 inches, it has a total of 210 partitions. This allows the S1 to more accurately control the light-emitting area and range of the screen, so that "the bright place is bright and the dark place is dark."

In the PS5 game "Devil's Soul: Reset Edition", some darker castles and cave scenes can be well restored on OPPO S1. The details of the dark parts are deep enough, and the bright parts are brighter. It will not be overexposed.

With good picture quality, the sound quality cannot be left behind. OPPO specially worked with high-end Hi-Fi audio brand Dynaudio this time to tune the sound quality of OPPO S1, and is equipped with 5.1.2 channel luxury audio hardware and supports Dolby Atmos technology.

Specifically, OPPO S1 has 8 speakers built into the bottom of the TV, plus the surround channels on the left and right of the TV, the bass unit on the back, and the two sky channels on the top, creating a rich texture and very presence Sense of sound effects.

When we tried the "Call of Duty: Cold War" game on PS5, we were shocked by this sound effect. Here is a live recording clip for everyone to feel.

Don’t think it’s just a “listen”. Once the game enters a very fierce gunfight, the shouts of enemies and gunshots in the game will be emitted from the speakers in different positions of the OPPO S1, giving you a clear sense of spatial orientation. At this time, with the realistic picture, sitting in front of the TV, you really feel like you are in the game.

Overall, OPPO S1 is indeed a very good game TV, such as HDMI2.1 port, 4K 120Hz signal input, has been able to well respond to the needs of next-generation game consoles such as PS5, or game PCs.

If you are a core game player, you really need a gaming TV like OPPO S1 to enhance your gaming experience.

Even if you are just an ordinary TV user, in line with the plan to buy a TV for three or four years, OPPO S1 can well meet your expectations.

Okay, that's all the content of this episode. See you in the next episode.

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